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Electrical Engineering

- Uses of electricity and the equipment for power generation. Circuits, Fiber, Signals & Systems, Semiconductor Devices...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
ansoft, maxwell Sticky Thread Pinned: Maxwell 3D (ANSOFT) ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Dear all, I'm a new user and I like to exchange information about the use of this tool. From my point of view tool...
Aug25-14 03:20 PM
Fuxue Jin
196 95,228
I came across another good search engine today looking for a datasheet, so I thought I'd try starting this thread for...
Aug22-14 02:05 PM
28 58,584
I've occasionally been asked by some of the students I've mentored or TA'd over the years, "What's in your toolbox? ...
Jul13-14 10:34 PM
63 83,071
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Mar26-08 12:32 PM
0 31,249
I want to erase the data in a USB, without actually messing up the circuitry of the device, using magnets. What would...
Aug21-13 10:01 PM
6 1,156
I am actually quite confused on how a generator is supposed to be modeled... To add more power to a bus, we put...
Aug21-13 04:28 PM
7 892
I am reading a text about how MRI works and I came across a thing that I am totally confused. The book mentions...
Aug21-13 01:39 PM
2 813
Hi guys, I am building an electromagnet to use mainly for its reaching properties. I want to have a large air gap. I...
Aug21-13 01:38 PM
3 1,045
In dc motors, speed can be increased by weakening or decreasing the field flux. The mathematical explanation is ---...
Aug21-13 11:08 AM
2 658
I am attempting to come up with a systematic way to design Multiple Feedback bandpass filters with certain...
Aug21-13 06:08 AM
3 595
I'm having a difficult time understanding precisely how alternating current works in relationship to ground (earth). I...
Aug21-13 06:04 AM
jim hardy
3 714
Hi, I have here an elenco s-1325 analog oscilloscope. I am hacking it into a display unit for one of my projects and...
Aug21-13 02:28 AM
11 1,411
Hi, I had designed a rectifier with 4 stages. I want to design a re configurable circuit in such a way that I can...
Aug21-13 01:18 AM
2 705
Hello everyone. This is my first post, I hope I'm in the right place. I'm a home inspector and belong to a group who...
Aug20-13 09:13 AM
jim hardy
41 2,935
Dear Experts I cannot find any connectors for snap-in supercapacitors. Could you please let me know what socket...
Aug20-13 08:28 AM
0 378
I need to extend my DIN 41612 backplane onto wires is it possible to buy pre-fabricated DIN 41612 male connectors...
Aug20-13 04:21 AM
0 346
Hi all, White noise means a noise signal with Power spectral density flat in the working frequency ranges. OK...
Aug20-13 04:16 AM
1 435
I'm a Physics student currently working on some research with my advisor. My advisor doesn't know much about modeling...
Aug20-13 04:14 AM
2 647
Hello, Whenever reading about op amps, I have come across two terms, 'dual supply' and 'single supply'....
Aug19-13 10:23 PM
12 732
Can someone please explain to me what if any is the benefit in using one lab quality 10 MHz OSC to run all your bench...
Aug19-13 06:13 AM
2 488
Could someone refer a book or a tutorial that explains the concept of "control structure" - In section 3 of the...
Aug19-13 03:23 AM
1 451
So, I have been long struggling with getting a L298 motor driver I have to work. I figured it to be more compact than...
Aug19-13 02:05 AM
11 1,223
Hello everyone, I have the following circuit I designed. Although I am open to all criticisms and suggestions, my...
Aug19-13 12:32 AM
12 693
Suppose I have a channel between a source and a drain in a FET. What is 'pinch-off' and how does it affect my I-V...
Aug18-13 10:24 PM
2 479
So I want to make a tda2050 amlifier with 4 of these chips, and after posting a lot of questions about different audio...
Aug18-13 09:32 PM
57 2,707
I'm doing some calculations on a two quadrant chopped DC motor controller, like below. ...
Aug18-13 06:25 PM
0 692
A practical DC motor armature is nothing but several "textbook DC motor" single armature windings bundled togheter and...
Aug18-13 05:15 PM
10 1,867
Hellooos! My Question is: How can a Microwave be run/Powered through an inverter? i.e. if I want to power a...
Aug18-13 05:01 PM
1 415
With this board: the associated schematic is: ...
Aug18-13 02:42 PM
6 587
So a little background: I am trying to construct a superhet radio with an oscillator producing a harmonic-rich output...
Aug18-13 05:00 AM
12 764
Hi All, I am looking to design LPF with Inductor and Capacitor that can reject 60Hz frequency. I tried on google...
Aug18-13 02:57 AM
28 2,671
Several ways to gate a conducting polymer on a chip. Backgating, electrochemical gating. What is backgating and...
Aug18-13 02:12 AM
3 450
Can a variable frequency drive with the ability to control motor torque, be programmed to run at a certain speed and...
Aug18-13 12:20 AM
2 877
I have a linear model of a phase detector (phase lock loop) represented by the block diagram below. It is designed to...
Aug17-13 08:46 AM
15 851
can we measure ripple factor using same? again what is difference between ripple, ripple voltage and ripple factor?
Aug16-13 09:43 PM
2 759
Lets say if i got RC series circuit. If i increase the voltage supply frequency then what happen to the voltage...
Aug16-13 05:22 PM
jim hardy
33 2,312
It's been a while since I had my last circuits class, so I'm just looking for some verification on my calculations. I...
Aug16-13 03:51 PM
1 521
Can a Thermocouples cold junction can be electrically manipulated. Can a Thermocouples cold junction can be...
Aug16-13 09:18 AM
4 549
Hello, I'm trying to design a simple digital circuit for learning purpose, and maybe later a bigger project. The...
Aug16-13 01:53 AM
18 977
120 v ac primary and turn ratio of 5:1 I came up with 600v ac is this wrong
Aug15-13 08:39 PM
4 512
Hi PF, I have a serious doubt. In spread spectrum modulation etc we multiply the message signal with PN...
Aug15-13 08:25 PM
11 2,451
Would it be possible to add a transistor in between the LED and the driver, as shown in the application photos, to PWM...
Aug15-13 01:06 AM
4 571
Hi all, I have simulated (both in software and experimentally) inter-turn winding short-circuit fault in a...
Aug14-13 06:52 PM
jim hardy
1 568
Hi my name is HopelesslyFaithful (HF) (forum didn't allow all chars). I am from Notebookreview and while googling for...
Aug14-13 06:11 PM
jim hardy
12 1,211

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