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Mechanical Engineering

- Development of machines. Mechatronics, Robotics, Engines, Drafting
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Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
Sep13-14 03:45 AM beamthegreat 
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Gear heads unite to discuss Vehicle Dynamics, Safety Engineering, Performance, NVH, Ergonomics, Durability...
T 04:04 AM jim hardy 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hi everyone, Maybe this resource is new for someone. It's a collection of videos made in the 60's by the very best...
Mar6-13 10:50 AM
61 98,574
Dear all, I checked job numbers on indeed Canada, and when using Pro/ENGINEER and solidworks as search words, I got...
Aug4-14 01:56 PM
26 35,176
Hi, I need some help with an experiment: I have a cantilevered steel beam, fixed at one end and free at the other....
Nov9-10 06:24 PM
9 4,977
Hi I have a question about using gravity in dynamics... first In my thinking,,, All force in dynamics is...
Nov10-10 04:42 AM
2 806
so what book is the best when dealing with rankine cycle? i hope it has tons of problems with solution manual (for...
Nov10-10 09:01 AM
1 1,469
I was doing some online physics tests with my friend because we were bored and we both got stuck on this question, I...
Nov10-10 03:48 PM
1 996
Can any body help me how to calculate the quantity of heat radiated from an diesl engine. any formula based on BHP? ...
Nov11-10 12:23 AM
12 6,941
Hi everybody!:smile: I have a question about intercooling process in compressors Regarding ,for example, a...
Nov11-10 09:48 AM
4 6,336
Hi there, If I were to drive an electric generator from, for example, a 200Kw petrol engine, would the output of...
Nov11-10 11:32 AM
5 1,362
Hi all, I'm looking for some nice software to make mechanical vector drawings (3D). InkScape is a good one, but is...
Nov11-10 03:01 PM
1 1,061
Hi i am trying to find rated power output for turbine for tidal, and energy capture per cycle i am putting limits...
Nov11-10 03:13 PM
1 831
hi all i have a problem in finding the quality factor of cantilever beam (one end is fixed and other end is free )...
Nov11-10 10:45 PM
3 2,122
I have a HW problem dealing with an inclined immersed surface. I can work the problem jsut fine except this problem...
Nov12-10 12:48 AM
1 2,711
Which is better in terms of employment prospects, etc?
Nov12-10 04:00 AM
2 2,087
We are trying to improve the efficiency of a fan for an engineering project. However, we first need to figure out what...
Nov12-10 12:17 PM
5 2,773
I need to erect a hoist beam with a 10' span using square tubing. Which is stronger, 3"x3" 1/4" wall or 4"x4" x...
Nov12-10 05:42 PM
Adam Pease
10 29,685
What is the difference between two actions where average torque / revolution is same; however peak instantaneous...
Nov12-10 10:18 PM
2 2,106
hi i need to calculate the torsional stiffness of a sample, the data is in the excel file. To work it out it = ...
Nov13-10 03:28 PM
1 4,020
Hi, i have a shaft with OD = 33.40mm Wall Thickness = 3.38 mm length = 2.4m ...
Nov13-10 03:42 PM
1 6,147
well i got a strange problems in structural analysis.. i do well in all method but i find hard on Integrated method...
Nov14-10 01:25 AM
kompheak vic
0 743
A 2.4 m long structural aluminium pipe (series 6063-T6) is used as part of a roof structure. As part of the design...
Nov14-10 11:14 AM
7 11,743
If I got the values of 6 stress tensors: Then I can calculate the values for the 3 stress invariants I1, I2 and...
Nov14-10 12:24 PM
2 21,705
Hello to everyone, my name`s Florin and i`m a Mechanical Engineering fresh graduate. My specialisation is Thermal...
Nov14-10 01:03 PM
0 1,572
I am lifting a rectangular structure, all lift points on the same elevation. However, the 4 lift points are not evenly...
Nov14-10 03:21 PM
1 8,764
I am doing some simulations in SW. I am quite new to this and I would ble thankful if someone could help me out. I...
Nov15-10 04:32 AM
0 3,290
Hi!! I'm currently a 2nd Year Civil engineering student, and I wrote this topic for I am seeking a professional...
Nov15-10 08:10 AM
6 3,453
I think that we may try to simplify free piston engine and it may look just like hollow cylinder made of very heat...
Nov15-10 05:28 PM
0 1,184
Hi guys, I'm newbie in signal processing and I have to estimate the frf of a suspension. Therefore I have measured...
Nov16-10 02:02 AM
0 678
Hi all I am struggling with going between various representations of vibrations in paticular the complex form. ...
Nov16-10 08:45 AM
2 1,757
hello, i am doing gear calculations my problem: i get several point numbers for the module of the spur gear din...
Nov16-10 03:52 PM
4 1,113
I am wondering why water is used instead of air for the cold temperature source for a thermo cycle. My guess is the...
Nov17-10 06:39 AM
2 985
My partner and I are working on a quadcopter, but we can't seem to find the correct equation we need for the...
Nov17-10 09:10 AM
1 1,903
hi all can someone explain me the units of Base oil viscosity of grease? for example is there a difference between...
Nov17-10 11:57 AM
2 3,799
At present i m working on a hovercraft. Bt the problem is thati cant lift it.. The material i used isthe lightest of...
Nov17-10 11:09 PM
17 1,576
Hey all, I'm working on a project where I'm trying to use the inherent dehumidification ability of air conditioners...
Nov18-10 12:26 AM
4 4,001
Hello, I have a problem with calculating buckling on a stepped bar with roark's formulas for stress and strain. ...
Nov18-10 08:42 AM
0 2,416
Im taking mechanical engineering as my undergrad degree course. I will start to do first year this year. Well, i know...
Nov18-10 09:28 AM
2 3,162
explain plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Nov18-10 01:44 PM
5 3,102
hi all I'm wondering which major is better for future jobs "mechanical engineering technology" or "mechanical...
Nov19-10 01:23 AM
6 1,334
Quick questions but want to let everyone know up front I'm no physics expert I just think ALOT. :) I understand...
Nov19-10 02:19 PM
4 1,361
Hey everybody! I am currently doing a project whereby I have to build a test rig for a certain corrosion sensor. As...
Nov19-10 02:50 PM
1 1,095
I am rotating a wheel (similar to bicycle tube) around a horizontal axis. My wheel inertia or load inertia is 8...
Nov19-10 07:02 PM
0 1,362

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