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Mechanical Engineering

- Development of machines. Mechatronics, Robotics, Engines, Drafting
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Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
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Gear heads unite to discuss Vehicle Dynamics, Safety Engineering, Performance, NVH, Ergonomics, Durability...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Dear all, I checked job numbers on indeed Canada, and when using Pro/ENGINEER and solidworks as search words, I got...
Jul28-14 02:06 PM
25 32,059
Hi everyone, Maybe this resource is new for someone. It's a collection of videos made in the 60's by the very best...
Mar6-13 10:50 AM
61 94,904
Hey. Working on a project at the moment, where i have to simulate a human arm (hand and lower arm). I need to find...
Sep12-12 06:27 AM
5 1,441
So, in Nu=\frac{hD}{k} h is the heat transfer coefficient, and D is the diameter of the pipe in which heat...
Sep11-12 11:01 PM
2 1,105
A tube can be inserted into the top of a pipe transporting liquids, providing the pressure is relatively low, so that...
Sep11-12 10:13 PM
2 807
Hi Folks; As we all knew, and I used to experimentally observe it, as the temperature of water increases, pressure...
Sep11-12 07:19 PM
0 705
I saw the assembly of a high temperature Boiler Code application the other day. They used nickel and Chrome alloys...
Sep11-12 01:21 PM
2 842
While making a pattern for a casting do we increase or the bore diameter of the pattern, than actually required in the...
Sep10-12 11:55 AM
7 1,837
Hi I am having some difficulty interpreting the the equation (please refer to the attached) for the frequency...
Sep10-12 11:42 AM
0 854
Hello All, We are experimenting with a flame tube design (quite literally, a flame within a tube). We are looking...
Sep10-12 10:46 AM
2 1,099
I would like to buy a 3 phase ac motor to drive a fuel pump for testing. However, I have found difficulty in...
Sep10-12 02:29 AM
0 568
Hi, I asked for help in such problem before but could get what satisfied me, so I'm here for your help again. I'm...
Sep9-12 05:50 PM
5 923
I have a cantilever bracket, fixed at one end, free at the other. One vertical element AB, 330mm long with a fixing...
Sep9-12 05:42 PM
8 2,438 This device was in a documentary on Discovery last year. At least that I can recall....
Sep9-12 04:24 PM
3 917
Hi, I'm triyng to model electric drive with a load in simulink. The load is a thin plate of a known dimensions,...
Sep9-12 02:01 PM
0 559
The fall semester just started and my team and I have to come up with a senior design project. Faculty projects and...
Sep7-12 11:34 PM
4 1,136
Hi guy I try to understand how should I calculate the force on a wheel with known radius which is driven by a motor...
Sep7-12 12:44 PM
2 1,134
Hey all, I was going through a few video lectures on youtube. To be specific, this is the video I watched....
Sep6-12 11:38 PM
4 2,008
I have methane leaking into a gas container from a connected reservoir cylinder. If the volume of the container is...
Sep6-12 05:17 PM
1 898
We have a design of stainless steel pipe with a bend radius of 1.5 The OD of the pipe is 47mm and the wall thickness...
Sep6-12 03:28 PM
15 3,058
Just looking for a bit of advice on a problem I am currently having. I am doing some research into the...
Sep6-12 10:51 AM
3 1,061
We don't have a forum for Civil Engineering, so I post this here and invite the moderator to move it if it better fits...
Sep6-12 09:17 AM
0 713
First off, I can't believe I never decided to search for a forum like this, I love smart people! lol. Anyways I am...
Sep6-12 08:51 AM
4 1,389
I'm designing a conveyor. A very large one i might add. The conveyor has 3 rolls, one driven and 2 idlers. (kind of...
Sep5-12 02:30 PM
0 797
As a lay person I've wondered this for a while. Obviously heavy machinery that rolls on dirt and mud needs large...
Sep5-12 10:07 AM
3 1,068
Hi, I have a question about basic statics. I have heard from someone that the forces acting on a truncated cone in...
Sep5-12 08:04 AM
Simon Bridge
6 2,174
I am thinking of building a Stirling engine and am debating between a gamma type and beta type. Any advice on which...
Sep5-12 05:59 AM
Simon Bridge
1 952
I need a mechanical device modeled in Autodesk Inventor, but I just started teaching myself the program about a week...
Sep4-12 03:58 PM
5 1,045
Hi everyone! I'm a new user of this forum! I'm a student in Computer Eng. but i'm even very keen about robotics and...
Sep4-12 03:31 PM
2 593
What are some usefull softwares to use for pipe work design? Are there any softwares where you can select material?...
Sep4-12 02:17 PM
3 678
A Book says, " When a load is acting on a member, it undergoes deformation. An internal resistance is developed...
Sep4-12 12:01 PM
6 1,135
I hope this post finds everyone well! I am currently trying to build up a system capable of providing pulsatile...
Sep4-12 11:16 AM
0 552
Hello, I am construction a floating wind turbine model which is going to be used in a wave tank experiment this...
Sep4-12 10:11 AM
2 482
I am thinking about building a projector screen out of MDF. Here Down Under the available sizes are:...
Sep4-12 09:27 AM
10 1,167
Hello, I know the value of a field variable in a 3d mapped finite element mesh. Can anyone suggest an...
Sep3-12 12:27 AM
3 638
Hi everyone, I have a general question on fluid speed for air. What would be a reasonable design limit velocity...
Sep2-12 09:16 PM
8 1,021
I always get my foot-lbs and inch lbs confused and dont know if I am applying the correct unit. If I wanted to know...
Sep2-12 12:05 PM
Simon Bridge
5 4,113
I am designing a flywheel for my own system. I don't know what are the input I should consider to design my flywheel...
Sep2-12 07:28 AM
Doc Al
2 782
Dear all, Welcome to this post. I have a question. I have a main piping loop around a cylindrical vessel for...
Sep2-12 03:46 AM
2 1,288
Hi I was reading a book that introduced momentum and energy in integral forms and I had some confusion regarding...
Sep1-12 11:37 PM
1 1,608
Without going into to many details, I'm in need of a lightweight material that can act as a flame shield. Said...
Sep1-12 10:46 PM
8 872
Hey guys I really have difficulty learning heat transfer and I wish if someone knows a website that includes...
Sep1-12 03:48 PM
1 659

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