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Electrical Engineering

- Uses of electricity and the equipment for power generation. Circuits, Fiber, Signals & Systems, Semiconductor Devices...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Mar26-08 12:32 PM
0 31,188
ansoft, maxwell Sticky Thread Pinned: Maxwell 3D (ANSOFT) ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Dear all, I'm a new user and I like to exchange information about the use of this tool. From my point of view tool...
Aug25-14 03:20 PM
Fuxue Jin
196 94,906
I came across another good search engine today looking for a datasheet, so I thought I'd try starting this thread for...
Aug22-14 02:05 PM
28 58,462
I've occasionally been asked by some of the students I've mentored or TA'd over the years, "What's in your toolbox? ...
Jul13-14 10:34 PM
63 82,844
How useful is discrete math to an electrical engineer; particularly how useful is it to an ic designer?
Mar30-06 09:27 AM
3 1,564
Hello. I have developped a transimpedance amp using LF356, unfortunately I get an oscillation at 500 kHz of low level...
Nov28-10 09:41 PM
6 2,161
I have to find the signal if x(n) = nv(n-1) for -infinite < n < + infinite x(n)+x(-n) Can I get hint...
Sep22-05 05:25 PM
1 1,214
I was having a conversation with my brother, a mechanical engineer, about Digital Signals processing. I was trying to...
May20-12 02:37 AM
4 2,244
How we choise the level of decomposition ,,?? Calculate energy function , and select the level after which thre is...
Jan17-12 04:13 PM
0 597
Please, can someone explain to me why filterbanks followed by downsampling are equvalent to the application of a...
Dec31-12 01:26 PM
0 426
My dishwasher in the kitchen has a metal cover inside and some persons got a small electric shock when they touched...
Sep7-06 08:41 AM
14 3,159
I'm currently enrolled in a lab class about circuits. we are doing diodes, transistors, op-amps these days. the...
Mar10-07 05:41 PM
11 2,644
All, I am just about fed up with whomever was contracted to do my house's electrical rough in. I have, since moving...
Jan5-07 09:58 AM
4 3,171
Hello there, I am wondering why the resistor maximum voltage is not simply the square root of the product of its...
Feb2-14 10:21 PM
11 464
Hello Forum, When we are speaking about a display resolution 128x64 pixel how can i know the active area width of...
Dec10-08 01:43 AM
4 2,216
Ok so last year I went way over my head and tried to build this circuit. Which ended up being a huge failure, now I...
Jun4-10 12:00 PM
1 1,232
I was reading up on ESD mats. I don't understand how the dissipative mat works. Does it just dissipate ESD as heat. ...
Feb4-14 04:01 PM
2 290
Hi all I have assigned a task to measure distance at two points seperated 200 mm apart on a cylinder having...
Dec15-11 03:24 PM
2 1,619
Hi, I have been assigned to a new task in my job where I have to investigate on measuring the distance to an object...
Jul13-10 02:18 AM
2 2,919
Hi There, I'm looking for ideas on finding the position of objects (such as a hand or foot) placed in a tank. Without...
Oct14-12 10:46 PM
3 688
Why Distance( Impedance) protection is always preffered in the Transmission Lines protection? As for as Short TL is...
Sep8-11 02:58 PM
1 1,104
Why Distance Protection is used in Transmission Lines Protection? we have seen in the electrical engineering...
Jan18-12 02:42 PM
0 622
Was looking for a cool project concept involving a remote helicopter and I decided on trying to triangulate its...
Aug5-11 11:26 AM
4 1,836
I protoboarded this circuit: alas, it seems...
Sep23-09 01:13 AM
1 906
Am trying to measure the phase angle between voltage and current, so i thought about zero crossing detection method,...
Aug22-11 02:05 PM
4 1,056
What causes this effect? What am I seeing?
Aug5-11 12:04 PM
7 1,513
Hi My brother has a logitech pure fi anytime alarm clock radio. The problem with it is that when it is cold the...
May22-09 10:16 AM
Bob S
4 1,936
hi, when i was making a rc coupled amplifier but as soon as i connect the input signal the signal gets...
Nov14-11 04:34 PM
3 1,378
I'm looking for a good distributed circuits book.. Does anyone have recommendation ?
Aug27-10 04:06 PM
4 893
Hello everyone! Need help with understanding the terms "distributed/decentralized" vs. "regional power generation"....
Mar21-12 12:40 PM
5 1,594
I'm an undergraduate studying physics & I live in a place that is about 15m away from a 33kva distribution...
May22-13 01:09 PM
19 3,001
I know this should go into maths section, but I feel EE's could give me better explanation. I am trying to fully...
Oct4-11 06:05 AM
0 584
What is meant by achieving "full diversity gain over Rayleigh fading channel"?
Feb1-13 02:34 AM
2 881
How can i implement a divider circuit? we have covered adders and multipliers, but i'm not sure how to implement a...
Oct29-05 10:51 AM
4 11,280
If I set up 2 AA batteries to power 3 LEDs (each of which had an on/off switch), how would I set up a circuit which...
Feb15-09 11:47 PM
5 860
I'm trying to build a DIY working model of TEG/TEC generator similar to the exhaust pipe designs that recover energy...
Oct4-11 05:01 PM
0 2,411
Hi my name is HopelesslyFaithful (HF) (forum didn't allow all chars). I am from Notebookreview and while googling for...
Aug14-13 06:11 PM
jim hardy
12 1,196
Hi all! Does anyone know of any good sites for how to build a DIY embedded linux microcontroller? I know that...
Sep18-10 10:18 AM
0 2,056
I am looking for a way to make my own "force sensor" similar to this Vernier dual-range force sensor for high school...
Aug10-14 05:19 PM
jim hardy
12 456
I've connected the 3 wires as shown in the picture: GROUND, GREEN, and RED (the latter 2 having their enamel removed)....
Oct30-11 04:36 PM
2 2,970
Hi physics gurus, I have some questions I'm hoping someone with a kind enough heart can answer for me! I am trying...
Oct25-04 03:26 PM
4 7,808
Hello everyone, I'm in the design process of building a 100W/ch audio amplifier. I would like it to sound as good as...
Dec8-10 08:01 PM
5 2,308
I'm going to try to replace the IC in my stereo like this. Here it is in my stereo. I've got a small but cheap...
Nov6-07 11:07 PM
15 5,937
Hi there, I've been interested in this induction heating thing and would like to build one. Its quite a long time...
Mar14-11 09:47 AM
3 4,459

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