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Mechanical Engineering

- Development of machines. Mechatronics, Robotics, Engines, Drafting
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Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
Aug18-14 11:11 PM FactChecker 
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Gear heads unite to discuss Vehicle Dynamics, Safety Engineering, Performance, NVH, Ergonomics, Durability...
Y 12:11 PM bigbolt52 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hi everyone, Maybe this resource is new for someone. It's a collection of videos made in the 60's by the very best...
Mar6-13 10:50 AM
61 97,125
Dear all, I checked job numbers on indeed Canada, and when using Pro/ENGINEER and solidworks as search words, I got...
Aug4-14 01:56 PM
26 33,754
hi guyz, I have Turbiine(5500RPM)-Gearbox(output 1500RM)-Generator-Exciter-Permanent Magnetiic Generator(PMG). I...
Feb7-10 08:09 PM
11 3,426
Hi!! I'm currently a 2nd Year Civil engineering student, and I wrote this topic for I am seeking a professional...
Nov15-10 08:10 AM
6 3,424
Hello again PF I am trying to find the failure load for a 6061-T6 Aluminum forklift pocket weld with 4043 filler....
May26-11 01:44 PM
4 3,424
Hi all! I am making a tractor's front wheel steering arrangment with driving front wheels driven through hydraulic...
Oct11-10 12:47 PM
4 3,420
hey guys , i am studying about the old combustion chambers. i came across the L head combustion chamber and am...
Apr2-06 08:50 AM
1 3,419
In the given table how to calculate the time 0-60 mph(seconds):cry:
Feb18-09 09:30 AM
5 3,418
Coaching grade school track, I have to carry around several starting blocks. Last year, to store for the next season,...
Mar24-08 01:21 AM
3 3,417
Hi all, first off thanks in advance for the help. I'm trying to build a near-eye display, what type of lens...
Sep13-07 04:59 PM
0 3,415
Hi! I'm designing a human powered vehicle and I need to use a CVT (Continuously variable transmission) in its drive...
Nov24-08 01:13 PM
4 3,414
For an analysis of a robot component: a Spur gear drive/train. How can I account for friction losses? I can...
Dec4-10 08:50 PM
1 3,412
For one of my classes, I have to design a gearbox. i am currently going through some calculations, but before I get...
Jun16-09 08:59 AM
13 3,411
i have to design a journal bearing for a vertical motor shaft. what loads act on these bearings? since the shaft is...
May26-11 12:04 AM
3 3,411
I have ran an Abaqus simulation for a standard material with linear-elastic properties and using geometrical...
Feb1-10 05:13 AM
0 3,410
This article; , from Scripps Howard talks...
Sep13-07 11:44 AM
3 3,408
I need to come up with an economic report on what kind of power a hydroelectric turbine can generate. The turbine...
Feb22-10 12:10 PM
0 3,405
Why is it everytime i look over schematics for the next nuclear rocket engine the design's are completley blindsided...
Nov25-04 07:50 AM
3 3,404
hi, can any one help me with the formula for a vertical Column (C-Channel) subjected to Eccentric Loading? ...
Apr9-10 03:03 AM
2 3,404
Hi Tell me some good books on machine design and heat transfer. What about Machine design by Norton?
Jun19-10 08:45 AM
1 3,401
Hey everyone, Can someone pls explain the significance of dynamic amplification factor as pertaining to satellites...
Jun16-11 06:39 AM
0 3,400
I'm in the process of replacing 1970's double hung wood windows with modern high efficiency vinyl windows...this is...
Mar23-10 08:54 AM
23 3,397
Sirs, I need to make a pump to draw molten aluminum from one container to another container. The first container...
Nov1-09 08:58 PM
2 3,396
I'm writing a talk on ballistics and was looking for the formula for the distance travelled by the projectile....
Feb13-08 11:16 AM
2 3,395
Can you or can you not use specific volume to find quality? I know it can be found using mass but can you use specific...
Jul16-12 11:51 AM
7 3,395
Can somebody give me a scenario when chilled beams would be the preferred method of conditioning and ventilation as...
Jun7-12 10:38 AM
11 3,394
Hi, Is it possible to calculate gasflow(cfm) given pressure(psi) and sound(dbuv). I am writing some software to...
Jan19-11 01:12 PM
2 3,393
Can someone explain something to me: I believe when throttling h1=h2. When calculating enthalpy drop across a...
Nov6-09 11:09 AM
2 3,388
From a layman point of view: What is the main problem for producing sinthetically (and at reasonable costs) fuel...
Oct27-05 05:01 PM
18 3,387
Hi every body ,anyone can give me any idea about my Question !!
May10-07 05:06 AM
Arctic Fox
12 3,384
I am currently starting my Junior year in high school. I am very interested in majoring in aerospace engineering in...
Aug23-07 09:46 PM
0 3,384
Hi guys, I have a question and I would love some guidance or external reference for relevant information. I have...
Oct6-13 11:24 AM
14 3,383
Feb20-10 10:10 AM
35 3,382
Dear all, Take my best wishes. I am facing a problem designing my experimental setup for my research. I want to...
Aug27-11 01:24 AM
13 3,382
I am trying to figure out a problem we are having with a steam boiler. First, it is a natural gas fueled boiler rated...
Aug12-05 11:23 AM
Louis Calandros
12 3,381
Hi all - I've been working on some code in Comsol w/ Matlab that works fine on any machine I run it on - so long as I...
Oct1-09 12:40 PM
2 3,381
Hello I have a local stress acting radial on a thin cylindrical plate (see illustration), how can I calculate if...
Feb26-10 12:59 AM
1 3,380
i thought of a design for a toroidal engine. is there anyway i can check if it is actually possible to practically...
Dec19-10 08:46 AM
7 3,378
I have to following problems with my plotting problems: my matrix is as follows : x y z...
Jan23-10 04:35 AM
2 3,375
In my Fluid Mechanics textbook they use the Euler equation to derive Bernoulli's principle for incompressible fluids...
Apr8-10 09:05 AM
3 3,375
how is radiation view factor calculated especially for the following cases 1-between a flat surface and a sphere...
Mar9-07 04:42 AM
2 3,371
I have had a pressing question haunting my mind for quite some time, and I need an expert opinion. My car calls for...
Jun2-08 12:34 PM
9 3,370

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