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Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
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Gear heads unite to discuss Vehicle Dynamics, Safety Engineering, Performance, NVH, Ergonomics, Durability...
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Mechanical Engineering

- Development of machines. Mechatronics, Robotics, Engines, Drafting
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Dear all, I checked job numbers on indeed Canada, and when using Pro/ENGINEER and solidworks as search words, I got...
Dec17-13 11:25 AM
21 21,934
Hi everyone, Maybe this resource is new for someone. It's a collection of videos made in the 60's by the very best...
Mar6-13 10:50 AM
61 78,789
Background: To prevent too much torque having to be transmitted through the gearbox on a gate valve, a shear pin is to...
Apr25-12 01:12 AM
2 3,921
Hi all, This might be considered a coursework question, insofar as I'm doing it as a student and not a...
Apr24-12 03:06 PM
1 2,446
Hello, I am trying to model a collagen fiber matrix in ANSYS 12.0 and apply loads at the left and right walls. The...
Apr24-12 03:02 PM
0 1,488
For a day and a half now we have been trying to calculate a self-assigned problem. However, this has not turned out to...
Apr24-12 04:59 AM
0 536
Hi, I've been working on a tubular sub frame, that I want to attach to a main frame. The attached shows the sub...
Apr23-12 03:41 PM
0 1,017
I need to create graphs of: 3 Phase Torque vs RPM Current vs RPM Mechanical Power (HP) vs RPM Efficiency vs RPM...
Apr23-12 01:13 PM
jim hardy
2 1,412
in college days it is known that if you want double pressure install the pumps in series if you need double flow...
Apr23-12 08:34 AM
5 1,476
Hi all! There are actual task to specialists. I have a problem. There is a platform. It made ​​of aluminum...
Apr23-12 05:21 AM
2 1,047
hi all what is the preventive maintenance for surge vessels? how to detect the hidden craks in operation status?...
Apr23-12 02:31 AM
0 786
Hi! I'm trying to find a good way to predict fatigue caused by a random vibration (given PSD). I know at least 2...
Apr23-12 02:07 AM
7 2,490
If you were to mate a 1 ½” black iron pipe to a 1 ¼” black iron pipe using a 1 ½” coupling and a bushing reducer, how...
Apr22-12 10:07 PM
3 2,671
Hi everybody I built a cavity model in Ansys in order to modelling natural convection heat transfer inside a heat...
Apr22-12 08:45 PM
4 1,094
i'm a new user of xfoil. I make measurements (Cp) in wind tunnel. But my measured data don't match with the data of...
Apr22-12 04:51 PM
5 1,371
sorry wrong thread for this.
Apr22-12 11:16 AM
0 622
Hi! My name is Daniel and i'm new to this forum. I work as a mechanical engineer at a machining workshop in...
Apr22-12 01:09 AM
2 1,810
Hello! I'm completely lost trying to derive an equation that'll give me the driving force in a DAC, and I really...
Apr21-12 04:12 AM
4 1,670
Hey. This is my first post, I'm a Senior in Mechanical Engineering, I will help others as far as I can. I'm trying...
Apr20-12 08:20 PM
3 1,291
I performed an analysis on a bike frame using ANSYS Workbench 13 and I got the following results (I was trying to...
Apr20-12 04:42 PM
0 1,919
I have learnt M Codes and G Codes in CNC Programming. I was looking at a programming and found some statements...
Apr20-12 12:26 AM
1 1,943
Is it possible for an extension spring to be 20 inches long while unloaded, 32 or so inches long fully extended(12"...
Apr19-12 10:43 PM
3 858
Hi there. I've been scouring google for a valve that will release a fluid (preferably a liquid) once 5psi has been...
Apr19-12 12:22 PM
6 1,832
Please let me know what is a drain plug of an industrial fan or blower???
Apr19-12 03:34 AM
0 762
Please let me know,how i can select(wattage and rpm) a motor against a rotary airlock valve when i know the...
Apr19-12 12:42 AM
0 770
Hello everyone, I'm interested in making a basic 3d fountain design using some of the software in my lab, mainly to...
Apr18-12 10:21 PM
2 963
I've attached a drawing, simplified of the layout of the sytem i'm working on. I've figured out a function to give me...
Apr18-12 01:25 PM
0 678
Hi, I am trying to solve a contact problem using ANSYS Workbench, In my problem i have an elastic beam with a...
Apr18-12 06:15 AM
0 1,984
Hello, I`m working on a mathematical model of a gas turbine and I need good compressor maps, especially function of...
Apr18-12 06:08 AM
1 1,219
Hello experts, I have a application where the milk will be stored in the Milk can for testing. I want to...
Apr18-12 05:51 AM
0 914
lets say there's a bike with a powertrain that produces around the maximum of its torque at low rpms and has low top...
Apr18-12 04:59 AM
0 815
Does anyone know of any texts going over how to design C and O frame presses?
Apr17-12 02:05 PM
0 1,329
I'm looking to do a fluid flow analysis on the recoil mechanism of a howitzer. The analysis will involve simulating...
Apr17-12 12:11 PM
2 1,002
Hello, I was wondering if anyone can help me with my FEA approach. I want to check that my boundary conditions for...
Apr17-12 09:53 AM
6 1,691
Hey guys, new here, been trying to come up for a project idea using a strain gage and/or an accelerometer. Thought...
Apr16-12 10:05 PM
0 766
how much coal is required to produce 100000 BTU/s in a typical house? I have been looking and looking with no leads...
Apr16-12 06:50 PM
3 1,505
Hi Everyone, I am at a road block in my life where I have no idea what to do next in terms of my career plans. I...
Apr16-12 06:45 PM
6 2,908
Hello, I am a high school student and am trying to complete an assignment to interview someone in a career field I...
Apr16-12 11:50 AM
1 1,505
I would like to attach bearings on a shaft, see: ...
Apr16-12 10:22 AM
3 1,613
I have a shaft, which I would like to rotate 90 degrees to one side and then 90 degrees back to the other side and so...
Apr16-12 09:19 AM
5 3,404
Hey, question about the work done onto a system of particles. I have to include the work of the internal force...
Apr16-12 06:07 AM
4 989
Hello, This is my first post, so I believe, that you understand and help for me. So I have a task to design vacuum...
Apr16-12 05:42 AM
1 1,493

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