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Materials & Chemical Engineering

- Properties of matter and its applications. Metal Production, Fabrication, Distillation, Corrosion
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Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:01 PM
0 26,556
Hello , Particle size of exist MoS2 is under 30micron and I have to change them to below one micron by a ball mill. I...
Mar25-08 07:34 PM
1 1,724
Hello guys, nice to meet you all. It's kinda awkward since I'm new here and also just a freshmen in my university :)...
Nov27-11 08:42 PM
3 2,031
Zinc Alloy parts( Zn, with small % of Al, Cu,Pb, etc) become corroded with age. Refurbishing (Restoring) involves...
Jan18-11 10:41 PM
0 1,537
For years I heard all sorts of promises about materials made in space. An alloy of lead and aluminum was often...
Jun30-04 06:38 AM
1 3,921
Dear Friends Can anybody provide me the valus of the Youngs modulus and Poisson`s ratio of MgTiO3 (geikielite)...
Mar15-08 11:13 AM
1 1,567
I hope someone can help. I am an Production Engineer. We have a situation where we have to torque a 16mm copper cable...
Jul21-10 02:01 AM
2 5,737
Hi, does anybody know the youngs modulus for asphalts concrete? and perhaps some other properties?
Oct3-10 01:07 PM
0 4,512
Does a single crystal specimen have a smaller Young's Modulus than a polycrystalline specimen? I think a single...
Sep7-13 11:05 PM
1 2,232
I am investigating the Young's Modulus of certain materials and what factors have an effect on the Young's Modulus of...
Dec4-09 07:29 AM
4 7,755
I have a project to measure young modulus by measuring the deflection of a beam under point mass. I have derived the...
Aug19-09 06:53 AM
1 1,690
Are you interested in earning $100 to share your opinions? We're looking for Chemical Engineers, age 22- 35 to...
Mar9-09 10:46 AM
1 1,309
You are to design a tension member (square rod) with a cross section to carry a mass of 575 000 kg with a safety...
Sep28-10 02:36 AM
1 1,444
I have an application that involves forming 2024 aluminum in the T42 state. I need to determine the amount of elastic...
Mar16-12 10:04 PM
Ivan Seeking
2 1,656
Is Yield Stress for a fluid a real property? Or is it a time dependent illusion we are measuring? For example -...
May6-08 03:46 AM
11 3,839
I have every possible value and propertie for E-Glass fibre but i cant find yeild strength anywhere anyone know it?
Mar20-11 11:40 AM
2 4,351
Can someone help me explain how a plate of metal's yield strength changes as it is 1) Rolled (flattened) then 2)...
Feb15-05 04:27 PM
8 16,730
Hey, Just wondering, how would you find the yield strength for an elastomer just from the engineering stress-strain...
Nov24-05 01:13 AM
2 7,020
I have a steel material that has a yield strength of 515 mpa and a tensile strength of 615 mpa at zero degrees. What i...
Jul19-08 05:23 PM
3 8,117
Hi everybody, we are looking for powder XRD purchase to our University. Is anyone tell me what firm is better, what...
May25-09 12:38 PM
3 1,985
Hi Is there any way to differenciate peaks of precipitates from matix, I got the pattern which seems superimpose of...
Oct27-08 06:58 AM
0 1,469
Hi everyone, I have a question. Can we use XRD to tell if a material has a spinel or inverse structure? If yes, how...
Jul15-11 06:53 PM
1 3,102
Hello! I would like to ask your help in the interpretation of Xrd data from hydroxyapatite nanopowder. I know from...
Sep23-09 10:02 AM
1 2,780
I have performed heat treatment (aging) on my alloy. In this process fine precipitates form in the matrix of the...
Jan23-13 12:41 AM
5 2,337
I am doing a research project on measurement of residual stresses for Ti-6Al-4V that has been burnished. I did the...
Jul30-10 01:18 AM
1 1,394
Hi all, I am new in this forum. Could you please guide me how to analyze the XRD patterns of ZnO. Thanks & Regards
Jun30-09 07:13 PM
3 2,453
Hi All, I am new in this forum. Is any body who can guide me about the Peak Matching of XRD Analysis. I am looking...
Jul17-09 04:46 PM
2 4,589
Hi, guys. Did you ever encounter the problem of X-ray disappearing caused by size effect?
Jul29-09 09:39 AM
Lei Wang
8 2,300
I'm just curious: what happens when you write on a piece of paper with a pencil? Does the graphite actually penetrate...
Sep4-05 06:07 PM
1 1,478
My group is doing a research project for our technical writing class :/ We are studying carbon nanotube production,...
Nov6-10 10:40 AM
Dr Lots-o'watts
1 2,066
hi, i am about to start working in comsol, can anybody suggest me any books to read for this purpose. regards,
May13-09 12:57 PM
1 998
Anyone know the difference¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿
May23-13 08:58 AM
8 3,418
I've been confused for a long time and can't figure this out: In annealing process, after recrystallisation, new...
Jul17-13 11:13 AM
Rathy Cato
4 2,347
I have this friend who wants to study chemical engineering and has a criminal record, he is completely rehabilitated...
Apr24-12 03:26 PM
0 1,691
What property does wire drawing depend on? If ductility is the answer,then how is it related to young's modulus?...
Jan2-12 02:41 AM
0 1,484
I would like to calculate the dislocation from the WH plot. I have HRXRD mesurement results with (004),(111) and (115)...
Jun11-09 08:41 AM
1 12,722
Just like the title.As we know,the 1st ionization stage of water will release H and OH,and the 2nd stage is extra...
Jul15-07 02:12 AM
0 1,746
Hi, Could the ambitious project of developing a laser-powered space elevator turn science fiction into reality? ...
Mar18-11 02:28 AM
0 1,511
Hi I am doing a research on what material will suitable for using in solarcar suspension part and magnesium alloy...
Mar25-13 02:53 PM
11 3,066
Is there a material to convert kinetic energy to electricity? I had a great idea through a dream.. as I often do. The...
Sep24-11 10:12 AM
0 1,118
Why we use v-notch in charpy impact test ?
Aug25-13 03:44 AM
1 1,035

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