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Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
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Gear heads unite to discuss Vehicle Dynamics, Safety Engineering, Performance, NVH, Ergonomics, Durability...
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Mechanical Engineering

- Development of machines. Mechatronics, Robotics, Engines, Drafting
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Hi everyone, Maybe this resource is new for someone. It's a collection of videos made in the 60's by the very best...
Mar6-13 10:50 AM
61 78,870
Dear all, I checked job numbers on indeed Canada, and when using Pro/ENGINEER and solidworks as search words, I got...
Dec17-13 11:25 AM
21 22,053
So I've been handed an assignment, to design the mechanism and structure to oscillate a sanding table left and right....
Oct25-10 05:02 AM
1 1,399
Got a simple question: Let's say you have a wire rope that is being tensioned by one hydraulic cylinder. And you...
Nov29-12 12:29 PM
0 524
Some satelites is just hanging there in a geostationary position, like TV satelites, communication satelites etc. ...
Jun2-07 10:48 PM
5 1,446
A substance is contained within a simple piston-cylinder arrangement, perfectly insulated from the external...
Sep23-08 11:40 AM
6 8,837
hello, i am looking for a book that has a brief intro on vertical axis wind turbine and specially on savonius...
Jan21-14 12:11 AM
4 266
I am doing a project to build a scaled wave tank. "This project involves the design, construction and testing of a...
Oct8-09 09:19 AM
0 1,481
Hi, i have some fully defined material properties at room temperature (6x6 stiffness matrix input for ANSYS). And i...
Apr9-14 03:09 PM
0 107
Let's say I have a precisely designed axial compressor, comprising of stages of rotor and stator wheels, that...
Oct19-12 05:02 PM
12 1,857
Hi all! I always come across "scaling" in various subjects. Like in Fluid mechanics, I am confused about why there...
Aug3-06 06:27 PM
2 5,825
Hey guys, Just trying to non-dimensionalise the navier stokes equation. We were taught how to do it when you scale...
Aug16-09 01:02 PM
John Creighto
4 7,579
Thermodynamic -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A)Draw a...
May31-05 05:20 PM
0 909
hi everyone great site you guys have a newbie so do excuse my stupid questions :P Anyway...I am taking...
Sep22-07 05:50 PM
jaap de vries
1 2,155
Need some guidance on an assignment I am lost on! How do I show that each of these is an instance of a...
Feb11-12 11:28 AM
0 1,052
With the increase of devastating accidents involving buses with head on collisions, I feel they need to be designed...
Mar30-11 02:54 AM
10 1,274
Ok so im doing an ambitious sciencefair that i could use so help getting my bearings on... this is the abstract i...
Oct15-07 04:25 PM
10 1,887
can anyone tell me the scientific reasons why airfoils are used to straighten airflow (e.g. turbulent flow from a fan...
Nov28-04 03:30 AM
4 1,474
Jan3-05 09:42 PM
Kenneth Mann
38 4,323
What is the purpose of teeth in such jack ? Isn't the screw enough to provide the lift ? What will happen if these...
Dec20-08 06:44 PM
6 6,322
Hi. I am currently working on a scissor lift design. I'm having some trouble deriving the equations for the...
Jun6-13 11:32 PM
Simon Bridge
10 1,033
Hello, I am building a scissor lift for a design project. I located a formula for calculating the amount of force...
Mar14-11 08:23 AM
2 9,665
Hi guys, I have a scissor linkage and I should calculate the force F for keeping the system in equilibrium in a...
Jul28-11 06:16 AM
3 2,236
Hi all, I have this mechanism and I have to calcutate the spring applied by the spring to stand the force F. I...
Nov17-12 05:31 AM
23 7,843
Would a Rigid Dirigible or Rigid Blimp setup with Scrams Jets be sufficient to reach space?
May16-06 04:22 PM
ray b
14 2,273
Aug27-10 02:28 PM
0 2,113
The basic principle of a scramjet is to mix fuel with compressed air going supersonic speeds with relatively few or no...
Mar25-06 07:50 AM
10 2,474
I am designing a mating male and female threaded interface, where the nut is much weaker than the male thread. I need...
Dec10-12 11:48 PM
5 2,489
hello all, i want to increase the pressure of a screw compressor from 5 bar to 7 bar, actually the compressor was...
Nov7-11 12:34 PM
0 681
I need to screw cut on a lathe a 2" NPT female thread, I will also need to grind up a cutting tool, what sizes do I...
Apr26-11 02:13 PM
Stephen Higle
0 1,291
Hello, I am going to build a CNC machine and for that I need a lead screw. My stepper motor has 48 steps in one...
Jun13-11 11:48 AM
4 1,451
Hi i would like to ask you if you know how to calculate screw momentum for horizontal movement system. We are building...
Oct20-11 08:12 AM
0 737
Sirs, I need to make a pump to draw molten aluminum from one container to another container. The first container...
Nov1-09 08:58 PM
2 862
Does anyone know where i can get the calculations for sizing an inverted screw pump. Inverted being that there is no...
Oct19-12 11:44 AM
4 985
Hallo, everybody, I am searching for a code in Fortran, Mathematica or Scilab, which presents the fluid flow...
Mar7-10 12:22 PM
0 812
Hi everyone I am trying to learn how do I correctly draw, with a ruler (where are milimeters visible as much as...
Aug28-07 03:19 PM
15 5,877
How are those tiny screws and gears manufactured, do they have some kind of crucible prepared and pour molten metal in...
Aug9-05 07:38 PM
6 2,028
How to create a script geometry. Is it possible? some type? I need to create a script to pipe conveyor. After...
Mar10-14 02:31 PM
0 138
A few weeks ago I discovered this, it's a design for bearings that don't use ball bearings, or liquids, gases or...
May8-07 02:15 PM
6 1,621
A friend of mine works at one of the local airports. Recently he spotted a seaplane with pontoons and front prop. ...
Jun22-08 10:02 PM
25 13,244
Im looking for thermodynamic properties of seawater, especially specific heat and enthalpy. Im designing a solar...
Apr1-11 04:45 PM
5 2,835
This sounds a bit ominous: "A Sea-Launch Zenit-33l vehicle carrying the NSS-8...
Feb1-07 02:09 PM
13 1,850

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