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Mechanical Engineering

- Development of machines. Mechatronics, Robotics, Engines, Drafting
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Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
Y 12:13 PM collinsmark 
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Gear heads unite to discuss Vehicle Dynamics, Safety Engineering, Performance, NVH, Ergonomics, Durability...
T 12:37 PM Simon Bridge 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hi everyone, Maybe this resource is new for someone. It's a collection of videos made in the 60's by the very best...
Mar6-13 10:50 AM
61 97,230
Dear all, I checked job numbers on indeed Canada, and when using Pro/ENGINEER and solidworks as search words, I got...
Aug4-14 01:56 PM
26 33,854
Hello, I am looking for calculating vibration, can anyone help me with formula David
Feb20-08 09:17 PM
7 15,720
Hello! I have to calculate some pieces (brown "plugs" and green ring) which hold two plates of 2 mm each. They are...
Feb5-09 05:53 AM
6 1,041
Hi there! I run into a situation where I can't go on. It's about a thermal analysis, I already made a simulation...
Nov13-12 05:21 PM
1 629
Hi , I am currently using quaternions in my dynamics simulation library for the orientation of rigid bodies . ...
Mar14-07 07:40 AM
0 1,764
Supposedly taking off horizontally costs less and is more energy efficient than vertical takeoff. Aside from the...
May6-08 01:19 PM
4 3,750
Hello, I need help with this problem, Find radiosity B as a function of coordinates (x,y) over a V-shape or...
Jul24-06 11:15 AM
0 1,384
Im trying to model the decelleration of a vehicle from its aerodynamic drag force alone (with and without a parachute...
Mar4-09 08:33 AM
0 1,983
Hey there, I need to design an axial piston pump, can anyone reccommend a good textbook or resource which covers...
Apr23-09 10:25 AM
0 1,472
Hi, I need to find the dimensions for O ring grooves for different size o rings, for static, dynamic and face...
Apr29-09 09:59 AM
jaap de vries
3 6,230
Hi, Im designing an axial piston pump in solidworks, prior to analysis. Basically im having difficulty in...
Apr30-09 05:36 PM
5 3,154
Right, im in the process of designing an axial piston pump. I have obtained the following formula from a text book...
May10-09 09:34 PM
1 2,678
I need a "SOLAR TAURUS 60" gas turbine operating and maintenance manual. Does any body know who could sell me it or...
May31-10 02:52 AM
6 4,108
why do plains, shuttles, & man made things that fly have 3 wings? My parents told me it was so the craft doesnt go...
Jan29-08 08:32 AM
24 11,920
I am currently in first year engineering. I am doing a project on electronic fuel injection. The project requires as...
Feb11-05 10:45 AM
5 1,939
Since the Tsunami, changed the speed of our orbit, and set us off a bit on the planetary tilt; will every compass, and...
Jan23-05 01:18 PM
Dayle Record
5 1,352
Hi I have a cable that is fixed at 2 points, and I would like to model the curve that it bends as the two points move...
Nov7-12 01:16 AM
Simon Bridge
4 909
How do i calculate pressure? P1 = 3atm ............. P2 = ? V1 = 4 m3...............V2 = 2 m3(half original) T1 =...
Oct29-11 08:26 AM
8 2,353
I was wondering if there was anyone on here who could explain more about this company's technology....
Dec30-07 05:45 PM
0 2,079
Hello, I am an electrical engineering graduate student building an antenna which will be mounted under the fuselage...
Jul25-14 09:50 AM
2 1,519
I'm tinkering with a simple heat engine and I want to experimentally measure its work output. The engine pushes a...
Mar12-10 12:32 PM
8 2,430
Doing a 7 th grade science project. Can a car run on compressed air? Ran a kids toy car using an 11 gal. air tank and...
May13-05 06:07 PM
1 3,710
Hi,can u please tell me the difference between the Stress tensor & the Stress matrix...
Dec6-10 03:33 PM
3 1,503
Hi..can u please tell me the meaning of Idling of an engine...?
Apr15-11 02:36 AM
1 908
hi can anybody plz suggest me the good textbooks or references to study the Finite Element Analysis for undergraduate...
May13-11 08:30 AM
3 1,053
HiI'm doing my BE in Mechanical Engineering in 6th sem..I want to go for M.Tech in Automobile Engineering.So can you...
Jun26-11 08:16 AM
0 671
I am trying to calculate the deflection angle on a bar which passes through a 41:15 gearbox. After the gearbox the...
Apr9-13 03:24 AM
0 520
This construction practice made me curious. As soon as I lifted the 3/16 inch thick by 2 inch wide steel bars (now...
Oct1-13 10:40 AM
2 1,367
I'm working on a project that involves putting electronics equipment into a solid metal (aluminum) case. The cases...
Jul11-07 11:28 AM
16 2,925
I have a washdown spec for a unit we are designing. We need to be able to withstand a maximum of 85 gpm through a...
Apr8-11 11:01 AM
3 818
BLUF: Is it possible to mimic a solar loading environment solely in a temperature chamber and, if so, how? We have...
Apr21-11 05:03 PM
1 2,323
i've heard from people: the real world is nothing like university, engineers don't really use much except for formulas...
Oct27-11 02:23 PM
6 1,726
Hello everyone, I am new to this thread and had a couple of questions regarding the use of ANSYS in dentistry....
Mar30-11 01:00 PM
2 1,665
if we consider fluid flow, then bernoulis equation says that pressure must reduce when velocity is high.What is the...
Sep15-10 09:54 AM
2 714
In all the Abaqus manuals I have read, it only tells me what the pre-tension option DOES, or a little bit about how it...
Feb14-11 10:05 AM
0 1,902
I just submitted my final year thesis yesterday, but I was working on it right up to the submission time because there...
Mar22-11 03:58 PM
7 1,184
Hey everyone, As part of my PhD project I'm trying to design a small bioreactor in which I will be growing animal...
Aug1-13 03:29 PM
5 861
Hi all, Description of Problem: I need to buy a motor to drive a custom-made spindle that I have made but I'm not...
Oct8-13 05:54 AM
5 1,908
I have an idea where a car can be lifted up using magnets and sent forward using wind, but I'm not a licensed...
Dec1-11 11:56 AM
32 2,542
Hi! Im a student in chemical engineering and I would like some recommendation for a fluid mechanics book, I've been...
Jul5-11 02:57 AM
2 1,202
Hello, I have a little problem linking the CGNS libraries. I tried linking the CGNS libraries with the...
Sep8-09 08:17 AM
1 1,153

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