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Electrical Engineering

- Uses of electricity and the equipment for power generation. Circuits, Fiber, Signals & Systems, Semiconductor Devices...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hello, I haven't learned anything about micro controllers yet but I wanted to get a head start since I hear that...
Jul21-14 08:30 AM
21 5,710
Even as a kid, I saw beauty in old devices. That made me want to understand how they worked. I had lots of old...
Jul21-14 12:14 AM
21 4,503
I've occasionally been asked by some of the students I've mentored or TA'd over the years, "What's in your toolbox? ...
Jul13-14 10:34 PM
63 75,576
ansoft, maxwell Sticky Thread Pinned: Maxwell 3D (ANSOFT) ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Dear all, I'm a new user and I like to exchange information about the use of this tool. From my point of view tool...
Jul5-14 05:32 AM
193 83,973
I came across another good search engine today looking for a datasheet, so I thought I'd try starting this thread for...
Dec3-13 12:53 AM
27 54,780
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Mar26-08 12:32 PM
0 29,514
Hi everyone, I have a sound wave representing a piano piece played at a steady tempo, and would like to get a graph...
Nov28-12 10:25 AM
9 1,241
Hello, after failing on a few circuits I thought I need to be able to swap and change my components a little more...
Nov28-12 10:10 AM
5 812
hello, i am new here and this is my first post so please bear with me for any mistakes or so.. now my...
Nov28-12 04:58 AM
12 16,653
So i was dinking around with my multi meter and i noticed that if you touch the positive end of a battery and the...
Nov27-12 11:58 PM
1 449
Hi PF, Actually the information signal can be represented as real signal. Then why do we go for complex...
Nov27-12 10:49 PM
9 1,085
I have a temperature probe that I amplify with an OP amp and the circuit has to sit next to a video transmitter...
Nov27-12 08:16 PM
11 1,445
I have bought just four mains voltage LED lamps, in my life. Three of them have failed. One has failed after only a...
Nov27-12 03:46 PM
21 1,640
Hello, I am trying to design a circuit that can measure the BETA of a PNP and NPN transistor, I have an ammeter, and I...
Nov27-12 09:44 AM
9 1,477
Hi, I have a question here concerning importing mesh into Ansoft. Is it possible to import mesh created by softwares...
Nov27-12 07:23 AM
0 362
Hi, I would like to know the technical approach that can be used to determine thses values: N Level As shown...
Nov27-12 01:13 AM
1 896
I'm working on a project that uses solenoids for mechanical activation. The solenoids have lugs for the + and -...
Nov26-12 11:40 PM
4 518
So this headset has stereo sound and a mic, but the connector only has a tip ring and sleeve. So which part of the...
Nov26-12 10:19 PM
1 351
Hi, I have x(t) = 1/2 + cos(t) + cos(2t) so I can see that a0 = 1/2 and that it is an even function so there is...
Nov26-12 06:08 PM
3 684
Hello, I have a transistor (BC547B) that is being used as a switch, connected to the base I have an 9v battery and an...
Nov26-12 04:10 PM
14 1,136
I had the pleasure of using and seeing the schematic of a two stage magnetic amplifier that was used to control the...
Nov26-12 03:12 PM
5 1,155
For a npn transistor, Vb= +0.7V ,Vc=+1.0V , Ve=0 Then my teacher says it is not operating, why is that so? Thank...
Nov26-12 02:25 AM
29 1,798
I have no idea what is to be done. Please help! I do not how am I supposed to proceed/begin as well. The zip...
Nov25-12 06:00 PM
8 961
I'm working on a project were I will be using Heating Plug Element-...
Nov25-12 03:00 PM
5 786
Hi, i've just started using the formula for the abovie which is given as: n t^3/2 exp(Eg/2kBT) however instead...
Nov25-12 11:17 AM
2 537
Good day people. I am new here and discovered the forum while trying to answer this question. I have a large variety...
Nov25-12 10:54 AM
5 838
The greater the amplitude of a given frequency of light hitting an antenna the greater the induced speed of...
Nov25-12 10:27 AM
67 7,056
Any PCB designers, why oh why oh why do you inflict those (insert profanity) awful fuses that are soldered to the...
Nov25-12 10:03 AM
jim hardy
1 592
Let's say I simulate a simple filter in simulink and I want to see the transfer function graph (bode plot) of it. What...
Nov25-12 04:30 AM
3 945
I've always understood voltage as the difference between two plates. The more i think about it, the more i disagree...
Nov25-12 12:31 AM
2 691
Dear Experts I am trying to buy some supercapacitors but not sure which is more reliable or good value. Could...
Nov25-12 12:08 AM
9 935
Are they shining brightly inside the device when used to convert ac?
Nov24-12 09:55 PM
1 480
Hey guys! Im new using Simulink. I was trying to simulate a circuit with an AC voltage source but the graph I get...
Nov24-12 10:14 AM
3 822
I have to understand some papers concerning pzt actuated membranes for a project and I keep stumbling upon d31 or d33...
Nov24-12 05:19 AM
2 578
Hey guys. Lots of people have told me that building an op-amp in SimPowerSystems is easy, and that all I needed was a...
Nov23-12 09:53 PM
0 827
A simple and quick question please clear this up. Let's say I have a 350v rated power n channel mosfet , how much of...
Nov23-12 07:42 PM
1 655
Hi: i have ADC(analog to digital) has a resolution 12 bits and the input range is from +50mV to -50mV, this men...
Nov23-12 05:18 PM
5 777
Hello. I'm making a layden jar and i am kinda changing some details in it. and i want to ask if those will affect...
Nov23-12 10:09 AM
6 986
So recently I have gotten in a heated argument with my friend about heating his apartment (no pun intended). Here is...
Nov23-12 08:52 AM
68 5,333
Hello all, Its Ali here. I am a Electrical (Telecom) Engineering student and my Final Year Project (FYP) is Portable...
Nov22-12 03:48 PM
11 1,440
If fill mica between the air gaps between capacitors will how? We need consider mica as conductor?
Nov22-12 03:21 PM
5 747
I read through the LASI introduction once and also watched the teach-how video in Youtube, but feels really frustrated...
Nov22-12 02:08 PM
1 682
Ok, let's say you have a 100v voltage supply and two 50 Ohm resistors in a series circuit. The total resistance is 100...
Nov22-12 01:01 PM
8 753
Dear all, I need realizing an electromagnet producing a magnetic field changing in direction with a given frequency...
Nov22-12 12:38 PM
Carl Pugh
9 1,050
Hi, An undergrad asked me for some articles about electromagnetism. He is interested in reading published journals....
Nov22-12 09:34 AM
0 509
In order to draw the load line of transistor, we have to find out the saturation current (where the voltage is minimum...
Nov22-12 01:25 AM
9 1,439

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