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Materials & Chemical Engineering

- Properties of matter and its applications. Metal Production, Fabrication, Distillation, Corrosion
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:01 PM
0 31,368
Hi, Need some advice. Were implementing a new Boiler System in our Plant. Im trying to calculate the Net...
Oct21-11 03:24 PM
0 1,545
Hello everybody! I am working on bubble formation issue in electroosmotic pumps. Those bubble are formed by water...
Oct20-11 06:27 AM
8 3,041
As part of an assignment I have to redisign a product using an eco-material. I choose phone covers. From the...
Oct15-11 08:46 PM
1 2,783
Wikipedia states that highest available voltage of supercapacitors available for now is 5V. What kind of electrolytes...
Oct15-11 04:10 PM
0 2,540
Hi , Is it possible to strengthen aluminium with interstitial strengthening by carbon?I couldn't find any aluminium...
Oct15-11 07:43 AM
5 5,681
Deformation-Mechanism Maps, The Plasticity and Creep of Metals and Ceramics, by Harold J Frost, Dartmouth College,...
Oct15-11 05:56 AM
2 3,286
Hi guys, i have been searching for ages to get figures for the proof or yield strength of EN1A steel, which is now...
Oct14-11 08:39 AM
4 12,315
Derive the fundamental equations of thermodynamics for an open system containing a onecomponent fluid in terms of the...
Oct13-11 10:08 PM
1 2,035
Background info: This is for a trebuchet I plan on building. Obviously lighter is better especially for the throwing...
Oct12-11 12:11 PM
7 6,117
Hello all, Thanks for potentially allowing me to waste your time with a simple question. I am designing a...
Oct12-11 12:05 PM
3 3,289
Hello and thanks in advance for any help given. I have attached a drawing of sorts (please excuse the novice attempt)...
Oct12-11 04:56 AM
1 5,566
Let's say I have a maxwell body, with a behavior of exponential decay in stress relaxation test. Let's say that that a...
Oct12-11 12:29 AM
0 1,331
Hi, I am a biomechanist looking into Achilles tendon injuries. I was at a conference the other day and they were...
Oct11-11 05:08 PM
2 2,027
Hi, In our chemical company, the pipe spec for check valves prescribes stellited material for disc and seat. Now,...
Oct11-11 10:09 AM
1 1,807
Hi, I have an annular disc that looks like the following: ...
Oct10-11 08:54 AM
2 1,931
can you simply extract the elasticity from ultrasound medical images? I don't know ultrasound very much but I just...
Oct10-11 08:44 AM
1 1,622
I sell a machine that cleans oil coolers and heat exchangers with oil. I now want to put 10%-20% muriatic/water in it...
Oct9-11 10:09 PM
1 1,432
Hi guys, i'm currently doing an assignment which seems to be beyond my knowledge and would like to ask for some helps....
Oct9-11 10:07 PM
1 2,203
I would like your expert opinion regarding my hypothesis on the Mechanism for formation of Carbides in Upper and lower...
Oct8-11 03:46 PM
0 1,379
I require knowledge of rate law of emulsion polymerisation . Any standard reaction's rate law would suffice .
Oct8-11 03:43 PM
0 1,532
Hi, I'm researching a potential masters project involving incorporating piezoelectric crystals into a ceramic so...
Oct8-11 04:27 AM
7 2,444
The diffusion of Ni in FCC Fe. There is 0.3 atoms % of Ni in a solid solution in FCC Fe @ point x. Point y is 1 mm...
Oct7-11 12:39 PM
0 1,551
Hi to all, I'm in this problem: I've got to prepare a solution of Ca(OH)2 with pH=13.2 . On Perry I read that the...
Oct7-11 01:59 AM
7 3,058
I read an article a week or so ago talking about using a semiconductor to disrupt a magnetic field. Generally a...
Oct5-11 10:26 PM
0 1,442
I have the answer to this question but I'm finding it hard making sense of it... Q5) Dervive a relationship...
Oct5-11 12:36 PM
2 1,954
Its been a while since I took thermo. I was looking through my notes regarding fugacity at chemical equilibrium. There...
Oct5-11 06:06 AM
1 2,259
Hi everyone, I'm trying to solve a problem concerning steady state and dynamic models of chemical reactor. I...
Oct3-11 06:15 PM
0 1,239
As I understand it, carbon nanotube (CNT) exhibits quantised conductance (2e^2/h) because the mean free path length...
Oct1-11 10:09 AM
0 1,266
Hello All, I'm hoping someone can assist me in locating a stress amplitude vs. cycles curve (S N curve) for a...
Oct1-11 05:24 AM
1 3,369
Hello everybody, i have the following question. How can i determine the natural frequency of plexiglass or any other...
Sep29-11 07:02 PM
0 2,856
Hi, So the other day we performed the Jominy quench test on 4 different steel samples. We followed the standard...
Sep29-11 06:05 PM
0 1,879
Hello all, I am conducting some experiments in which the samples are to be produced via hot pressing. However, I...
Sep27-11 11:33 AM
0 1,224
I have questions regarding Chemical Engineering, which I am considering as a major at UC San Diego. I am good at math...
Sep26-11 01:31 AM
4 3,226
Hello, I have somewhat of a difficult question. First of all I have to say I am not an engineer. I need help in...
Sep25-11 06:24 PM
1 1,510
Hello, I am new here and I joined because I was wondering if I could find any help concerning finding heat from...
Sep25-11 02:55 PM
Physics quest
0 1,578
Hi, I want to try and make some steel alloy in an induction furnace. I have gone through youtube, Engineering...
Sep25-11 09:54 AM
1 2,108
Is there a material to convert kinetic energy to electricity? I had a great idea through a dream.. as I often do. The...
Sep24-11 10:12 AM
0 1,177
Could somebody explain how pseudocapacitors store energy? In other explanations I found such exression as ``fast...
Sep21-11 07:12 PM
0 1,620
Please let me know the significance of using P80 and F80 in the Bond's law.
Sep20-11 11:00 PM
0 2,204
Hi! Iam doing metal sheet forming simulations and I want to find a material for AA6082 and I wanted to use a power law...
Sep20-11 03:46 PM
1 2,045

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