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Mechanical Engineering

- Development of machines. Mechatronics, Robotics, Engines, Drafting
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Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
Sep13-14 03:45 AM beamthegreat 
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Gear heads unite to discuss Vehicle Dynamics, Safety Engineering, Performance, NVH, Ergonomics, Durability...
T 04:04 AM jim hardy 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hi everyone, Maybe this resource is new for someone. It's a collection of videos made in the 60's by the very best...
Mar6-13 10:50 AM
61 98,574
Dear all, I checked job numbers on indeed Canada, and when using Pro/ENGINEER and solidworks as search words, I got...
Aug4-14 01:56 PM
26 35,176
how can i graph the equation of the bending moment? The equation is: σ = MC / I and i want to graph in excel or...
Jul8-12 06:09 AM
3 1,328
I want to use a rectangular cross section to act as a torsion spring that can be adjusted. The idea is that the...
Sep3-13 07:34 AM
2 842
i was wondering why not use the air in the surrounding to oxidise the fuel in the first stage of a rocket? it...
May9-14 05:33 PM
5 629
Hello, I am using stepper motors for some neuroscience experiments on rats. The problem is that our experiments...
Mar15-11 11:46 AM
3 2,919
Bare with me as I'm brand new to all of this, and my inexperience may show, but i have what may be a simple question...
Apr15-12 01:39 PM
2 1,323
I'm trying to get a good understanding of the two images attached. So when calculating the coefficient of...
Nov25-13 11:24 PM
0 559
I have a gear train system where i have 3 gears meshing with each other (different sizes) gear A, B and C. Gear B is...
Mar28-12 09:58 AM
3 1,690
im looking for engines that are known for being extremely high effiency. im not just talking about high efficency...
Sep10-14 01:57 PM
5 368
How much E&M is involved in a MechE degree? I'm a high school senior in AP Physics C: E&M and I hate it with a...
Feb12-11 02:22 PM
2 950
Hi I need to know how i can separate the water vapor from biogas i know that there is separation of H2S and Co2 ...
Mar31-14 03:14 AM
4 323
I'm a mechatronics student, and for my grad project i would like to create a prosthetic robotic arm and I would like...
Feb22-11 02:07 AM
Abdallah haj
0 1,368
i work on project to make the wheel chair works by voice commands but the harder part that i want to use mechanical...
Mar1-13 02:08 PM
4 665
i am still newbie , i dont even know if this question should go here or not , but i will ask it anyway. I have a rod...
Feb14-14 06:44 AM
11 875
I am so tired I tried many times to calculate the pressure drop profile. What is the right equation? Please...
Jul4-11 03:19 PM
4 1,549
What are the variables that influence the performance of an internal combustion engine?
Nov4-08 12:21 PM
2 1,723
what is the difference between aeronautical engineering and aerospace engineeering?
Feb7-08 07:56 PM
2 1,256
i am a mechanical engineer and am highly interested in physics. i want to do my final year project on particle...
Sep9-14 02:26 PM
1 167
Hi, everybody I need a thermodynamics tutor. I have an exam this Tuesday 12/13/11. if there anybody knows a tutor or...
Dec12-11 03:48 AM
0 787
If a Wankel gasoline engine was to be fitted with a compact and efficient positive displacement additional expander...
Feb7-09 03:03 PM
0 1,903
Goodmorning, I know that the mechanical power press constructors give: 1) the diagram of permitted work depending on...
Jan5-12 03:51 AM
0 1,498
Does anyone know what technically went wrong in the sensor circuitry on board the shuttle. All I know is the liquid H2...
Jul23-05 10:08 AM
2 1,462
For any of you advanced dynamics people, can you please show me a derivation of the BKE. (Basic Kinematic Equation) ...
Jul25-05 12:47 AM
4 2,439
Hey everyone, I eventually would like to write a textbook. I've started some work, and have about 100 pages total....
Aug5-05 04:05 PM
1 2,260
Hi all, I am working on a problem that I can't even seem to figure out where to start. I have a horizontal beam of...
Aug3-13 11:23 AM
2 868
D1=30cm D2=13cm, Q(flow rate)=0.2m3/s, find loss due to sudden contraction and compare it with gradual contraction. ...
Nov7-10 01:43 AM
0 708
This might not be the best place to put this post but still i would like to know about some good softwares which are...
Nov2-07 11:11 AM
5 12,064
Can someone tell me how to perfrom radiation analysis in Ansys 12.0, workbench for a closed enclosure? The problem...
Feb26-11 04:01 AM
0 1,995
Is evry mechanical process or mechanism reversiible? By that i mean to say, Can we carry out every mechanism or...
Mar19-08 12:21 PM
jaap de vries
4 3,157
I'm planning to build myself a WWII time Airplane. i need some insght into the types of materials that can be used for...
Mar26-08 06:37 AM
2 1,337
Hi! i just wanted to know if the famous Chaos Theory has got any direct application in Aeronautics. i've come...
May7-08 05:45 AM
0 1,687
hi, i'm lookin for some good computer package for fluid motion simulations. i'v come across Fluent and OpenFOAM....
May17-08 02:09 PM
2 1,287
I want to convert horizontal type of oscillations to vertical oscillations. is there any existing mechanism for it?...
Jan13-09 03:20 PM
2 3,004
hi, I'm doing an experiment, in realisation of which i need to move a steel plate up and down. Please consider the...
Jan24-09 02:55 AM
3 1,234
Hello experts, I have a application where the milk will be stored in the Milk can for testing. I want to...
Apr18-12 05:51 AM
0 993
We are having the tires with internal dia of 12inches and disc of 190mm Can someone suggest me the caliper we can...
Jun25-14 01:24 AM
1 861
Hi Shaft A has variable RPM, getting input from some rotating element (say X), ranging from 0 to 2000. The RPM of...
Nov5-11 07:05 AM
9 1,822
Hi I am looking for a way to mechanically limit the RPM of rotating shaft. By limiting the torque can we limit the...
Nov7-11 02:27 AM
0 1,195
Need to heat a cylinder (hollow one) till 200 C....dimensions of cylinder are OD = 5.9" ; ID = 2.54"; Height =...
Jan12-10 04:44 PM
0 599
just some dilemma I ran into I have an experimental setup with a pressure transducer output connections...
Jan12-10 04:28 PM
2 1,479
Hi, I'm trying to figure out a method for calculating the force required to displace (axially by 5mm) an elastic...
Feb23-13 11:27 AM
6 1,095

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