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Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
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Gear heads unite to discuss Vehicle Dynamics, Safety Engineering, Performance, NVH, Ergonomics, Durability...
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Mechanical Engineering

- Development of machines. Mechatronics, Robotics, Engines, Drafting
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Hi everyone, Maybe this resource is new for someone. It's a collection of videos made in the 60's by the very best...
Mar6-13 10:50 AM
61 79,082
Dear all, I checked job numbers on indeed Canada, and when using Pro/ENGINEER and solidworks as search words, I got...
Dec17-13 11:25 AM
21 22,266
I'm unable to find a hydraulic seal with a maximum operating pressure any greater than 11,000 psi, and that was a...
Nov30-04 05:33 PM
5 1,785
Hi, im doing a project in college and i need to get a hydraulic system designed and priced. I have a good...
Feb10-11 07:50 PM
1 923
I have a few questions and was hoping you would have a few answers. What's the purpose of pilot ratio in...
Jun29-12 07:25 PM
2 955
I need to get an idea of what kind of forces one can get with real world hydraulic systems. I need to be able to...
Apr18-11 11:18 AM
9 2,114
I have a small machine shop. I need to build a 600 ton press. I have a 300 ton press now. Can I simply add a 300...
Feb1-11 10:04 AM
10 3,319
Total pressure is a sum of the static pressure and the dynamic one, and is said to be the same along a pipe/duct. ...
Nov14-11 01:00 PM
9 1,356
Hi I am having difficulty explaining to my mechanical engineering supervisors the following: When a pumped...
Oct29-13 08:49 PM
1 706
Where can I find information on hydraulic parts/pumps in order to design my own landing assemblies? I'd like to see...
Mar26-05 06:55 PM
3 1,279
Is there some reason for Hazen-Williams friction model to failure in a hydraulic circuit?. I have simulated an...
May18-05 09:29 AM
2 2,364
Hi. I'm trying to determine the flow rates of water in a pipe network. At a junction in a pipe, for example a simple y...
May30-05 08:44 AM
1 1,395
I have taken the front end of a fork lift and using it in my new house as an elevator. Im using a 5 hp 220v moter to...
Oct25-10 06:28 PM
3 807
For my university final year project I'm going to be working with a spin out company who are developing a new type of...
Jun24-09 07:21 AM
bill nye scienceguy!
3 1,587
:rofl: Hi I did this simple calculation as a mature student in 1965 & now I need to prove my statement. 'In most...
Feb24-07 08:20 AM
20 3,268
Hi Everyone. I'm new here and glad to find a community with ideas and creativity. I have a stream behind my house...
Jul3-11 04:45 PM
2 691
having a problem here: If a hydro turbine is rated 1 MW @ q=5m3/s with 25 m total head does that mean that the...
Jan14-12 03:12 PM
20 2,852
Does the direction of swirl, clockwise or anticlockwise determine whether the bulk fluid e.g. water to leave the...
Sep2-10 09:50 PM
0 849
Is there a way to relate the viscosity of a liquid to the fatigue wear of a bearing. The bearings are lubricated with...
Oct4-04 08:15 AM
1 2,504
Can anybody tell me how do we come up with the expressions for laminar and turbulent flow for hydrodynamic entrance...
Oct1-11 06:03 AM
0 2,561
If I want to model a cylinder in a fluid flow, I have to use a doublet and a uniform stream, but I have heard that...
Jul29-09 11:14 AM
0 1,253
Hi,I am not sure whether my solution is correct. I am not an expert in this area either. Could anyone here help me to...
Mar18-09 05:43 AM
0 851
I need to come up with an economic report on what kind of power a hydroelectric turbine can generate. The turbine...
Feb22-10 12:10 PM
0 3,289
I downloaded a hydrofoil simulation calculator and wanted to verify the results I am getting. Can someone tell me if...
Nov10-04 03:22 PM
0 1,223
why cannot hydrogen and oxygen not used in internal combution engine as fuel? it would be pollution free.
Nov16-12 05:42 AM
3 844
For a Science Expo project I will be converting a small engine to run off hydrogen. I have in mind a cheap four stroke...
Apr18-11 10:22 AM
0 1,027
For an upcomming science expo my friend and I are attempting to modify a small engine (such as found in a brush...
Apr5-11 08:36 AM
6 1,564
hey guys ive been thinking of starting a new project so i was looking for a forum that i might be able to get some...
Feb11-11 06:39 AM
1 676
Hi, I'm currently trying to work out the forces involved in raising a traffic barrier. It works using hydrolics. ...
Mar4-09 12:25 PM
2 1,864
Attached is the problem i am trying to get to grips with along with my current line of understanding, The column...
Apr7-10 07:09 PM
2 825
i have this example of a hydrostatic force on a plane surface. what i dont understand is how the width of the...
Apr27-12 08:00 AM
2 1,164
Dear guys, I got a common doubt regarding the pressure at the bottom of a open tank filled with water. 1) Assume...
Apr13-10 07:02 AM
6 8,085
For the hydrostatic pressure, when do we use and where: ρ = density g = acc of gravity h = height of water...
Oct20-13 12:42 AM
1 447
I am working on a hydraulic system for a vehicle of nominal weight. Of course, the hp required to keep it at...
May27-12 07:31 PM
2 1,093
Please help - I am trying to figure out the stress in a hyperbolic disk rotating at some RPM. The best equations I...
Oct4-10 11:20 PM
0 3,000
Ok i send this topic only for information about that topic. If some one have information and plan about that just post...
Sep7-07 08:16 AM
3 2,685
Those in Aerospace Engineering might find this report useful in terms of walking through some of the design aspects of...
May22-07 09:45 AM
Francis M
1 6,261
This is a hypothetical question that I am curious about.. Suppose we are trying to design a projectile that is...
Apr28-09 08:16 AM
6 6,358
can anyone tell me if the calculation of bevel gears angle is the same as hypoid gears! if not does anyone know how...
Mar20-09 08:37 AM
3 1,100
HI a new guy at this forum....i wanna tell u that am worried about joining the department of...
Aug6-07 10:49 PM
4 1,753
i am a new user of ansys 12 and i dont know if this program is excellent or not but i think it will take me a long...
Dec5-10 09:32 AM
2 792
now,i am a postgraduate in NEU china,major in Mechanical Engineering,but i don't know what should i work at? hope...
Oct14-10 10:52 PM
3 811

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