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Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
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Gear heads unite to discuss Vehicle Dynamics, Safety Engineering, Performance, NVH, Ergonomics, Durability...
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Mechanical Engineering

- Development of machines. Mechatronics, Robotics, Engines, Drafting
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Dear all, I checked job numbers on indeed Canada, and when using Pro/ENGINEER and solidworks as search words, I got...
Dec17-13 11:25 AM
21 22,264
Hi everyone, Maybe this resource is new for someone. It's a collection of videos made in the 60's by the very best...
Mar6-13 10:50 AM
61 79,078
so what book is the best when dealing with rankine cycle? i hope it has tons of problems with solution manual (for...
Nov10-10 09:01 AM
1 1,373
Hi I have a question about using gravity in dynamics... first In my thinking,,, All force in dynamics is...
Nov10-10 04:42 AM
2 760
Hi, I need some help with an experiment: I have a cantilevered steel beam, fixed at one end and free at the other....
Nov9-10 06:24 PM
9 4,699
Is it possible to launch the satellite into orbit with inclination less than of latitude of the launch site? Can you...
Nov9-10 02:47 PM
5 2,544
Hello..sorry if this has been covered elswhere... I am a complete noob. I'm trying to find out how to develope a...
Nov9-10 11:36 AM
6 976
I'm a mechanical engineering student who loves aircraft. I want to work on a project this summer so I'll learn more...
Nov9-10 08:27 AM
15 20,450
Hi All, I am reading about screws and screw classes, but can not find any data (such as tensile strength) on...
Nov9-10 12:16 AM
1 1,156
I have looked everywhere to try and find how to calculate the distance a rack will move. I have a mechanism where...
Nov8-10 10:48 AM
2 5,489
Hi, I'm trying to work on this interesting little project that involves charging a 6V battery using a simple DC...
Nov8-10 08:19 AM
1 609 How would I work out the pitch circle and number of teeth...
Nov8-10 06:42 AM
4 1,507
D1=30cm D2=13cm, Q(flow rate)=0.2m3/s, find loss due to sudden contraction and compare it with gradual contraction. ...
Nov7-10 01:43 AM
0 659
OA vector in both images (sorry for the size, couldn't put it smaller) ...
Nov6-10 04:10 PM
2 699
Greeting, How can I get the equivalent shear modulus of composite material? My composite material consist of Al...
Nov5-10 10:55 PM
0 2,724
quick question in a hollow pipe with a 90 degree bend like so: ----------- .A............| ...............| p ...
Nov5-10 01:08 PM
0 562
What is the main difference between elastodynamic and elastostatic behavior?
Nov5-10 11:25 AM
0 568
I have a centrifuge with hydraulic lines on the arm. I need to calculate the pressure that will be developed at the...
Nov5-10 10:58 AM
2 2,496
Hi to all. Please help me to clarify this situation: There is a 4-wheel cart powered by friction drive using the...
Nov4-10 05:45 PM
0 553
I was wondering the critical load vary as a result of forced vibration? Intuitionally, I thought the critical load...
Nov4-10 07:21 AM
1 1,032
CGNS has developed into a popular standard for the storage and exchange of CFD data in the aerospace community and is...
Nov4-10 04:06 AM
2 2,073
Can pure oxygen be used in internal combusion gas or diesel engines? If no, what percentage could be used?
Nov3-10 09:58 PM
9 1,455
Hi all, I would like to learn SolidWorks on my own and I'm not sure what is the best way/ways to do so ... I'm...
Nov3-10 07:35 PM
7 2,370
Hello. Supose that we have a cantilever beam. For a small force P applied at the free side of the beam, we can...
Nov3-10 06:30 PM
2 2,645
When calculating pressure from a bolt to the underlaying material, you can use this formula: p=(4*F)/(Pi*(D2-d2)) ...
Nov2-10 03:38 PM
0 681
Hello all. Im working on a project and Im a bit stumped by something. Basically, I have 4 flat plates which can move...
Nov2-10 11:38 AM
Black Mesa
0 1,016
If I have an unlimited air supply with 800 PSI and fed through a 1' pipe how do I calculate the CFM
Nov2-10 09:09 AM
3 5,256
hi all! I am learning the derivation of the formula of the inertia force of reciprocating masses, which is a typical...
Nov1-10 11:58 AM
Gary C
3 6,738
Some of you are familiar with the US FIRST Robotics organization, a program that introduces robotics to high school...
Oct31-10 09:11 PM
5 2,091
I have collected time-domain acceleration signals from the test rig through an accelerometer. Voltage signals are...
Oct31-10 04:24 PM
3 2,167
When the term uniaxial comes I imagine something being pulled or pushed in one direction only. Confusion is that I...
Oct31-10 11:48 AM
2 7,929
hellow everyone, its my first post. In my problem i have a function f=f(x)... inned to integrate it from 0 to a ...I...
Oct31-10 02:15 AM
2 1,146
I have a simple vapor power plant with a boiler, turbine, condenser and pump. I have the pressures leaving the boiler,...
Oct30-10 10:53 PM
1 1,536
Hi, Can anybody recommend an advanced book concerning mechanical vibrations? I'm especially interested in...
Oct30-10 10:48 PM
2 875
There is a temperature difference and we know the transition of the working fluid (from the hot chamber to the cold...
Oct30-10 10:33 PM
1 1,102
Hi all, I am a student designing a camera fixture for my senior design project. We are halfway through our project...
Oct29-10 05:42 PM
Filip Larsen
1 1,063
I have a query regarding Specific Volume, which is a property of a substance. I don't get why it is considered as an...
Oct29-10 04:44 AM
2 1,120
Hi, I am in a Heat Transfer class at school and my professor has set an interesting challenge before me. It is not...
Oct28-10 08:21 PM
4 7,202
Is manual drawing with pencil and paper a good quality an engineer should have at his power? I'm still an undergrad...
Oct28-10 03:43 PM
11 3,028
Hello, As part of my final year project I am to run a CFD analysis of a pump impeller. I have been provided with...
Oct28-10 06:41 AM
0 1,821
Can these work outside of an IC engine? The mechanism to move something left and right (Forward and back)
Oct28-10 04:00 AM
4 869
Well for my project in 6th sem, i'm planning to make a zero radius turn vehicle. What i understand by a zero radius...
Oct28-10 03:39 AM
25 9,397

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