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Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
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Gear heads unite to discuss Vehicle Dynamics, Safety Engineering, Performance, NVH, Ergonomics, Durability...
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Mechanical Engineering

- Development of machines. Mechatronics, Robotics, Engines, Drafting
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Dear all, I checked job numbers on indeed Canada, and when using Pro/ENGINEER and solidworks as search words, I got...
Dec17-13 11:25 AM
21 21,980
Hi everyone, Maybe this resource is new for someone. It's a collection of videos made in the 60's by the very best...
Mar6-13 10:50 AM
61 78,824
if i keep a funnel shaped long tube on the roof of a moving vehicle, will the air going in follow Bernoulli's equation?
Sep14-08 07:40 PM
3 2,797
Hi, First I would like to apologise for my lack of understanding in this area, this is all new for me. I am...
Sep14-08 12:07 AM
3 5,110
hey dudes whats been puzzling me is what determines fuel consumption in a cars engine. i suppose i can reduce my...
Sep13-08 09:46 PM
2 5,774
Hey, Just wanted to clarify that this was the right way to calculate the deceleration when braking from a speed of...
Sep13-08 07:14 PM
ray b
3 7,123
is the formula below valid to calculate the lift coefficient for a delta wing? Cl=2*L/(rho*v^2*A) L=lift (N)...
Sep12-08 01:56 PM
Trevor Heley
10 13,015
i have been working on this project on internal combustion engines and i need some info. that i am finding hard to...
Sep12-08 11:04 AM
3 3,513
when we compress air, like, say in a compressor used in i.c. engines, is it an adiabatic process?
Sep12-08 08:55 AM
1 1,295
Hey, I'm trying to solve a little mechanics problem and I'm stuck. ...
Sep12-08 06:45 AM
1 3,697
Hi, I am Pretty New to COMSOL & using it for my thesis work. I have started reading COMSOL multiphysics user's...
Sep12-08 02:09 AM
1 1,756
Well im a freshman in college (University of Toledo) and all day today i pretty much was contemplating on whether to...
Sep11-08 09:22 PM
11 1,671
Hi I am currently doing a project looking at the measurment of engine blow-by. Any information about this tha anyone...
Sep11-08 02:40 PM
2 2,190
Hi ... I was trying to figure out a mechanism which allows for up and down movement. I figured a piston with...
Sep11-08 12:47 PM
7 9,986
well,i ve some problems with bernouuli equation.first,i'd like to ask abt meaning of static pressure in flowing fluid...
Sep11-08 08:51 AM
10 1,881
pls post robotic making and provide guidelines for it.. post those robotic projects at both motor and microprocessor...
Sep11-08 06:42 AM
0 2,239
plz, i want any e-books or good web-links which are related to the industrial furnaces thnx for ur attention
Sep11-08 06:15 AM
1 759
Hello everyone. I really in dire need of your help as i am not a mechanical engineer, so at this stage i am busy...
Sep10-08 11:19 AM
1 1,398
Hello everyone, First of all may i say i am a layman to physics. Unfortunately, i have difficulty with maths. ...
Sep9-08 09:53 AM
Steve Stone
6 1,351
Hello, I'm working on a project in which I need to design and build a home-made wind tunnel, and then publish...
Sep8-08 05:55 PM
0 2,327
I am seeking recommendations for good, easy to understand mechanical engineering books in SI units for the following...
Sep8-08 05:44 PM
4 2,237
I had a customer the other day inquire about TwinDisc clutches he's trying to buy parts for. This is out of my realm...
Sep8-08 04:20 PM
0 1,015
Hi, I have a milling fixture on which the workpiece is loaded to machine T-Slot. and a load of 400 kgf is...
Sep8-08 02:00 AM
0 2,899
Hi, I have a problem, in which there are 4 c-frames that are fastened or you can say sandwitched together to form...
Sep8-08 01:50 AM
0 1,263
A 4 stroke, single cylinder engine working on constant volume cycle, developes 7.5 KW brake power at 60 rev/sec the...
Sep6-08 11:28 AM
4 1,076
can anybody give the physical examples of source and sink flows?
Sep5-08 06:13 AM
6 7,936
In my application I have a very long horizontal water pipe moving water at very high pressure. I want to keep the...
Sep4-08 02:26 PM
7 11,409
Dear all, I have querey regarding reuseful energy from system. Our system is big cylinder (1000mmφ x 1000mm width)...
Sep3-08 10:52 PM
10 1,342
hello everey one actually i ve prob abt first moment of area i know how 2 calculate it but i cant get the physicsl...
Sep3-08 05:15 PM
0 3,673
In the plane mechanism shown,the driving crank OA,which is 50mm between centers,oscillates about the fixed axis O.The...
Sep3-08 12:11 PM
1 1,718
I know this is a really simple calculation but I can't figure out how to find the density of the mixture for some...
Sep3-08 11:31 AM
0 4,748
I have a clearance question. Iím in need of understanding the clearances and tolerances associated with the sliding...
Sep3-08 07:19 AM
1 900
I am building an "alternative fuel" motorcycle. But i am having trouble figuring out what size motor i need to use...
Sep2-08 11:35 AM
2 4,491
what exactly do you mean by "rotary wheel-like appendages" what does it mean that we can not use rotary wheel-like...
Sep2-08 08:30 AM
1 1,258
The stress components in a circular cylinder of length L and radius r are given by sigmaij= (a) Verify that in...
Sep1-08 01:04 PM
2 1,462
Hello experts! I'm from one of the university in Asia and I'm planning to create a small prototype of Vertical Wind...
Aug31-08 09:14 AM
0 2,367
Anyone has idea on how to meshing this geometry except using copper meshing? ...
Aug30-08 11:09 PM
0 3,857
Are the concepts of exergy and Gibbs Free Energy related? What are the differences between them? Thanks in advance...
Aug30-08 08:34 PM
13 5,062
Hey, I'm trying to learn a bit about the strength of threads in bolts and have a couple of questions. Let's say I...
Aug28-08 01:04 AM
15 18,020
Hey, let's say I have a pipe with a fastener screwed into it. If they are of different materials, how can I find...
Aug27-08 09:41 AM
1 1,551
Hey there, I've been searching online for a quite a decent amount of time trying to wrap my head around this concept....
Aug26-08 11:15 AM
1 2,401
Hi Folks, How would one go about calculating the drag force that would be applied to a wire (or in our case a...
Aug26-08 08:45 AM
4 3,015

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