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Electrical Engineering

- Uses of electricity and the equipment for power generation. Circuits, Fiber, Signals & Systems, Semiconductor Devices...
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ansoft, maxwell Sticky Thread Pinned: Maxwell 3D (ANSOFT) ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Dear all, I'm a new user and I like to exchange information about the use of this tool. From my point of view tool...
Apr10-14 04:04 AM
189 60,472
I've occasionally been asked by some of the students I've mentored or TA'd over the years, "What's in your toolbox? ...
Feb4-14 04:57 PM
62 59,221
As we know due to skin depth effect the Alternating Current flows at a depth from the conductor surface (which means...
Apr6-14 07:00 PM
48 1,069
I came across another good search engine today looking for a datasheet, so I thought I'd try starting this thread for...
Dec3-13 12:53 AM
27 46,948
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Mar26-08 12:32 PM
0 25,914
Have a 15 HP motor whose full load current (@ 50 Hz - India norms) is calculated at around 21 Amps. Have added a VFD...
Sep7-12 02:13 PM
jim hardy
11 1,895
Hi everyone, I have a 24V, 15A D.C motor, and need to control its RPM. I know RPM is directly proportional to...
Aug24-12 05:27 PM
11 23,046
CRT televisions use electron guns to fire electrons at color phosphors on the screen which emit the light of varying...
Aug16-12 03:26 AM
11 1,037
Hello, I'm having some issues with small-signal analysis of BJT differential amplifiers. Let's say I have this BJT...
Sep16-12 10:17 PM
11 2,466
I am reading audio output transformers. This is a paragraph from RDH4 and I don't understand where the formula of...
Sep21-12 11:17 PM
11 888
I would like to power a 12 volt d.c. universal fan using a 50 watt 12 volt solar panel. Output voltage under load for...
Sep24-12 05:47 PM
11 1,588
Looking at this datasheet: Most circuits near the bottom have a 250uF cap...
Oct10-12 02:26 PM
11 669
hello i need some help, i know very little about EM. i would greatly appreciate any advise u can lend me. i need...
Oct17-12 12:59 PM
11 1,107
Hello everybody! I'd like the cookers to reduce and adjust their power automatically when the liquid in the pan...
Nov11-12 09:47 AM
11 902
I understand that mixers are used to convert a signal from one frequency to another, but why would we want to do this?...
Oct29-12 01:05 PM
11 1,276
Hello all, Its Ali here. I am a Electrical (Telecom) Engineering student and my Final Year Project (FYP) is Portable...
Nov22-12 03:48 PM
11 1,365
Hi all. I've been trying to study microwave and electromagnetic engineering . I'm not sure how I should interpret j...
Nov12-12 02:40 PM
11 1,029
I have a temperature probe that I amplify with an OP amp and the circuit has to sit next to a video transmitter...
Nov27-12 08:16 PM
11 1,324
I have done quite a lot of desk research and spoken to a few manufacturers, but I am still not clear about the...
Dec8-12 12:59 AM
11 1,014
I am studying Mechanical Engineering at college, so please forgive me for any assumptions I make. I know (been...
Dec8-12 01:06 PM
jim hardy
11 1,013
I hooked up a small circuit I found towards the bottom of this url and plotted the result in a spreadsheet (figure 1)....
Dec10-12 03:01 PM
11 1,347
This is my first post and I am not sure if I am posting it in the right place. But I believe some electrical engineer...
May16-12 05:51 PM
M Quack
10 8,464
Could Someone explain exactly how Tesla coil works with necessary Mathematics and Science. The Wikipedia Article...
Jul19-12 04:35 AM
10 4,131
Hello, my question this time is once again about parallel resonance. I cant really decipher this paragraph from my...
Mar30-12 11:41 PM
10 1,649
I have been working on some music electronics, I got this on the web and I don't understand how the clipping circuit...
Apr4-12 03:41 AM
10 2,681
I wanna see if I got it right. In truth tables we only have '0' or '1'...each representing a different voltage, I...
Apr7-12 07:13 AM
10 1,448
Can any one help me with finding good ideas ( or direct me to any useful websites /pages ) for Power system...
Apr8-12 01:01 PM
jim hardy
10 3,396
Hello forum. to make an LED blink, would I use a 555 chip or a flip flop and why? thanks fisico30
Apr14-12 09:56 AM
10 2,114
Hello, I have recently started learning about electricity and electronics and would like to have a few things...
Apr20-12 03:45 PM
10 1,276
I am currently studying electric power engineering, which in my case is most about models and approximations, which...
Apr23-12 09:02 PM
10 1,350
Some appliances have built in auto-volt transformers that enable them to be used in different countries with different...
Apr27-12 12:19 AM
jim hardy
10 1,786
Hello all, I recently started working with circuits and in my classes I learned and used some logic circuits. It...
May4-12 10:51 PM
10 1,181
So I started really getting into circuits about a year ago and it has quickly become my new favorite hobby. (A little...
May9-12 09:16 AM
10 1,874
To my understanding, voltage is potential difference. It can't be defined as "arriving" to some place in the circuit....
May15-12 11:47 AM
10 991
I wiki'd it and I am still having some trouble understanding it. Is it basically like resistance for AC circuits? Then...
May17-12 09:18 AM
10 1,035
I'm evaluating an electrical enclosure for a power-plant. Power plants are not required to follow CSA standards,...
May17-12 12:58 PM
jim hardy
10 1,263
***Note: I am not trying to make a laser that I can sell or profit from (well at least not now anyways :biggrin:); I'm...
Jun20-12 03:37 PM
10 1,461
hi Is it posiible to generate analog signal from a USB device. The data to be generated as analog signal is stored...
Jun9-12 12:20 PM
10 871
I have a mechanical analogy of diode in which a socket is provided with a one way valve. (figure 1st below). The arrow...
Jun12-12 12:29 PM
10 1,112
I am looking to power a heater. According to the product specifications it will require 11.1V/26.4A to heat to 800C...
Jun14-12 09:10 PM
Carl Pugh
10 1,264
Could you please help me to understand some basic concepts about antenna polarization. The books I have are really...
Jun27-12 05:11 AM
10 1,672
Hi I was just on vacation and forgot my camera's battery charger. I thought a lot about building some sort of...
Jul22-12 08:29 PM
10 1,786
I have a 555 and a 4017. My question is that there seems to be a bunch of 7-segment LED controllers for BCD...
Jul11-12 12:44 PM
jim hardy
10 2,167
I'm new to projects requiring high voltage, but I need to wire 110v to an SSR controlling a device that pulls 2 amps...
Jul16-12 08:54 PM
10 2,044
Hello world. Is there any way to convert mechanical energy into DC electricity energy WITHOUT using any magnets ? I...
Jul16-12 07:35 PM
10 1,127

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