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Materials & Chemical Engineering

- Properties of matter and its applications. Metal Production, Fabrication, Distillation, Corrosion
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:01 PM
0 31,396
I need advice on how to fabricate pipe support, in terms of how to cut out the required size(Highlighted in red) to...
Jan11-11 08:08 PM
0 2,237
You have to wonder how this discovery was made
Jan12-11 07:52 PM
0 1,847
Anyone know of an equation to estimate the amount of shear rate based on agitation rpm, impeller diameter, and fluid...
Jan13-11 09:42 AM
0 1,671
hi everyone, nowadays i studing pharmaceutical engineering in 3rd year, i dont know if this is the place to ask......
Jan14-11 02:59 AM
0 1,584
Zinc Alloy parts( Zn, with small % of Al, Cu,Pb, etc) become corroded with age. Refurbishing (Restoring) involves...
Jan18-11 10:41 PM
0 1,597
Please tell me about chemical composite of material "SWC"
Jan20-11 01:49 AM
0 2,066
Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anybody can offer me any tips or advice for a project I am working on at the...
Jan27-11 04:19 AM
0 2,550
I am trying to calculate shear level at a given plate and frame heat exchanger. Part of the calculation requires...
Feb2-11 07:31 AM
0 2,145
I have an ideal gas that expands adiabatically. How do I calculate the work done for irreversible and reversible...
Feb4-11 12:31 PM
0 1,560
Dear friends... I'd like some advice on what equation of state I should use to represent ELV for the products of a...
Feb4-11 08:04 AM
0 960
What causes adhension? What does it look like if viewed under an electron microscope? Does it look like described by...
Feb8-11 11:39 PM
eli koehler
0 1,268
As a mental exercise, without possibilities of any real life experiments, I have tried to iterate on the following...
Feb11-11 08:52 PM
0 1,227
I am modifying a vertical hotplate that has two heating elements that clamp together. This is done by a jack screw...
Feb10-11 08:11 AM
0 1,273
Hi, Can anybody explain what is effective plastic strain in meterials and how it effects the meterials?
Feb10-11 11:27 PM
0 3,550
I've been intrigued lately by pulse jet engines and their simplicity. Unfortunately, they are notoriously loud and...
Feb11-11 08:28 PM
0 2,106
Hello I have to repair a part made of aluminum A356 cast with t6 heat treatment and aging at 160C. The idea is to...
Feb14-11 02:24 AM
0 2,765
Hi, I am doing a simulation of Integrated Gasification combined cycle (IGCC). At one point, i need to use Selexol...
Feb16-11 03:54 AM
0 2,863
Hi To start off, im a product designer by trade so im sorry if this question is reminiscent of GCSE physics. My...
Feb17-11 01:38 PM
0 975
I'm doing electroceramic thin films for DRA applications. I'm realized, it is hard to observe diffusivity in film...
Feb21-11 12:31 AM
0 3,036
I'm working on a problem that involves calculating force required to form a component. The problem is as follows...
Feb22-11 04:58 PM
0 2,370
I'm having difficulty figuring out the boiling point of a mixture of compounds A and B. We're given that XB=.380. ...
Feb23-11 01:07 PM
0 3,014 This is interesting....
Feb25-11 11:08 AM
0 1,475
I'm looking to develop a process for direct deposition of temperature dependent resistive material on a hastelloy or...
Feb26-11 11:15 PM
0 1,410
Anyone that has ever used a clothes dryer has noticed how some fabrics refuse to shed unwanted matter such as hair and...
Feb27-11 12:39 AM
0 1,702
is there a product that will keep air of approximately 50 degrees celcius and that are not harmful to people?
Mar8-11 01:20 PM
0 1,430
I have a tandem bicycle with a 1" headtube. I'd like to use a 1 1/8" fork with it. The ID of the tube of 30.1 mm. The...
Mar13-11 07:07 AM
0 1,835
Hello Dears, I wanna find some properties of three combustible particles, sulphur flower, starch dust, lycopodium. In...
Mar14-11 06:20 AM
0 1,412
Hi all, I'm looking for two material to produce an exothermic reaction of 180-190 C. I'd prefer the materials to...
Mar14-11 04:58 PM
0 2,877
i want to know the boron oxide doped silica refractive index behaviour with wavelength and composition specifically at...
Mar17-11 01:23 PM
0 2,460
Hi, Could the ambitious project of developing a laser-powered space elevator turn science fiction into reality? ...
Mar18-11 02:28 AM
0 1,615
please i would appreciate any material(s) on the above subject which happens to be my research project topic....
Mar19-11 11:58 AM
0 1,066
hi all please i am looking for material or help on the procedure to follow in determining the heat transfer of a solid...
Mar21-11 04:37 PM
0 1,003
Looking for the major differences between these two materials. The application is it is for a bolt in a pneumatic...
Mar22-11 03:36 PM
0 2,028
Hello, In DM, how can I create two seperate bodies which are connected to each other? Apprently, ANSYS would merge...
Mar23-11 12:56 AM
0 1,774
Hello i am a master degree student at technical university of Istanbul.We are just in pipeline of my thesis about...
Mar26-11 07:05 AM
0 1,180
I am trying to separate alcohol from a solution under a near vacuum. I would like to achieve around 95% abv and I was...
Mar30-11 01:22 PM
0 2,920
METHANOL ALTERNATIVE.. does anyone know of a liquid that would be of the same or close to specific gravity as...
Apr2-11 05:15 AM
0 1,317
Good day forum! I need to model the radiation emitted by a gas of a certain composition to the refractory bricks,...
Apr3-11 05:29 AM
0 1,496
I have been trying to find resources that teach or give information about RVA design. I am not in need of the details...
Apr4-11 07:32 PM
0 2,372
I'm currently doing my thesis on adhesive joints between metal and glass. I recently did some tension tests with a...
Apr8-11 10:38 AM
0 1,013

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