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Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
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Gear heads unite to discuss Vehicle Dynamics, Safety Engineering, Performance, NVH, Ergonomics, Durability...
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Mechanical Engineering

- Development of machines. Mechatronics, Robotics, Engines, Drafting
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Dear all, I checked job numbers on indeed Canada, and when using Pro/ENGINEER and solidworks as search words, I got...
Dec17-13 11:25 AM
21 22,070
Hi everyone, Maybe this resource is new for someone. It's a collection of videos made in the 60's by the very best...
Mar6-13 10:50 AM
61 78,881
I can not understand how removed sectios are drawn? here i am sending autocad drawing file.(it is drawing of cut off...
Apr8-12 07:06 AM
1 892
In a problem in our book, it says that the mach number in a constant area duct with friction (Fanno flow), the mach...
Apr8-12 02:45 AM
Urmi Roy
1 799
Hello Forum, there are two typeos of servo motors. One of them is called continuous. does it mean that it can...
Apr7-12 10:02 AM
2 1,056
how do i measure temperature of a current carrying conductor? i need to know the increase in temperature as i heat it...
Apr7-12 06:28 AM
6 1,436
Hi guys, Im currently working on a spindle gear box and what is required from the gearbox is it to change speeds to...
Apr7-12 05:59 AM
0 1,071
Please help me with this, I have not understood much even I've tried to read many books about the 2 criterion. The...
Apr7-12 04:50 AM
0 1,034
Hi, i'm comparing differents types of compressor to find out which one i'm gonna convert into a turbine for my...
Apr6-12 02:42 PM
1 742
Dear all, I have written a code for structural analysis using the finite element method. For some reason, I...
Apr6-12 01:40 PM
3 3,464
If I become a Mechanical Engineer would I be able to develope weapons for the Military? If not what should I become...
Apr6-12 10:12 AM
40 32,326
Hi all , the problem is with the design i made, which is a 3 universal joints and 3 prismatic joints , the prismatic...
Apr6-12 08:27 AM
0 1,126
I want to learn about engines. Besides reading up on different kinds, what's a good way to get my hands on small...
Apr6-12 01:37 AM
2 871
So I've run into this brick wall trying to figure out the thermals behind a school project design. Basically we're...
Apr4-12 11:35 PM
Nick P
0 583
can i use thrmocouples to measure temperature of a current carrying conductor? will the current interfere with the...
Apr4-12 12:55 AM
0 854
Any HVAC experts in the house? Does anyone know of any engineering standards concerning the placement of flow...
Apr3-12 11:26 PM
0 908
I'm trying to make an elbow joint for a robotic arm that is actuated with a stepper motor and two gears. Here's a...
Apr3-12 11:24 PM
4 1,722
Hi. I'm building a small automated robot that will only work with 2 motor, 2 wheels, and 2 sensors. My goal here is...
Apr3-12 10:56 PM
11 1,328
Hi all, I am currently using a blower to generate partial vacuum for object pickup. I am using it without suction...
Apr3-12 10:39 PM
0 962
hi guys new to this forum as of today . im currently buliding my self a little project but before i go out and blow...
Apr3-12 07:48 PM
jack action
11 1,369
So I have a plate connected to a metal wall that is riveted to the wall with 5 rivets. This plate then has a ball...
Apr3-12 05:38 PM
13 2,723
Is there a way to reclaim the Helium that I put into a weather balloon? Meaning, I empty out a cylinder of Helium...
Apr3-12 04:06 PM
4 1,782
Hello I am a first year Mechatronics major (yes its a real major), and currently looking into the effects that...
Apr3-12 03:54 PM
6 1,005
I am using Solidworks to model the pressure distribution of air around a large fan. The fan is 10' in diameter and...
Apr3-12 07:45 AM
bill nye scienceguy!
3 771
OK shot in the dark here but here is my question prefaced with a small back-story. Im a undergrad in mechanical...
Apr3-12 06:03 AM
3 925
Hi there I have what I think/hope is a simple question: I've been working on heat inputs and outputs in inertia...
Apr3-12 04:18 AM
1 822
I'm a retired EE tinkering in my workshop. Materials is not my field so i'm asking for a pointer. I have an old...
Apr3-12 01:29 AM
jim hardy
0 682
Hey guys, new user here. I had a question about a project I am working on with a professor. Unfortunately he does...
Apr2-12 05:31 PM
5 14,515
I have a BS in mathematics, and am currently working on my MS in mechanical engineering. Is it possible to take the...
Apr2-12 08:46 AM
1 938
Hi, is it possible to have a fourier transform of exp(i*n*ω*t), n any integer;i imaginary F(ω)=lim-∞to∞...
Apr2-12 07:21 AM
0 588
Does adiabatic index change with pressure for a perfect gas?
Apr1-12 08:40 PM
0 953
Hello all, I want to extract the period out of a complex discrete signal. Currently I have the Matlabscript of...
Apr1-12 10:48 AM
3 1,375
Hi, I am new in comsol. I currently doing a simulation on rotating propeller. I need to obtain vibration magnitude...
Apr1-12 07:16 AM
4 1,077
I am currently looking into how aeroplanes fly for a report which i am writing. I understand the theory behind the...
Mar31-12 08:23 PM
13 1,571
Hi all, A fixed-free bar has a single natural frequency. When we discretize such a bar in the finite element...
Mar31-12 03:10 PM
1 2,019
we are working on our final year project which is to increase the efficiency of solar still. we are considering to...
Mar31-12 01:45 PM
0 729
While making a comparative study between turbines and compressors, I noticed some differences between the way they are...
Mar31-12 09:25 AM
Urmi Roy
1 4,046
Hi , everyone know how to convert voltage to acceleration from accelerometer ?? output voltage = 2.5 v sensitivity...
Mar31-12 06:16 AM
1 976
hello, expert people, i am fresh mechanical engineer. right now i am reading about forging die design. i can not...
Mar31-12 12:37 AM
2 800
I have to seal a spherical container comprised of 2 hemispheres joined together with a bolted flanged connection. I...
Mar31-12 12:28 AM
6 2,021
Hi everyone, Six years ago I started community college in a Pre-Engineering program that would give me an...
Mar30-12 04:56 PM
0 696
Hi guys, kind of stuck here because I either don't remember or wasn't taught this but... I'm working with...
Mar30-12 01:46 PM
0 1,198

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