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Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
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Gear heads unite to discuss Vehicle Dynamics, Safety Engineering, Performance, NVH, Ergonomics, Durability...
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Mechanical Engineering

- Development of machines. Mechatronics, Robotics, Engines, Drafting
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Hi everyone, Maybe this resource is new for someone. It's a collection of videos made in the 60's by the very best...
Mar6-13 10:50 AM
61 78,897
Dear all, I checked job numbers on indeed Canada, and when using Pro/ENGINEER and solidworks as search words, I got...
Dec17-13 11:25 AM
21 22,091
During internal viva, we were asked what is the particular advantage of using helical gears over spur gears. The guy...
May13-09 10:35 AM
1 2,861
What is the advantage of a big V engine over a V-twin engine? Why not just use extra-large V-twin engines instead of...
Mar30-10 01:40 PM
Ranger Mike
9 5,063
So, does anyone know what are the advantages/disadvantages of biplanes over monoplanes?
Jun18-05 07:09 AM
10 5,003
could someone let me know the problems being faced while using disc brakes in any sort of vehicles?
Aug14-07 02:40 PM
6 2,306
Greetings, I'm a fresh graduate with a bachelors in mechanical engineering and iv been placed in a company that...
Oct3-09 07:03 AM
4 765
OK everyone i need tips/ advice on building a windtunnel. I need Info that can help me avoid problems that i will run...
Oct24-07 06:49 AM
18 13,453
I hope this isn't a dumb question but here goes: I am an incoming graduate student in Physics, but I have recently...
Sep10-11 03:20 AM
3 1,041
hello! I am a 12 grade student living in Pakistan. I am interested in earning a bachelor engineering degree in...
Aug9-07 04:08 AM
0 1,484
i have been into model rocketry for a very long time now, and i think that it is about time i learn how to start...
Mar31-05 09:34 AM
11 1,371
I'm starting college in the fall and am interested in becoming an engineer. I was just wondering if any one could give...
Apr11-10 12:01 PM
0 675
First off hello all, seems a great forum and I look forward to posting up on here! I have an problem that needs...
Apr28-11 02:23 PM
9 2,066
Hello, I am currently working on a project involving coating carbon fibers in a solution. The biggest hurdle I have...
Nov29-11 06:34 PM
0 712
Please, may I ask for a comment on my idea for the Aero Bike? I want to store energy in the frame of the bike, by...
Mar11-11 08:25 PM
3 1,584
Afternoon everyone, I am becoming more interested in aerospace engineering -for a hobby more than anything. I am a...
Sep30-09 03:39 AM
4 1,792
I have search for some time but i can not find a plastic kit of parts for modern aero engines, gas turbine, jet, can...
Dec30-04 12:11 PM
0 1,298
Is there any aero engine in the world without any rotating bodies like compressor-turbine? Other than ram jet or...
Feb20-07 08:20 AM
21 4,465 This is my first post and i've never been here so I'm...
Oct4-11 08:49 AM
5 1,373
Okay, I've been working on designing a custom mold cut for a 410-gauge shotgun slug and need some help with the...
Oct29-07 10:25 AM
jim mcnamara
9 5,216
I need some help from you aerodynamic masters. I am doing a small project for my controls lab course. We get to choose...
Apr23-07 06:35 PM
12 3,479
I am developing a new transportation system using Industrial Design methology and need to know aerodynamic smoth...
Aug11-07 09:38 AM
Joe Maxwell
6 2,098
Hai I am using a double shroud fan wheel for our application. what will be happened, if i use the same dimensions...
Apr19-07 09:07 AM
4 1,850
Hi guys, Problem I'm having is, I need to obtain speed.. I'm not sure how I go about this. I need this to obtain my...
Feb6-11 09:49 AM
9 1,676
i need to do a work about aerodynamic stabilization on satelites.. can anyone help thanks
Jan12-07 12:49 PM
4 2,528
How to calculate the aerodynamics drag for the fixed-axis rotation damper? Any formula or any reference I can refer? ...
Mar26-12 04:31 AM
0 665
I have to do an investigation about the Aerodynamics of a ball/sphere and I have to look at how changing the velocity...
Apr25-08 05:52 AM
4 5,747
This is a question about aerodynamics & lift/downforce created by a change in the undertray design of an IRL car.. ...
Apr15-04 03:31 PM
1 6,829
The wind turbine I pass everday seems to have its blades almost flat to the wind. So, I want to make sure I understand...
Jun11-07 03:22 PM
13 2,786
I've been thinking about the wind turbine (horizontal turbine - like an airplane propellor.) that I pass on the way...
Mar12-07 11:30 AM
2 5,483
Good morning everybody, Glad to be back again after being banned for 7 days because I was judged by the moderator,...
Jun16-12 10:19 PM
1 917
Hey there. I'm currently studying to become a mechanical engineer, and in one of my projects I'm in need of some...
Jul27-04 07:50 AM
3 14,777
hi, i am taking graduate course in aerodynamics and the professor has not provided class with text. He had recommended...
Sep4-05 02:29 AM
jaap de vries
1 2,539
Today I went to the JPL at Pasadena, and I saw the Aerogel. It is said it is the best insulator on Earth. They used it...
Nov1-06 06:36 PM
Ki Man
9 2,351
Heya all im deciding whether to go inot aeronautical engineering and ive been told that i need to kow the basics on...
Mar16-05 07:31 AM
2 1,670
I'm a mechanical engineering student who loves aircraft. I want to work on a project this summer so I'll learn more...
Nov9-10 08:27 AM
15 20,429
Can someone give me a real-life example of an aerospace structure buckling? I need a real example to discuss column...
Nov13-12 09:41 AM
1 695
Does anybody know of a book that addreses/talks about how Prandtl showed that an aircraft passing overhead will leave...
Dec1-05 06:11 PM
1 1,877
Is Aerospace engineering harder than Mechanical and Electrical engineering?
Sep19-05 09:27 AM
5 5,126
Im going to a science fair to promote Aerospace Engineering. Me and my team are doing a project that helps visualize...
Mar9-11 09:12 PM
3 668
Hey everybody! If you are using Google's chat and finding a chat room where you can discuss about aerospace...
Apr21-07 03:52 PM
0 2,905
Hi people, i am really in a deep trouble and i will be so happy if anyone can help. Any tips will be so appreciated...
Nov25-06 09:08 AM
1 1,765

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