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Mechanical Engineering

- Development of machines. Mechatronics, Robotics, Engines, Drafting
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Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
T 10:21 AM arriluk97 
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Gear heads unite to discuss Vehicle Dynamics, Safety Engineering, Performance, NVH, Ergonomics, Durability...
T 03:05 PM cjl 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Dear all, I checked job numbers on indeed Canada, and when using Pro/ENGINEER and solidworks as search words, I got...
Aug4-14 01:56 PM
26 35,406
Hi everyone, Maybe this resource is new for someone. It's a collection of videos made in the 60's by the very best...
Mar6-13 10:50 AM
61 98,763
I'm building a robot for my junior project design class and I'm using a servo motor. I'm using a 555 timer as a...
Feb5-11 10:40 PM
1 1,145
Hi! I am new to Ansys I want to simulate the stress strain behavior of roller elements used in bearings. For...
Feb5-11 08:25 PM
0 1,230
As i have read in several articles, it is obvious that short-stroke or oversquare engines can rev higher and produce...
Feb5-11 08:14 PM
jack action
35 16,237
Hi, I have a general question related to the mechanical engineering profession. I am a second year mechanical...
Feb5-11 11:30 AM
4 5,997
In an attempt to teach myself rigid body kinematics I'm trying to model the trajectory of a torpedo falling through...
Feb4-11 07:04 PM
2 1,868
Hello folks, I have a doozy of a problem, if anyone is willing to assist me I would greatly appreciate it! My son and...
Feb4-11 05:17 PM
6 1,936 from the above wiki link I have understood basic concepts on Check Valves ...
Feb4-11 07:57 AM
2 915
Hi, I would like to make a mount for my LCD monitor, since there aren't any mounts here. I want the mount to go...
Feb4-11 02:33 AM
8 1,550
I'm designing a new space craft model, but it does not use Delta wings, like most ships do. I need them to be...
Feb3-11 09:29 PM
5 1,187
I'm teaching a class using Shigley's Mechanical Engineering Design. There is a section on deflection of curved...
Feb3-11 05:04 PM
0 3,543
I was thinking the other day about a possible hybrid conversion vehicle that could store braking energy as compressed...
Feb3-11 04:26 PM
3 1,759
I need help analyzing a load scenario. I have a stiffened panel with fixed and pinned edges. There are fairly sturdy...
Feb3-11 02:51 PM
2 1,328
If you stretch a rubber band around a pole, the band exerts a force onto the surface of the pole (F1 in figure 1). Is...
Feb3-11 12:15 PM
1 3,127
How to Make Structures using these cards n tooth picks kinds of materials?? Recently gone through lots many events...
Feb3-11 08:01 AM
0 765
Hi, I am looking for a heat transfer book for Graduate level. i am actually familiar with good undergraduate books...
Feb2-11 07:23 AM
3 2,433
I'm kind of stuck in my search, hoped to be able to find some answers on this board. Anyways, I've been taksed to...
Feb1-11 08:26 PM
0 636
I'm an ME grad student and I'm in an upper-level dynamics class. It has become apparent that I'm going to want to use...
Feb1-11 03:04 PM
1 1,690
Fretting Corrosion I am researching a fretting corrosion problem and I am looking for resources on the relative...
Feb1-11 02:27 PM
4 1,933
Hi everyone, I have a simple question. 2 identical vehicles(tyres, shape, design) are set free from rest, going...
Feb1-11 01:28 PM
9 1,795
I have a doubt regarding automobile like bikes. While driving, on applying clutch, (sometimes) the engine gets...
Feb1-11 01:14 PM
jack action
5 2,087
Hi everyone I'm trying to write a computer simulation of meshing gears (actually its for a videogame), but my...
Feb1-11 01:02 PM
jack action
19 19,855
I have a small machine shop. I need to build a 600 ton press. I have a 300 ton press now. Can I simply add a 300...
Feb1-11 10:04 AM
10 3,620
Hi All, Im new here, please be kind to me :) I am trying to solve a contact problem (e.g. between a cantilever...
Feb1-11 09:36 AM
0 2,793
I have been "googling" to find the relationship between the above, and the answer has mostly been a resounding "NO". ...
Feb1-11 08:58 AM
5 8,581
Hi, I am trying to design a 2000kg door that has dimensions of 3m wide X 4m high and will be automatically swing door...
Feb1-11 08:44 AM
11 4,065
Hi guys, I'm doing an analysis of the various drag and lift forces on a parafoil during base jumping (skin...
Feb1-11 05:07 AM
0 1,036
Hi guys, supposing there is a collar which can freely move along a rod. If the rod is rotating with a certain angular...
Jan31-11 09:27 PM
2 1,972
Given a natural gas fired industrial heater dryer which gives off 70,000 CFM of 190F air at 1.1 atm air pressure, is...
Jan31-11 07:59 PM
Jake Platt
5 1,811
All car jacks use a modified bottle jack (modified base). A car jack like this:...
Jan31-11 02:53 PM
27 24,395
I aim to be an Aerospace Eng. Currently I am a Mechanical Eng major @ Lehigh University. I plan to do a minor in...
Jan31-11 11:39 AM
1 932
K, so my name is Kris. New to the site. Not a physics major or anything. lol Had a question I was trying to figure...
Jan31-11 10:46 AM
14 2,117
hi all, im just after a formula for the max stress in a span on a floor plate. i understand that for a square plate...
Jan30-11 06:34 PM
0 464
Hi all, I am conducting some tests on a simulated physical model of a motor/drive axle system. The goal of the...
Jan30-11 05:09 PM
0 1,161
Where we can find Limit Cycles Phenomena in Practice, I mean in which class of machines?
Jan29-11 05:24 PM
1 658
Given: a two-story residence currently with separate basement and attic gas forced air furnaces-chillers. The...
Jan29-11 07:02 AM
3 4,796
i wonder how would i calculate the amount of torque required to give a rectangular piece of marble, an angular...
Jan29-11 03:29 AM
4 1,768
What is the difference? I used to assume First order was a Single DOF system and a Second order was a 2 DOF system....
Jan28-11 06:15 PM
1 1,993
Hi all, I would like to confirm the following calculations as I have had to get each from various sources. a)...
Jan28-11 02:17 PM
0 1,579
I was reading through my mechanics of materials book (Mechanics of Materials 8th ed. R.C. Hibbler) learning about...
Jan28-11 02:16 PM
5 1,096
Hi, I have read Lift-it catalogue and I found out it is very professional and useful . I have some questions in the...
Jan28-11 06:08 AM
6 2,684

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