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Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
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Gear heads unite to discuss Vehicle Dynamics, Safety Engineering, Performance, NVH, Ergonomics, Durability...
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Mechanical Engineering

- Development of machines. Mechatronics, Robotics, Engines, Drafting
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Hi everyone, Maybe this resource is new for someone. It's a collection of videos made in the 60's by the very best...
Mar6-13 10:50 AM
61 78,838
Dear all, I checked job numbers on indeed Canada, and when using Pro/ENGINEER and solidworks as search words, I got...
Dec17-13 11:25 AM
21 22,008
I am a highschool senior and plan to attend a FL college majoring in aerospace engineering. My ultimate dream is to...
May6-07 02:15 PM
6 9,942
I'm working on a fluid flow problem that doesn't seem very complex but the solution is eluding me at the moment. ...
Feb12-08 02:40 PM
6 11,753
to be honest i dont know if this is the right place to be but i got a question, if i have a belt drive consisting of...
Feb15-07 09:55 AM
6 2,734
First let me say hello and give an introduction. I have limited academic experiecnce in Physics recieving a C-grade...
Feb16-07 05:28 PM
6 2,188
Does anyone know how to calculate how much downwards force a helicopter would exert on the roof of a house if it...
Aug28-07 06:14 AM
6 6,092
Hi, Please guide me in calculating the shear stress value for a Annular plate with constant thickness.. My...
Apr6-07 08:21 AM
6 16,979
Am having some trouble with a project at the moment and wondered if anyone could help. Essentailly the project was...
Apr16-07 05:24 PM
Aero Stud
6 1,321
Hello, There's this basic problem in thermodynamics that I'm stuck on. The question is Fluid 'A' is water and...
Apr21-07 02:37 PM
6 1,307
Currently on a forum about water guns there is a debate going on about what determines a water gun's performance...
Apr26-07 07:19 PM
6 6,233
Hi, i m elect. engg and i wanna help frm mech ppl here, Why the turbine has stages like hp, ip and lp? Why not a...
May4-07 06:35 AM
6 5,711
So, I have searched the globe to find the derivation of the conservation of energy equation in 3D cylindrical...
Oct18-07 05:22 PM
6 23,383
Hey surely you guys have heard of the x-zylo toy? Its a toy that has been known to fly 200+ yards. If you dont...
Apr29-07 02:37 PM
6 6,836
A few weeks ago I discovered this, it's a design for bearings that don't use ball bearings, or liquids, gases or...
May8-07 02:15 PM
6 1,619
Just a question. The internet is mixed with this. But in a Stress Strain Graph; after the YIELD POINT, does the...
May14-07 09:41 AM
6 18,298
Hi everybody ! I have used FLUENT to do the following simulation ( it's 1.5 cm, not 1,5) ...
Jun30-07 05:49 AM
6 2,467
Hi people, I am trying to find the smallest possible rotary actuators (I think the electrical ones are the smallest...
Jun4-07 09:16 AM
Aero Stud
6 2,728
Hello people :smile: Again I need some help...:shy: I'm looking for a type of cloth that can be used to seal a gas...
Jun9-07 11:10 AM
Aero Stud
6 2,514
I'm trying to find an article or something similar online that has a diagram of a piston and explains the different...
Jun12-07 02:14 PM
6 4,156
Is there enough power coming from solar wind to some how collect and store as energy.
Jun15-07 12:44 AM
6 1,580
Hello I am quite a physics noob and the following is something I wouldn't bet on but is more of physcis concept...
Jun21-07 01:14 PM
6 2,319
Hi everyboy ! I'm now very disappointed, it's beause I have googled the materials of "stability and control...
Jul3-07 11:55 AM
6 1,819
sup y'all :yuck: i'm a newbie. im a graduate from South Africa and dooing my intenship with a mining company in...
Jul22-07 04:14 PM
6 2,454
I'm stuck with this problem, can any one help me please? Two large tanks are connected by a cast iron pipe 50mm in...
Jul27-07 10:30 AM
6 4,944
could someone let me know the problems being faced while using disc brakes in any sort of vehicles?
Aug14-07 02:40 PM
6 2,302
I am developing a new transportation system using Industrial Design methology and need to know aerodynamic smoth...
Aug11-07 09:38 AM
Joe Maxwell
6 2,098
hi, i've been searching around the site and found it pretty useful but i'm having a pretty tough time with a few...
Aug24-07 02:29 PM
6 3,069
I have a simple question, can any one please help. It goes something like this: if wind is blowing at a velocity of...
Sep21-07 04:10 PM
6 7,753
I am currently very confused about how an altimeter works. I understand that stagnation pressure is the pressure of...
Nov27-07 09:23 AM
6 12,282
Hi, Please explain me about the Secondary Cooling Unit (SCU)-Aerospace? Please explain its functionality?
Jan7-08 07:48 AM
6 1,762
How big would a vacuum-filled chamber need to be (built with currently existing materials) in order for it to displace...
Jan19-08 10:34 AM
6 1,606
I am interested in this Hobby. I have seen several experiments and it looks pretty easy to do. I am wondering what...
Jan28-08 05:59 PM
6 2,046
I have a room 6x6x3 m I want to maintain the Difference pressure between the room and outside area 30Pa. How can i...
Feb20-08 05:13 PM
6 5,676
Hello, I need some help with setup/equipment used for a study to determine the natural frequencies on some small,...
Mar1-08 06:10 AM
6 4,996
I have calculated the compressor and turbine with the 1-D control volume method, what I need to do next is to simulate...
Mar6-08 12:31 PM
6 1,977
I want to move 30lbs vertically on a platform. To do this I will have a rotating threaded rod driven by a motor. How...
Mar9-08 05:03 AM
6 3,206
I am unsure of where to begin to solve for my problem since I have no experience with rotating equipment. I have a...
Mar19-08 08:21 PM
6 2,429
If i am trying to burn a fuel in air am i right in saying if i have a higher temerature compared to a lower...
Apr20-08 10:47 PM
6 1,430
Hi guys does anybody know concepts behind the Fixed pitch Radio heli principle Thnx a lot in advance
Apr20-08 02:21 PM
6 1,520
when talking about strain gauges, what does 'drift' refer to exactly?
Apr21-08 09:55 PM
6 4,402
Hi all, My team is developing a Ticket vending machine. in this machine the tickets are rolled on rollers and are...
May3-08 04:28 PM
6 2,261

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