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Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
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Gear heads unite to discuss Vehicle Dynamics, Safety Engineering, Performance, NVH, Ergonomics, Durability...
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Mechanical Engineering

- Development of machines. Mechatronics, Robotics, Engines, Drafting
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Hi everyone, Maybe this resource is new for someone. It's a collection of videos made in the 60's by the very best...
Mar6-13 10:50 AM
61 78,895
Dear all, I checked job numbers on indeed Canada, and when using Pro/ENGINEER and solidworks as search words, I got...
Dec17-13 11:25 AM
21 22,082
I am tasked to design an orifice plate to be inserted into a water tunnel in an experiment. I am having some problem...
Sep10-10 07:58 AM
1 2,324
How will the angle of the sharp edged orifice affect the flow pattern. Most of the angle is encourage to keep at 30 or...
Sep22-10 07:44 AM
3 1,933
I need to design this experimental rig and I am uncertain how to obtain the flow velocity through the orifice and the...
Oct26-10 10:13 AM
0 1,726
I need to study the relationship between fluid velocity and time. The fluid is kept in a big open tank before passing...
Dec26-10 10:41 PM
0 660
I have an idea I would like to analyze but I'm practically ignorant of physics and engineering so I'm hoping you folks...
Jul27-09 11:25 AM
Bob S
18 9,990
Hello I am a first year Mechatronics major (yes its a real major), and currently looking into the effects that...
Apr3-12 03:54 PM
6 1,005
In my reinforced concrete text book, we only have formulas and procedures for rectangular, or webbed and flanged...
Oct12-10 05:21 AM
1 1,549
Hello all, i need to find residual stress due to welding, and perform thermal-structral analysis in Ansys. My...
Nov12-11 12:50 PM
0 1,176
Hi gurus, I was hoping you guys can help me with a little something: I have just purchased a 12V DC motor with a...
Jul8-09 05:50 PM
4 5,878
Hi guys, I bought a high-torque DC motor, that says at the back: 6,000 ( I am intending to use this motor...
Jul18-09 11:16 AM
9 7,856
Hi I a building an exhibit for a science museum and hoped I could get some help with the math that is puzzling us. ...
Jun27-11 03:40 PM
9 5,050
I hope this post finds everyone well! I am currently trying to build up a system capable of providing pulsatile...
Sep4-12 11:16 AM
0 500
I am doing a project and was researching some information and found this site and read some information as to what I...
Jan21-07 04:07 AM
13 3,789
I have to design the filter housing using the data provided below. Can anybody help me ,how to calculate the shell...
Aug7-11 03:43 AM
0 1,175
I am new to Ansys and I wish to model 3 very thin layers of different materials bonded to each other. Can someone...
Feb28-11 05:07 PM
3 2,154
Hello All, I am facing some problem while defining contact between shell elements. My problem is as below. 1....
Jun17-11 11:23 AM
0 1,183
Technology Robotix Society invites all robot enthusiasts to ROBOTIX 2011. Robotix is Asia's largest college level...
Oct20-10 08:22 AM
0 992
I want to turn an axle or a wheel using multiple motors. With a single motor, sometimes the power is not enough. Is...
Mar18-14 07:00 PM
5 272
I have to design a gear box. The gears and the springs are already designed. It is based on 4 gears, made up of two...
Dec1-10 02:05 PM
0 778
Let me begin by saying a I did not complete ME degree so please take it easy on me. With that said, here is my...
May1-09 09:54 AM
Ranger Mike
6 14,855
Is there any specific theory that states how we can remove noise from audio out put. I am a developer. I know no...
May31-11 07:59 AM
7 2,176
does anybody know of bearing steel that can absorb shocks , and could you help me with its composition and its...
Jul23-09 03:18 AM
8 1,164
Hallo. I have a problem i want to know why my Invertor is burn. the Object speed 0.5 m/s in 3 seconds then...
Mar18-10 03:28 AM
0 911
This is not a homework question.. just share your thoughts please....
Nov16-11 10:40 AM
4 1,314
Is there any circular engine (or any engine in general) which exhibits almost full time combustion? Leave alone...
Jul29-09 07:37 AM
16 2,204
Why is it that a full range speaker is not able to deliver all frequencies at once with perfection as compared to the...
Aug31-09 08:26 AM
5 1,487
I have this spring sorta thing it looks like this - ...
Dec10-09 08:41 AM
10 1,898
Not necessarily a spring, I was looking forwards towards an arrangement so as to provide constant force regardless of...
Dec14-09 09:42 PM
5 1,314
Imagine a fuel tank that can store fuel at pressure (it can store at pretty high pressure also) without having any...
Dec17-09 09:05 AM
34 4,395
Imagine a ring; the image below shows the top cross section of the ring - ...
Feb1-10 07:57 AM
dr dodge
16 3,183
What's the general temperature of reciprocating compressors which are applied in Refrigerators and ACs? It will be...
Feb2-10 12:22 PM
2 2,101
Hi, I'm trying to calculate the max (von Mises) stress in a 90o pipe bend. Now I know (I think) how to do it for a...
Apr14-10 08:47 AM
8 6,904
Hello. I need to minimize all types of manageable losses (mechanical and thermodynamic) in a reciprocating...
Apr1-09 06:34 PM
Bob S
2 1,169
Let's talk about the future of compressors and compressed air technology. Of course, the first compressor appeared a...
Apr8-09 09:48 AM
6 2,338
Hi all, new to the thread due to a lab report being in tomorrow! Basically if anyone could shed some light on how...
Dec12-11 09:59 AM
0 1,073
Hi, I have an assignment under which I have to use Intellisuite and Comsol Multiphysics separately to simulate the...
Mar24-11 06:01 AM
0 1,963
i need help designing a orbital shaking platform with a pitch of 20 mm, shaking at speed of upto 300RPM (extended...
Mar5-08 12:43 AM
0 845
I've recently decided to really try and learn a computer language for the first time. I've had a standard computer...
Mar21-10 10:24 PM
1 736
I want to know the possibility for reducing pressure of reject Brine fluid below the inlet pressure of raw feeding...
Jan27-13 01:08 AM
3 726
Has anyone experienced with SST-9000 siemens steam turbine here? I am much astonished to see the steam parameter and...
Jan31-13 09:40 PM
jim hardy
9 1,203

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