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Mechanical Engineering

- Development of machines. Mechatronics, Robotics, Engines, Drafting
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Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
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Gear heads unite to discuss Vehicle Dynamics, Safety Engineering, Performance, NVH, Ergonomics, Durability...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Dear all, I checked job numbers on indeed Canada, and when using Pro/ENGINEER and solidworks as search words, I got...
Aug4-14 01:56 PM
26 35,239
Hi everyone, Maybe this resource is new for someone. It's a collection of videos made in the 60's by the very best...
Mar6-13 10:50 AM
61 98,630
Iím trying to understand the difference between how two styrofoam boxes of water cool when placed in a freezer. see...
Mar11-14 04:29 PM
5 544
So in a lumped parameter system, we use the ln(Θ)=exp(-hAt/ρVc), where Θ is non-dimensional temperature. This...
Mar11-14 03:33 PM
Urmi Roy
5 468
So I do know that Br (Brinkmann number)=Ec.Pr (Eckert times Prandtl number) However, looking at the expressions for...
Mar11-14 03:12 PM
Urmi Roy
0 233
Hi, I'm new here! I'm designing a dispensing system with several liquids. The liquids need to be dispensed into a...
Mar11-14 11:33 AM
6 317
I might need to go to a metal shop/fabricator/what have you soon to have work done on a conceptually simple part that...
Mar11-14 07:55 AM
18 958
Dear experts, I wonder if semi-crystalline plastics can be considered as Mooney-Rivlin materials for an...
Mar10-14 04:16 PM
17 648
I am required to do scripting in ansys workbench......i know python, jscript and APDL can be used for how...
Mar10-14 02:48 PM
1 2,475
How to create a script geometry. Is it possible? some type? I need to create a script to pipe conveyor. After...
Mar10-14 02:31 PM
0 247
The attachment provided shows a frame in which a large fan is to be rested on. The fan is to remain static and has a...
Mar9-14 03:52 PM
8 366
I've been lurking on these forums for years now; so much of my idea-seeking brings me here, it's remarkable, even to...
Mar8-14 10:25 AM
2 273
Dear friends, I have a one way fluid solid interaction model. I solved it in CFX domain and have the data for...
Mar7-14 07:56 PM
0 291
motor specs are.. dc motor single phase 24 volts 49.6 amp 3000rpm, 1hp dynmo specs are: dynamo 1500 rpm 31.5amp...
Mar7-14 10:33 AM
13 504
When a bolt is pulled in tension and eventually fractures, is all the built up strain energy dissipated in the...
Mar6-14 07:25 PM
12 548
Hi guys, So say I want to perform tensile tests on a bolt, but want to see what the effect of applying the load at...
Mar6-14 04:14 PM
1 294
Hello everyone, I need to work out the flexural modulus (Ef) of a test specimen that is subjected to a 3-point...
Mar6-14 03:59 PM
0 419
Hello all, I have to measure the compression strength of a porous ceramic body (d=L=10 mm) using advanced force...
Mar6-14 08:21 AM
6 451
Hey, Lets say I have the following gas spring system: In...
Mar4-14 10:23 AM
7 466
Hi all, new to the forum and hoping I might get some ideas for a project I am working on, not an Engineer or very well...
Mar4-14 03:04 AM
7 528
Hello. I am looking to get some complex aluminum geometries manufactured. The mostly likely case is that these parts...
Mar3-14 10:35 PM
3 326
Hello, I want to ask if the shaft is mounted on bearings, it is possible that the shaft can misalignment? Since...
Mar3-14 11:30 AM
10 484
Ive been doing some engine testing at university and have created some torque, power ad BSFC curves. The engine used...
Mar3-14 06:49 AM
3 386
I understand that defining the path of a joint in a mechanism comes under the category of 'kinematic analysis'. I do...
Mar3-14 06:39 AM
1 239
Hi, I'm a bit confused. Say you're bending a cylindrical pipe (tube, hollow cylinder). So the neutral axis of the...
Mar1-14 10:07 AM
3 593
Hi there! I'm interested in Spatial Light Modulators for my project and I was hoping you (whoever you are) could...
Feb28-14 04:26 AM
0 364
In automatics,one needs to press the brake (i.e the brake shift interlock switch) to shift the car out of park. What...
Feb27-14 11:54 PM
7 467
what is the specific air consumption equation for a diesel engine?
Feb27-14 09:48 AM
1 344
If I have a composite beam or an T beam where the top of the T is of significantly higher stiffness than the vertical...
Feb27-14 08:11 AM
3 362
The attachment provided shows a frame in which a large fan is to be rested on. The fan has a weight of 6,060 kg and...
Feb27-14 03:31 AM
5 410
I'm currently writing my thesis on a "Finite Element Analysis of rail fastening systems under dynamic load", and I'm...
Feb27-14 12:40 AM
3 544
Hello, my name is Carly. I am a third-year mechanical engineering major at San Diego State University. I'm trying to...
Feb26-14 08:47 PM
0 354
Is there any clutch technology which is a good alternative to the present ones used in cars for transmission. I mean...
Feb26-14 08:23 PM
19 703
I have a room with no cooling. Room info : w = 5m l = 4m h= 2.5m Heat dissipation from equipment in room= 65kw ...
Feb26-14 05:45 PM
1 307
Hi I'm trying to make a lead screw in Creo which would be used to move a 400lb load linearly along the ground....
Feb26-14 06:42 AM
4 407
Hi all, Q: How do you find out the boundary work using control volume analysis for a tire that is punctured all of...
Feb26-14 06:01 AM
0 239
To guard against buckling modes I know that circumferential stiffeners can strengthen a cylindrical vessel against...
Feb26-14 01:06 AM
2 868
I currently have a Hastelloy C276 inlet deflector plate in a vessel that was inspected year and a half ago and was...
Feb25-14 06:39 AM
0 237
I've been observing cars RPM and noticed that automatic transmission American cars reach 60 mph at 2250 RPM while...
Feb25-14 04:00 AM
9 728 In the manufacturing of glass(flat glass),the outside...
Feb23-14 07:50 PM
4 443
Hi everyone ( the force vector parallel to the position vector r ) = Force vector* (r vector / r) I don't know...
Feb23-14 01:29 PM
2 352
We just got our fluid mechanics quizzes back today and I was unpleasantly surprised with a 13/20 when I was expecting...
Feb22-14 11:59 PM
6 364

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