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Mechanical Engineering

- Development of machines. Mechatronics, Robotics, Engines, Drafting
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Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
Jul23-14 06:21 PM blainiac 
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Gear heads unite to discuss Vehicle Dynamics, Safety Engineering, Performance, NVH, Ergonomics, Durability...
Jul23-14 04:10 PM 1pkm 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hi everyone, Maybe this resource is new for someone. It's a collection of videos made in the 60's by the very best...
Mar6-13 10:50 AM
61 92,223
Dear all, I checked job numbers on indeed Canada, and when using Pro/ENGINEER and solidworks as search words, I got...
Jun12-14 09:51 AM
23 30,633
Hi, I was wondering what is the relationship between 'diameter size' and the strength to flex a hollow tube.........
Mar4-11 12:00 PM
3 2,578
hi my name is ehab I am a first year collage student in damascuse university our computer programming professer ask...
Mar4-11 12:07 PM
1 1,577
Hello, nice to find this kind of great forum. I am quite puzzled with the task that was given to me: How to model...
Mar4-11 12:20 PM
1 908
Hi guys, i'm working on a machine which has a turbine which will spin through a container filled with water. I have to...
Mar4-11 12:25 PM
1 793
Hi all, One thing I am really confused is the relation between incompressiblity and divergence-free. Since I am...
Mar4-11 02:05 PM
1 850
I am trying to work with Ansys Workbench in a simulation of a prototype engine, that exist. The engine can produce a...
Mar4-11 11:09 PM
0 2,243
Hello all - I'm new to the forum - I hope some kind person can help with a question of calculating scale weight in a...
Mar5-11 10:29 AM
2 4,623
Does anyone know how to calculate the vaporization rate of a droplet of isooctane at a given diameter? Thank you
Mar5-11 05:45 PM
3 3,227
Hi, I'm researching into what will be the best size wheels to put onto a motor to allow my robot to climb an incline,...
Mar5-11 06:53 PM
jack action
5 2,667
hi , I am going to design sealpress mechanism for rotary system . I need to find out how much torque required...
Mar5-11 09:03 PM
6 3,253
I'm trying to learn about how differing distillation curves affect gasoline's performance. I'm coming at this from...
Mar6-11 11:05 AM
8 15,007
hello, I have made an FEM simulation of a cantilever beam in Matlab. I have included the damping using...
Mar6-11 11:28 AM
0 2,243
If a condenser were to lose its supply of cooling water and no trips were activated how could you calculate when the...
Mar6-11 01:42 PM
1 1,911
Hi guys Can anyone tell me if there are charts available to relate temperatures and pressures of Air ( similar to...
Mar6-11 03:23 PM
3 660
Hi, I need to find out horsepower to accelerate pipe (40ft long) which is fixed with the...
Mar6-11 03:48 PM
8 1,978
Well I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this but I guess I'm going to anyways. I am a ME student as San...
Mar7-11 01:04 AM
1 908
Hi everyone, I was looking for a std to calculate stability of truck mounted crane. Recently I found an australian...
Mar7-11 01:08 AM
1 1,616
I am designing a safety product and therefore I need a spring which will tilt back a part in it's old position. In the...
Mar7-11 05:43 AM
0 1,614
I'm working on this project where I am trying to determine how long it will take a ceramic plate, with heat generating...
Mar7-11 04:39 PM
0 3,225
Hello, I am used to use Ansys classic in my work. I just started to learn Ansys Workbench. I am modeling a copper...
Mar7-11 08:57 PM
5 8,523
Hi guys. Hooke's Law is stated as: Stress is proportional to strain within elastic limit (or load proportional to...
Mar8-11 01:20 PM
2 914
It is easy to analyze a cantilever beam of constant cross section and point loaded at the end for stress and...
Mar8-11 02:21 PM
3 3,689
Hello How can I calculate the fatigue life of a variable stress between 0 and 90 MPa in cast aluminum? Do I use...
Mar8-11 02:45 PM
1 5,953
Hi everyone... i have to design the frame of a moon buggy, which is a manually powered vehichle for 2... it is...
Mar8-11 10:03 PM
21 5,107
Hey evry1.....m supposed to design a gear using AISI 8620 case hardened low alloy steel. But I am not able to find the...
Mar9-11 05:15 AM
0 1,982
If there is a 4.1cm diameter pipe located ~10m underwater, with water (negligible volume and mass flow rates - the...
Mar9-11 08:43 AM
5 1,128
guys i am doing fluid mechanics for the first time at university level the textbook that was recommended by the...
Mar9-11 09:20 AM
1 1,638
hi. I need some 3D CFD tutorial. Can anyone introduce some links to me besides cfd-online? And may I know how to...
Mar9-11 03:02 PM
4 17,096
I am using Gaussian elimination to solve the airy stress function, but I am having difficulty implementing boundary...
Mar9-11 04:56 PM
0 3,210
someone please explain the phrase "properties optimised for weight reduction" in case of auto body and spaceframes. ...
Mar9-11 05:09 PM
1 1,827
Im going to a science fair to promote Aerospace Engineering. Me and my team are doing a project that helps visualize...
Mar9-11 09:12 PM
3 710
hello. I'm doing Mech year 1 and my professor for Engineering Dynamics kinda sucks. I am lagging behind in the...
Mar10-11 01:28 AM
0 1,703
Hi. Let's suppose to have a car with a reference system called Body-NED with its origin in the center of gravity of...
Mar11-11 09:31 AM
4 952
Please refer to the diagram attached. I am trying to work out the peak stress and deflection of a vertical member...
Mar11-11 09:39 AM
3 2,464
Greetings, I need to make a spring out of pure copper wire. I'm using 30 awg off a spool but i'm struggling to make...
Mar11-11 10:19 AM
2 2,004
Currently working on a pet project, looking to build a model for accelerating a relatively large mass on a short...
Mar11-11 10:39 AM
2 2,604
Please, may I ask for a comment on my idea for the Aero Bike? I want to store energy in the frame of the bike, by...
Mar11-11 08:25 PM
3 1,691
I was wondering if there was a way to build something to see the surface of the moon easily like our satellites can...
Mar12-11 11:10 AM
9 2,070
Hi. I was thinking of a engine with a extra stroke and get the energy from heat in that stroke but some one have...
Mar13-11 06:19 AM
9 12,567
Hello! first time user, in desperate need of advice: My company (start up) has built a 5 hp Rankine cycle generator...
Mar13-11 12:11 PM
2 1,571

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