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Mechanical Engineering

- Development of machines. Mechatronics, Robotics, Engines, Drafting
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Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
T 12:41 PM Chi-Badger 
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Gear heads unite to discuss Vehicle Dynamics, Safety Engineering, Performance, NVH, Ergonomics, Durability...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hi everyone, Maybe this resource is new for someone. It's a collection of videos made in the 60's by the very best...
Mar6-13 10:50 AM
61 97,862
Dear all, I checked job numbers on indeed Canada, and when using Pro/ENGINEER and solidworks as search words, I got...
Aug4-14 01:56 PM
26 34,446
I have 10 weeks to complete a project on a Honda 5.5HP 4-stroke engine. The engine is for a kart. It is normally...
Feb19-08 01:20 PM
8 5,451
Hi there. I've been scouring google for a valve that will release a fluid (preferably a liquid) once 5psi has been...
Apr19-12 12:22 PM
6 2,036
Hi, I have an 6 DOF hobby arm robot (wrist=3DOF). I want to program it with quaternions. Because this has more...
Jun17-09 06:39 AM
0 1,826
Howdy, If I have the following configuration of nodes: 2---4--6 | \ | /| | \ | / | | \| / | | \/ ...
Apr19-13 11:27 AM
10 830
Can someone explain me how to put the inertial forces (tangential and centrifugal) on 6 DOF robot arm like this one...
May7-09 12:42 PM
0 7,057
Please help me... I need to make a solar boat for a project. the problem is this that i have two options of buying...
Jan3-10 12:38 PM
5 4,265
So I am trying to calculate the system responsee if a car is driving 30mph over an uneven road with a bumpb of height...
Dec22-09 09:08 AM
2 2,709
Hello, I need to transmit motion at a 90 angle, I was considering worm gears or bevelled gears, but then I thought...
Oct31-12 01:11 AM
2 793
Hey people, I urgently need a chart of theoretical stress-concentration factors for the following general case: a...
Apr15-07 09:45 AM
Aero Stud
2 3,190
in an undergrad introductory dynamics class, my professor used tensors, and assumed things went to zero to derive...
Dec28-12 10:44 AM
2 766
Hey guys, I got an idea in my head to have a bit of fun with a project idea. I want to make one of those claw games...
Dec7-11 02:50 PM
1 918
if there is a torque on a channel section twisting it axially what stresses do u expect to be on a side face..??
Jun3-10 07:31 PM
1 2,332
The "Burkland 411 Streamliner" holds the world speed record for a piston engine, wheel-driven vehicle. It has a...
Sep24-11 09:41 AM
22 4,364
Q. The air in a 6m x 5m x 4m hospital room is to be completed replaced by conditioned air every 20 min. If the average...
Apr20-05 05:26 PM
3 1,661
I am doing BE in mechanical engineering. I'm looking for a comprehensive book on finite element methods preferably...
Apr14-11 08:48 AM
3 1,394
What happens when a powerful Permanent NIB Rod Magnet with two poles is spun very rapidly on a 3 directional axis...
Jan2-06 02:19 AM
0 1,278
1. Why Gas turbines are placed in open atmosphere while steam turbines under roof in Combined Cycle Power Plant? 2....
Dec5-04 03:05 PM
5 2,355
Question: A cylinder moves steadily at constant speed through an inviscid, incompressible fluid. True or False:...
Mar17-12 04:29 PM
0 790
This is a revisit of a site that we have seen in the past, but there has been some updating and it looks promising. ...
Sep1-12 10:33 AM
5 2,846 I'm trying to draw the side-view and I'm having a bit of trouble. Is what I drew...
Mar18-12 06:12 AM
3 841
hello, im trying to do a fatigue analysis on a shaft but keep getting that it will never brake, which is...
Aug18-10 11:10 PM
4 1,797
Hello all, i've got a few questions about helicopter rotors. On which parameters does the thrust of an helicopter...
Feb3-07 10:29 AM
3 1,976
OK I have a few stupid questions, some of which I need to confirm answers too. 1. How does a car increase it's...
Dec29-06 01:13 PM
33 4,859
I'm now making a vacuum chamber. The gauge pressure inside the vacuum chamber is about 250 mmHg. There will be some...
Feb19-09 09:10 PM
jaap de vries
4 1,329
Hi all! I open a new thread since I am gonna post another picture, and this would overload the old thread. The...
Sep6-05 06:50 AM
3 1,460
Does anyone know of any gearing assemply like what I am looking for - - - sort of the opposite of a Geneva Mechanism. ...
Aug31-09 09:20 PM
Kenneth Mann
30 2,315
Hi, Just a general question about the ALE approach. In the ALE approach you have both the mesh velocity and the...
Jul22-11 03:27 AM
0 469
To harvest power from an abandoned gas well a binary system is used with nh3 as the prime mover for turbine What...
May7-09 01:35 PM
Lloyd Fowlie
0 612
If use gtalk and are interested in Aerospace Engineering add in your contacts to...
Feb3-07 12:44 PM
0 2,718
Hi, all. Can anyone who use or used explain the difference between examples in Norton's machinery books in chapter on...
May7-14 06:25 AM
4 423
Hi folks.... My aerospace propulsion professor taught me that, in the combustion chamber of a jet engine, during...
Jun13-07 06:45 AM
25 2,923
A large truck is to transport 30,000 Kg of orange pre-cooled to 4oC under average temperature of 27oC. The structure...
Apr11-11 09:24 AM
1 779
Hey everyone, I eventually would like to write a textbook. I've started some work, and have about 100 pages total....
Aug5-05 04:05 PM
1 2,257
Dear Friends ! I would really need Your help. I am currently simulating the temporal development of an interface...
Jan22-10 11:22 AM
3 6,290 When finding the force required to hold the dish in...
May28-07 12:34 AM
1 1,663
Hi all! I am solving for the height of a tank as a function of time. The tank has a constant inflow of a and is...
Feb21-06 01:09 AM
4 2,197
HI all. I wanted to make a toy car (except battery and motor completely mechanical) which should turn and move along...
Jul11-10 08:19 AM
6 2,845
A particular pet idea of mine is that of implementing a nationwide Maglev intercity transportation system. ...
Aug23-09 04:57 PM
Kenneth Mann
7 1,319
I would greatly appreciate any comments/criticisms the physics cognoscenti on this forum might be able to offer on...
Mar13-10 08:18 PM
0 807
Hi everyone this is a fantastic forum ,I have browsed through the threads and found it fantastic to such a...
Feb10-08 04:02 PM
4 1,721

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