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Materials & Chemical Engineering

- Properties of matter and its applications. Metal Production, Fabrication, Distillation, Corrosion
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Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:01 PM
0 26,628
I am building a model rigid airship, and in order to maintain it's structure I used a balsa frame. Unfortunately this...
Aug1-11 10:56 PM
2 3,727
Ok folks, newbie here, with ideas of granduer. I need to find out if the magnetic resonances of 304 stainless and 316...
Aug1-11 10:50 PM
1 2,653
hi everyone, i am try to figure out what is the differences of precipitation hardening and martensitic transformation...
Aug1-11 10:41 PM
2 3,636
Hello, I am developing an analytical approach to determine the creep constants of a constitutive model for...
Aug1-11 10:25 PM
6 3,516
hi ive got this 3mm iron-chromium-aluminium wire fixed at both ends, heated to approx 1000k (max 1200K) and suspended...
Aug1-11 10:18 PM
3 3,264
Hello everybody, I know that we can just apply Henry's law when there is a thermodynamic balance between for...
Jul29-11 02:38 PM
0 2,150
Can a burgers vector with arbitrary direction exist in FCC and BCC? Is it theoretically possible that any burger...
Jul29-11 12:38 AM
0 2,281
I am wondering if I heat Fe2+ Or Mn2+ in air at 700 to 1000 C, does their oxidation number change??? if yes, how...
Jul28-11 03:08 PM
3 2,552
I am wanting to build a small scale Redox flow battery as a fun project. I know there is a list of flow batteries...
Jul28-11 12:08 AM
0 1,793
Periodically, I receive useful information on materials. This short note was sent from ASM. Two most common...
Jul27-11 06:32 PM
18 12,392
Hey everybody! Im new to this forum and im seeking some help. I have recently started to work on my master thesis....
Jul27-11 11:17 AM
0 1,928
I need to know diffusivity values to test a model I've made. I need to get these values experimentally or...
Jul25-11 09:09 AM
0 2,904
Hi guys, I kept trying different searches in Google and it kept bringing me to threads on this forum, so I thought it...
Jul20-11 03:46 AM
2 2,394
Hello all, I need some help with a sheet metal part I am going to produce. The part consists of 12ga A572 grade 50...
Jul19-11 05:39 AM
6 2,896
Hello. This is my first post here and I come shamelessly looking for help. I'm an Electronic Engineer and have...
Jul18-11 04:25 PM
4 2,200
I'm just brainstorming here, really. How might resistance change across a sample of metal due merely to the...
Jul17-11 11:45 PM
0 1,585
Hello can someone please tell me the difference between stiffness and hardness and between strength and toughness? ...
Jul17-11 11:37 AM
3 12,023
Hi everyone, I have a question. Can we use XRD to tell if a material has a spinel or inverse structure? If yes, how...
Jul15-11 06:53 PM
1 3,106
hey everyone im israel im new here. I was wondering if anybody knew of an epoxy that could withstand high...
Jul15-11 01:02 PM
1 2,776
Wikipedia says that which is about 11 kWh/L. I was given an unbiased (but not necessarily correct) number that the...
Jul14-11 07:56 AM
4 4,238
Nickel-Iron batteries are making a comeback in the renewable-energy industry. My personal interest happens to be for...
Jul12-11 11:54 AM
4 3,599
Hi there, I'm just curious as to how to determine the moisture content of some concrete we've recently set. I was...
Jul12-11 10:52 AM
6 11,889
I've been doing tons of research on Fick's Law. I understand how to derive it and what its used for. I just need to...
Jul11-11 06:48 AM
6 19,172
Why the slope of typical stress-strain curve decreases after yielding? If it is strain-hardening, why less stress is...
Jul10-11 10:49 AM
4 4,166
Hello Rockwell B or Rockwell E - which one is better to measure the hardness of aluminum alloys? Thank you!
Jul8-11 02:23 AM
5 5,747
Hi, I'm Mai from one of the semiconductor company. I'm in charge in supplier quality enginnering. I have an issue...
Jul7-11 08:32 PM
1 2,309
I want to make an heirloom mechanical pendulum clock that is very tradition in design and yet will accurately work for...
Jul7-11 12:07 AM
3 3,152
I'm currently in the process of designing a golf application. Because of what it is, it needs the following...
Jul6-11 11:25 AM
2 2,207
I'm trying to understand the mechanisms behind precipate hardening, and I am not able to find a good source to explain...
Jul6-11 12:50 AM
5 30,824
Dear All, I am curious to know about some materials listed below- Mumetals, Permalloy, Supermalloy, Permendur,...
Jul5-11 08:18 AM
0 1,415
I understand what a carbon nanotube is. I have some experience with geodesic domes and the way those shapes can be...
Jul4-11 06:11 PM
3 5,337
Hi I was wondering if, for water, is it possible for ice and water vapour to co-exist at some temperature and...
Jul4-11 07:45 AM
16 3,865
Hi In the textbook I was reading, they were trying to derive the formula for exergy and I got confused. They...
Jul3-11 11:28 PM
17 6,203
hi, i want to design a heat exchanger where on hotter side i am using hot combustion gases of coal burning and on the...
Jul3-11 08:13 AM
0 1,469
Hi, Can anyone tell me at what temperature a 25micron sulphuric acid anodic coating will start to breakdown. I have...
Jul3-11 07:35 AM
1 2,245
Does anyone know of any polymers that are compatible/approved for use inside the body that don't degrade? I can find...
Jul3-11 03:41 AM
1 2,345
Hi, first post! I have a first year exam tomorrow, but I can't find any where which gives a good explanation of the...
Jul3-11 01:13 AM
6 23,171
hi everyone, i`m looking for a material which has those specs i mentioned above in the title. -high temperature...
Jul3-11 12:36 AM
0 2,854
My Iowa farm has a 38'x60' aluminum quonset hut built in 1948. Any idea on how much this all aluminum building may...
Jun30-11 09:31 PM
0 2,389
I tried to set up a electrolysis cell to produce hydrogen and oxygen. I used 2 stainless steel plates in KOH it...
Jun28-11 08:35 PM
14 3,142

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