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Materials & Chemical Engineering

- Properties of matter and its applications. Metal Production, Fabrication, Distillation, Corrosion
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:01 PM
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I'm looking for a site has online resources, suchas .. phase diagrams, ternary phase diagram, diffusion cooff. etc....
Oct10-03 08:08 PM
0 8,199
hello. need to know several things; 1. what exactly is the stuff that i keep reading about called "cementite",...
Nov15-03 06:31 AM
0 4,471
Hi everybody, I'm working on a project aiming to determine what are the differents ways to measure the free energy...
Feb27-04 06:27 PM
0 3,633
i am designing an armor in my head (along with hundreds of other things) and i want to know specifics about cooling...
Mar9-04 10:42 PM
0 2,121
which one is best for what things? and is there any situation where you'd have one over the other, and why?
Mar17-04 08:25 AM
0 5,407
Something with a list of centroids and how to calculate them would be preferable but not essential, just a few good...
Mar17-04 06:38 PM
Damned charming :)
0 2,798
Could someone plesse tell me the definition of metal settling time, in the context of the time it takes for a metal to...
Mar20-04 07:28 AM
0 3,195
I meet some difficulties on a lab project in which I must make clear the metallography of Cr. Consquently, someone can...
Mar23-04 01:17 AM
0 2,805
Sorry, I posted this in the wrong forum. Please delete. Sorry for any problems.
Mar24-04 12:59 AM
0 2,596
Greetings ! (This is not a political thread. :wink: ) I was wondering what types of chemical weapons exist out...
Apr11-04 10:28 AM
0 1,988
Is glass transition a thermodynamic or a kinetic phenomenon? What's the latest news?
May4-04 05:03 AM
0 2,094
I belong to several technical societies, including ASM International and The Metallurgical Society (TMS). I became a...
Sep8-05 01:32 PM
0 1,811
Hi all, I need a little help here please? Please can somebody answer my question with regards to bio ceramics? I am...
Aug3-04 11:37 AM
0 1,850
Hi there... Currently, i'm doing a desugn project for my degree course and i have to design a dichloromethane...
Oct18-04 10:31 AM
0 2,603
Hi, I have a problem with copper electrodes. I spin-coat TPD on them and due to differences in work function of the...
Nov19-04 09:32 AM
0 4,487
Fortune features an article, the next Y2K problem in the making - tin whiskers short-circuiting critical equipment, an...
Jan14-05 08:15 PM
0 1,623
Several people have asked about fuel properties. Here are two good sources which give and compare various...
Feb4-05 10:16 AM
0 6,032
I have a battery load tester that is giving me trouble. A battery load tester is connected to a battery and the...
Feb24-05 05:46 PM
0 1,377
Got a question on the production oh HCl by the means of a photochemical reaction between H2 and Cl2. whats the amount...
Mar1-05 05:55 AM
0 1,237
I'm trying to find the minimum work required to completely separate sugar from 1L water-sugar solution. The mass...
Mar19-05 08:29 PM
0 3,125
Hey there ppl, i'm an undergraduate ChE and most of the time i have problems with books. My problem is that when i...
Apr11-05 08:36 AM
0 1,122
Based on thermodynamic data found in your textbook, calculate the temperature at which white tin will convert into...
Apr21-05 01:35 AM
0 5,759
Is there anyone who knows of, or knows of a resource where i can find information on, what materials heat well under...
Apr28-05 11:09 PM
0 1,462
Derive Fresnel Formulas for the case when magnetic permeability (myu) is not 1. How will they look like? In most cases...
Jun25-05 09:38 AM
0 1,645
hi list all of states of matter that you know from the most disordered and ordered .. thanks
Jun29-05 02:16 PM
0 2,357
hi, Can anybody tell me what is duromer , all i know is they are under group of polymer ....i have to know their...
Jul11-05 08:52 PM
0 3,292
On-line Materials course from Metals and Materials Engineering University of British Columbia. MMAT 380 -...
Jul28-05 11:31 AM
0 4,649
i need to find a machinable, lightweight,material to use for a small pneumatic cylinder, the head will be made out of...
Jul28-05 07:16 PM
0 5,270
hello... I'am Fandi from Indonesia. Because the lack of books and the economy crisis present in Indonesia, I...
Aug5-05 10:21 AM
0 1,322
Hello friends I want a colloid solution having following properties: --> Stable --> Translucent --> Can be...
Aug30-05 02:42 PM
0 1,624
Someone was asking me about a new Russian oil refining process from the Boreskov institute, known as the BIMF oil...
Sep8-05 05:57 PM
0 1,363
is any body have ebook in wide band semiconductors please let me know. help. it's urgent.
Sep30-05 08:11 AM
0 1,475
Broad question from a completely layman point of view: What is the main problem for producing sinthetically (and at...
Oct3-05 02:44 PM
0 1,209
I am looking for an explanation as to why polymer chains fold on themselves when crystallized. Isn't a fully extended...
Oct8-05 10:03 PM
0 4,540
I want to know about the material that can be used to produce a bobble as large as a man .(It is an special material...
Oct11-05 03:33 AM
0 1,652
Hi all, Does anyone here have experience in electro-plating? I need to gold plate small stainless steel parts. I've...
Oct17-05 02:43 PM
0 1,982
It's here:
Oct30-05 04:12 PM
0 4,243
Oct31-05 01:05 PM
0 1,822
in burger formula and the magification formula what do the variable x stand for |b|=(a/2)x(sqrt (h^2+k^2+l^2) ...
Nov3-05 11:02 AM
0 1,579
Hi, I'd appreciate some help on this because it has really annoyed the crap out of me. I've spent a good 3 hours...
Nov7-05 06:52 AM
big man
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