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Materials & Chemical Engineering

- Properties of matter and its applications. Metal Production, Fabrication, Distillation, Corrosion
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:01 PM
0 31,389
To whom it may concern, I have been unable to find data on the dissolution rate of calcium aluminate in a melt of...
Jun14-08 05:17 PM
0 3,260
Hi there I just got a new DSC about 2 Months ago and i am experiencing enormous problems with it. Slowly but surely i...
Jun20-08 04:48 AM
King Diamond
0 1,400
I have a sample of antimonial lead battery grids CHEMICAL COMPOSITION is attached PROBLEM I HAVE FOUND CRACKS IN...
Jul5-08 06:36 AM
nafis ul haq
0 1,926
hello need some information about the mechanism of chevron pattern in high strain rate: why the chevron pattern is...
Jul9-08 06:51 AM
0 1,960
Anyone can help me out? I would like to know why aluminium material is using for PU ( Polyurethane ) mould for shoes...
Jul11-08 02:34 AM
0 1,906
Question What colour would molten aluminium be if its daylight at 1000 degrees the reason is wether this is true...
Jul12-08 05:49 PM
0 3,208
Hi sorry Im rather new to all this but I was woundering if I could get some help? Im currently studdying for my...
Jul28-08 09:03 AM
0 3,571
Hello All, I am working on a project that requires me to construct framework out of plastic. But more specifically,...
Aug7-08 04:28 AM
0 3,935
How do i use cramers rule for a chemical equation such as (NH4)2PtCl6------>Pt + NH4Cl +N2, to find the chemical...
Aug31-08 09:57 PM
0 1,736
There's a couple of threads on high temperature materials, so I thought I start one on high temperature creep, which...
Sep7-08 11:04 AM
0 4,121
The US DOE and NIST both have programs that support research into an extraordinary array of materials, their...
Sep9-08 05:49 AM
0 4,271
Hi, Are there not hydrocarbons and not fluorocarbons lubricants that can be used in machinery? In order to...
Sep10-08 07:06 AM
0 1,702
Hi everyone, I was just wondering that why in the copper + zinc microstructure the dark phase forms after a light...
Sep15-08 07:39 PM
0 1,665
Sep21-08 03:43 AM
0 1,590
We're producing high quality steel castings which are then hot dip galvanized, so the surface has a layer of zinc in...
Sep25-08 05:38 AM
Bad Monkey
0 1,351
Hi all, I'm using comsol to do surface acoustic wave simulation. And all the material I read mentioned about...
Sep25-08 10:00 AM
0 2,077
Hey. Im a first year engineering student, and currently working on a design project. Part of the project requires me...
Sep26-08 12:10 AM
0 1,894
Hello, I am a new user here, and I am not too much into physics myself, so I don't know if this is the right...
Sep26-08 05:25 AM
0 1,552
I coated a ceramic figure with copper by heating it in my toaster oven, repeatedly pouring a copper sulfate solution...
Sep30-08 12:02 AM
0 3,732
Does anyone know the heat capacity (Cv or Cp) of Palladium acetate ?
Oct6-08 11:41 AM
0 1,349
Hi everyone, Not sure if this should be here or in the chemistry section. It's a question about chemical reactions...
Oct22-08 04:55 AM
Hugh O'Brien
0 1,529
Hi Is there any way to differenciate peaks of precipitates from matix, I got the pattern which seems superimpose of...
Oct27-08 06:58 AM
0 1,559
Hey PFers, So basically, we have these plates of bakelite that have on the order of 10^10 Ohms surface resistivity,...
Oct30-08 04:43 PM
0 1,576
In general, we can only get the electrical property of the films(such as polyester or polyimide) at room temperature....
Nov18-08 10:57 AM
0 1,237
Hi, I need some help here. I'm an MEng Materials with no full background in engineering. So I'm in a bit over my...
Nov19-08 07:56 AM
0 6,934
Do any on of you know any fluxing agent used for low temprature sintering in ANTI FERFOELECTRIC MATERAIL I.E LEAD...
Nov21-08 07:55 AM
Aqib Khan
0 1,659
hi am in desperate need.. can anyone help me with the following information; identify and list parts or components of...
Nov23-08 09:05 AM
the fugitive
0 1,713
In an orthogonal cutting operation, the 0.250 in wide tool has a rake angle of 6 degrees. The lathe is set so the...
Nov22-08 03:43 PM
0 4,058
Hi everyone first of all, natural uranium is not illegal in the unitedstates anyone can buy natural uranium try...
Dec1-08 11:18 PM
0 1,807
How can I make a strong electrolyte for a battery that is long lasting?
Dec4-08 02:11 PM
0 4,431
I'm studying in the field of piezoelectric material, and I'm looking to find some documents, books, or reference that...
Dec2-08 09:31 AM
0 3,024
Can anyone refer me to any good papers on Galling in metals and the wear mechanisms behind it? Its an urgent...
Dec6-08 01:38 PM
0 1,934
I need to come up with parameters that will affect adhesive bond strength; tensile strength, shear modulus, yield...
Dec10-08 11:54 PM
0 2,790
Is there any way for storage tank bottom lining membrane thickness calculation? I know the minimum amount is...
Dec16-08 09:02 AM
0 1,930
Hi to everyone! I have a 2 questions: 1. What is the best etching solution for Al 356? 2. What is the way to...
Dec24-08 02:41 PM
0 2,933
What is the equilibrium rate constant, or where would be a good place to look up the rate constant for the following...
Jan6-09 10:34 PM
0 2,199
do anyone know how to interpret the graph which the y axis = modulus, hardness VS x-axis = displacement into surface ....
Jan8-09 11:46 AM
0 2,855
Dear all I was looking for materials for making machine tool bodies (such as base, table, gearbox, column ,..of...
Jan9-09 09:05 PM
0 6,037
I have recently performed some experiments where I have loaded samples into a tube via a pipette. Unfortunately I...
Jan11-09 12:23 PM
0 1,037
Please explain what Gehman low temperature is measuring when applied to elastomeric polymers. I am trying to compare...
Feb2-09 06:32 PM
0 1,464

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