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Materials & Chemical Engineering

- Properties of matter and its applications. Metal Production, Fabrication, Distillation, Corrosion
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:01 PM
0 30,308
I just learn the finite element theory, now I have one problem, I want to calculate the four-node effective strain...
Sep16-11 06:48 AM
0 1,714
Hello I'm trying to find the equilibrium line of a gas-liquid (CO2-propylene carbonate). I have been given the moles...
Sep16-11 03:13 AM
0 1,497
We have 2D point coordinate before and after experiment(you can see the attachement), now we want to get the contour...
Sep15-11 07:14 PM
2 1,595
Preferably YBCO or BSCCO as I only have liquid nitrogen at my disposal. The issue I'm running into is that no HTS...
Sep15-11 11:08 AM
2 2,048
Do people do supercritical drying with water? The critical temperature and pressure of water - about 375 C and 3500...
Sep14-11 05:39 PM
4 4,098
Please I need Visual Basic algorithm for computing Hermite polynomials. Any one with useful info? Thanks.
Sep14-11 02:50 PM
1 1,768
Hello. This is the last question on HW. Q) Diamond and graphite are both made of carbon atoms. Explain why diamond...
Sep14-11 12:54 PM
1 2,386
I need to design a 2 component distillation column. This includes drawing a geometrical sketch of the column and the...
Sep14-11 08:34 AM
0 2,180
Hey everyone i'm in the process of designing an absorption tower (packed) to remove pure CO2 from a natural gas...
Sep14-11 03:06 AM
0 2,095
I have a environmental engineering problem to do for homework, it goes like this: How many mg/L of magnesium ion...
Sep13-11 10:16 PM
0 2,073
Hello all. I was inquisitive whether a diamond can be broken by a hammer. I think it can be, because diamond is the...
Sep13-11 08:10 AM
3 1,946
Hi .... my equations is : 1- if the refractive index of the dielectric material related with frequency ? if yes ,...
Sep10-11 04:58 AM
0 1,404
Guys please I need your help.. In article: “The enhancement of photodegradation efficiency using Pt–TiO2 catalyst”...
Sep9-11 09:45 AM
0 1,121
hey guys, i am planning on buying some pieces of bismuth, as well as machining a disc of aluminum so that there is a...
Sep8-11 02:28 PM
0 1,744
Many of you may be annoyed by my question. I'm sorry in advance. I've just finished my M.S. in Materials Science &...
Sep7-11 11:33 PM
2 2,008
Hello I am building a casing for Neodymium Magnet. I don't want to shield the power of the magnet in any way, and I...
Sep7-11 12:40 PM
4 3,302
Hi all, I have search far and wide for this answer and could not find it. During the late 80's and early 90's...
Sep7-11 11:58 AM
0 1,398
Fe is my favorite element. I love her less-than-absolute, yet still high, opacity to thermal energy as well as her...
Sep5-11 03:26 AM
1 1,735
The problem statement says to derive the concentration as a function of time for the general three species first order...
Aug31-11 09:42 PM
0 1,543
I want T91 steel with high quality,but not very much for irradiation research.I would be very thankful if someone...
Aug31-11 07:05 AM
2 2,096
Right now I am using silver solder to combine heating elements on a copper pipe. This is becoming very expensive. Any...
Aug29-11 09:04 PM
3 3,107
I am trying to find out how much it costs to make synthetic fuels from electricity and appropriate feed stock. Some...
Aug29-11 08:10 PM
2 2,271
We have 3 interstage coolers for a Synthesis gas compressor.Synthesis gas is mostly H2 & N2 with small Ar & CH4.Tube...
Aug29-11 07:51 PM
1 2,868
What is A0 temperature in Iron-carbon equilibrium diagram? Above and below that line what is happening? When I asked...
Aug29-11 07:02 AM
0 1,845
Hiii heeeeeelp please. I am new here and hope to find a solution and an easy to understand explanation to my...
Aug28-11 09:56 AM
4 3,038
Me and my colleagues are in disagreement over a question that appears on a paper. The question is-To which category...
Aug27-11 02:33 AM
4 2,523
Hi friends Is there any material which is electrically non-conductive but thermally highly conductive. ...
Aug26-11 12:42 PM
26 38,890
I am designing a bike frame and I want to know how much heat will be generated between the rubber brake pads and the...
Aug24-11 07:06 PM
27 13,707
I need to insulate the area between two heat sinks. The gap is about 10mm, and the bottoms of the heat sinks are...
Aug22-11 05:28 PM
4 3,857
Hey guys, there is this superhard question (atleast for me). Ive been trying at it for days but I seem to get nowhere....
Aug22-11 04:12 PM
3 3,438
What would cause rupture disks on a high DP centrifugal pump suction to pop every time the pump is shut down. The...
Aug22-11 10:55 AM
0 2,255
Hey people, I am new to materials and I need some help with a question related to why proof stress is used in...
Aug22-11 07:41 AM
0 3,026
Hello, I'm brushing up on my heat transfer / vector calculus, when I realized that my notes were all for isotropic...
Aug22-11 06:33 AM
2 2,177
My sister has a question: thanks!
Aug18-11 11:45 PM
15 2,801
If you have a large collection of hard sphere's and drop them into a bucket, then shook the bucket, would the sphere's...
Aug17-11 03:12 PM
5 3,031
Hello, I have one short question. Can I somehow get the information of the composition of the material...
Aug15-11 06:46 AM
5 3,443
whats is the difference between crystalline and non-crystalline ceramics?
Aug14-11 09:24 AM
Panthera Leo
3 10,899
I am Looking for a green color molecule less than 3 angstrom in size... I have found Cr2O3 but its greater than...
Aug13-11 08:43 AM
4 2,804
I was wondering about the volume of solid material under constant temperature, but variable preasure... What is the...
Aug12-11 09:42 PM
Panthera Leo
8 3,223
what is eutectoid composition for an iron-carbon alloy? what would happen to the iron-carbon alloy while cooled...
Aug12-11 09:53 AM
2 4,625

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