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Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
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Gear heads unite to discuss Vehicle Dynamics, Safety Engineering, Performance, NVH, Ergonomics, Durability...
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Mechanical Engineering

- Development of machines. Mechatronics, Robotics, Engines, Drafting
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Dear all, I checked job numbers on indeed Canada, and when using Pro/ENGINEER and solidworks as search words, I got...
Dec17-13 11:25 AM
21 22,050
Hi everyone, Maybe this resource is new for someone. It's a collection of videos made in the 60's by the very best...
Mar6-13 10:50 AM
61 78,868
How to find the dancy friction factor by using the colebrook white equation (not using the moody chart) ; to calculate...
Nov20-13 12:43 PM
2 426
I have a VFD fan that pushes air through a filter. Over time, downstream resistance gets higher due to the filter. Fan...
Nov20-13 08:31 AM
3 551
I'm trying something similar, it's a mechanism to lift/tilt a cylinder, in order to drop whatever is inside the...
Nov19-13 06:09 PM
4 293
Hello guys, I'm a mechanical engineer fresh out the college. I'm designing a liquid transferring device, and really...
Nov19-13 10:01 AM
7 546
Through a driving simulator I want to establish the fastest lap possible. Here are the known variables, ...
Nov18-13 08:12 PM
8 572
Hello friends, I'm trying to calculate the fill time to compress an air tank. I currently have the compressor's...
Nov18-13 06:50 PM
9 1,020
Hello All, I posted this same question to the classical physics forum - but I'm reckoning it's more ideally suited...
Nov18-13 06:49 PM
0 670
Have a pressure vessel that is to be heated with an emersion heater (6.914 ohm resistance). The volume of the vessel...
Nov18-13 02:27 PM
0 449 ...
Nov18-13 11:29 AM
2 396
Hello, I'm a senior ME student and for part of my project I'm designing a gas cooler, and I need help understanding...
Nov16-13 06:30 AM
2 647
Hi all, This is a question regarding stress and strain. Can someone please explain the concepts of stress and strain...
Nov15-13 10:39 PM
Simon Bridge
1 513
Reference attached image. In this simple system, I have a large reservoir of water that feeds a small section of 4"...
Nov15-13 11:48 AM
5 721
I use this type of force tester: I’d like to ask you how I can...
Nov14-13 02:44 PM
1 588
I'm a mechanical engineer and I am more specialized in structural calculations than dynamic calculations and now I'm...
Nov14-13 09:18 AM
5 1,271
hi guys, which one of those material you think it should give highest material removal rate by using die sinking EDM....
Nov13-13 06:51 AM
salah haddad
2 499
static balancing is when the center of gravity is in the axis of rotation. dynamic balancing is when the central...
Nov12-13 10:58 PM
3 427
Hi, I need help in calculating the view factor F2-2 in the geometry that attached below. I tried to use the...
Nov12-13 09:42 PM
1 430
Hello, I am doing a project using Matlab. I need to generate this graph as shown in the attachment. For the gas and...
Nov12-13 09:21 PM
9 1,048
Problem Statement: The system consists of a 20-lb disk A, 4lb slender rod BC, and a 1-lb smooth collar C. If the...
Nov12-13 08:48 AM
2 737
Hello, It's been a while since I did this in college and I cannot remember a few steps. I am trying to calculate...
Nov11-13 01:02 PM
9 878
Hi there, I'm trying to find a solution to a problem that I thought was straight forward, but am now struggling...
Nov11-13 07:25 AM
3 683
Hello, I was reading somewhere about how to control Rudders in RC planes. The basic equation here is the drag...
Nov11-13 12:12 AM
1 553
Hello, I am looking for some help in understanding jet diameter growth due to entrainment. I have an impingement...
Nov10-13 03:55 PM
5 543
hi all; actually i have done an experiment using die sinking EDM using one copper electrode and three different work...
Nov9-13 02:11 AM
2 423
Supposing there is a metal cylinder that fits into a perfectly machined hole in a block of metal with the cylinder...
Nov8-13 07:04 PM
12 809
I need to calculate the density from pressure and temperature of various mixtures using four different equations of...
Nov8-13 05:38 PM
0 462
Hi Why are displacements calculated on integration points but not directly over the nodes. The whole purpose of...
Nov8-13 08:11 AM
1 443
Background: I'm a high school robotics team member.
Nov8-13 05:27 AM
1 661
I have a large vessel that I would like to add a 10 psi purge to. There is a relief valve on it that is set to lift...
Nov8-13 05:19 AM
1 478
What causes inefficiency in diesel or Otto engine? the publications do not explain and University professors could not...
Nov7-13 11:54 AM
22 1,102
Hi, I'm currently a second year mechanical engineering student. As part of my course, there is an opportunity to...
Nov7-13 09:56 AM
8 844
Hi, This is not a homework question although I'll admit it could be. I've searched everywhere trying to work...
Nov6-13 11:42 PM
1 785
Hello, For my setup i'm looking for a method to heat a small stainless steel plate (50x50x10mm(2x2x0.4 inches),...
Nov6-13 05:14 PM
5 490
I'm curious: Does the hot-wire MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor used in a typical automotive engine fuel injection system...
Nov5-13 12:38 PM
0 434
metals are generally considered more useful for high strength parts because ceramics break when exposed to sudden...
Nov4-13 03:06 PM
0 476
Hi Is there any good book to read the understand technicalities and running conditiong involving reciprocating...
Nov4-13 01:22 PM
0 517
Which one would you choose for a MS concentration? And which field would be more theoretical and have more...
Nov3-13 08:33 PM
1 514
Hi guys, I'm a mathematics graduate who will be going back to university in 2015 to study mechanical engineering,...
Nov3-13 01:11 PM
b c
8 1,078
Hello, I was wondering if I could get some advice on how to build a robot that can traverse the inside of a twisting...
Nov3-13 02:51 AM
5 479
I'm trying to design a system of two arms connected by a couple of gears. The attached picture shows the setup better...
Nov2-13 05:16 PM
2 714

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