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Mechanical Engineering

- Development of machines. Mechatronics, Robotics, Engines, Drafting
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Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
T 01:22 AM Simon Bridge 
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Gear heads unite to discuss Vehicle Dynamics, Safety Engineering, Performance, NVH, Ergonomics, Durability...
Y 09:15 PM edward 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hi everyone, Maybe this resource is new for someone. It's a collection of videos made in the 60's by the very best...
Mar6-13 10:50 AM
61 90,520
Dear all, I checked job numbers on indeed Canada, and when using Pro/ENGINEER and solidworks as search words, I got...
Jun12-14 09:51 AM
23 29,820
One large pipe is splitted into 2 smaller pipes. Can we use Bernoulli's equation and say that the total head at a...
Oct14-06 01:31 PM
4 10,564
esign a cantilever beam of minimum weight (volume) consisting of three steps that meets condition of strength. Given...
Sep3-13 07:31 PM
0 566
I feel really stupid for asking this.. but how does this sensor work? I'm not really good at electronics. What I...
Feb19-12 10:47 AM
1 903
Hello, I'm Mike from over on the EE board, and I'm looking for good advice regarding welding aluminum foil. I had a...
Feb4-10 09:55 AM
10 7,505
hi all, does anybody how a torque wrench works? any illustrations with pictures would be appreaciated.. thanks ...
Mar14-05 02:00 AM
2 1,939
I saw a video from the 30's with some very nice looking involute helical gears in a differential assembly. I can't...
Dec16-12 02:43 AM
3 944
I want to play with gears - make my own and such. (They'd be custom, so it's not like I could put in an order for them...
Jan14-09 01:20 PM
22 3,842
Crash? Just the force from the deceleration not actually being crushed. Thanks
Apr15-14 07:29 PM
1 274
Hello! I am working on some calculations for an off-road vehicle on which we are working, and I cannot figure out...
Oct11-12 06:43 AM
2 906
I know the lift force equation is .5*rho*V^2*Area*Coefficient. But I was wondering in the real world how would you...
Nov22-11 11:22 AM
20 12,328
Hey, could anyone explain how you would preform a sinusoidal test on large vehicle (weight>40 tons). I have a graph...
Dec30-11 08:38 AM
3 929
Hello: My one is Darrieus wind turbine with 2 blades. Diamerter is about 1 meter and also know the average speed is...
Aug19-09 11:53 AM
9 16,127
I would like to findout what speed and HP I could get from a kind of water wheel. The unit will have a gear on top...
Sep28-12 11:09 AM
8 1,197
I'm trying to find out the HP percentage gains per degree of colder air. I'm thinking of implementing an intercooler...
Apr17-11 06:46 AM
39 8,739
Is there anyone here who can help me, can suggest or has an idea as to where I can find a latest thesis paper/Journal...
Jan18-13 01:26 PM
1 782
selfadjoint Human Flight ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Stupid question: can people fly? Evidently, one doesn't see people flying around the streets, but is it possible? Has...
Nov22-11 12:49 PM
63 18,101
Ok, I am in the beginning stage of design a robot that will follow me. I don't want to use the ridiculously expensive...
Jan17-09 01:57 AM
0 2,718
I make human powered machines for offgrid living and have been getting ready to start on a human powered fridge. The...
Feb21-12 10:11 AM
3 2,564
Hi, as the topic stated, i would like to find out, does the humidity in the air affect the density?? thanks
Aug10-05 11:46 AM
4 1,571
Hi, I would like to find the properties of humid air at different humidities and different temperatures. What sort...
Sep24-10 01:59 AM
3 3,306
Hi, I am trying to design a "dehumidification system" for my home; I use quotes because this not really much of...
Oct19-10 07:57 AM
2 2,832
Dear all I am working in MEP field but no experience so I need your helps how find out an area cfm...
May23-10 09:18 AM
1 9,235
Hiya I need to spec up a ventilation system for a small welding and machine shop. The area will have ten welders,...
May19-12 02:06 AM
3 1,746
am nt sure if am posting in the right section bcoz this is my 1st post.. plz could i get help in understanding how...
Mar16-11 12:51 PM
5 7,331
I would appreciate some advice from "old hand" heat exchanger guys regarding "good design practice" on approach...
May12-13 12:25 AM
4 946
Hi everybody, I'm working on my thesis regarding hybrid combined cycles(HCC),that is combined cycles with...
Sep13-11 04:40 AM
0 428
I just found a manufacturer that makes a hybrid condensing unit that is roughly the same size as a 5-ton air-cooled...
Jun7-12 10:47 AM
2 772
What is the actual gain in efficiency in a hybrid?
Jul22-06 03:27 PM
12 4,730
FYI: Click link above to see pictures and...
Aug10-07 01:02 PM
4 2,708
i am a msc automotive student looking for simulink tutorials related to the hybrid electric powertrains.
Jul1-10 09:17 AM
1 2,279
hi i am doing a project on the Hybrid Powertrain Solutions for Niche Vehicles any suggestion on how to start this...
Jul19-10 08:54 PM
1 1,342
I am looking into developing a hybrid buggy and have a question plaugeing my mind. Can you use an electric motor as a...
Sep28-10 09:57 PM
0 717
I was reading an earlier post about having a wind turbine embedded in a vehicle to generate electricity as it moved. I...
Aug30-11 11:42 AM
8 2,836
Would like to know how to calculate which hydraulic motor to turn a 2-1/2 dia shaft at a length of 30",with 15 mounted...
Sep1-10 03:04 PM
2 672
Hello, I have an aplication that I need some adivice on. I am building a 80' wind turbine and tower that I plan to...
Feb15-11 09:04 PM
7 2,151
if you have a flow inside a pipe, how to know the direction?
Jun22-11 08:38 AM
6 776
The hydraulic analogue (check it out on wikipedia for an indepth explanation) compares between electric circuits and...
Apr4-07 04:23 PM
0 1,926
I need to know how much stress a manual hydraulic car jack has while holding a 4000 lb load?
Feb20-09 11:30 AM
5 2,667
hi everyone, i am a new entrant to this forum. can anyone help me to solve this issue. i have a hydralic...
Aug18-10 07:53 PM
3 1,796
Hi, I posed some questions regarding the use of hydraulics before in this forum, and this time I would like to know...
Jun19-14 01:12 AM
17 5,159

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