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Materials & Chemical Engineering

- Properties of matter and its applications. Metal Production, Fabrication, Distillation, Corrosion
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:01 PM
0 31,422
I have this friend who wants to study chemical engineering and has a criminal record, he is completely rehabilitated...
Apr24-12 03:26 PM
0 1,846
At our recycled paper mill we are planning to install a spray starch system to help with ply-bond ....
Apr26-12 08:33 PM
0 2,275
hi all , I am a new member in physics forums and I hope I can help and get benefit from this forums . I would...
Apr27-12 11:18 AM
falah alajmi
1 2,032
I'm taking a second-year chemical engineering course online with BYU (link:...
Apr27-12 08:12 PM
2 2,502
I was wondering if anyone knew of the potential downsides of using this material to replace a piece of 1/4 low carbon...
Apr28-12 10:41 AM
2 3,587
Hi all, I am simulating torsion tests (after being successful with tension and compression tests). For tension and...
May1-12 10:00 PM
1 2,188
When mixing special grades of alloys, or even in commercial production of common alloys, furnaces are often used where...
May3-12 09:21 PM
2 1,717
If you have a colloid of 2 types of nanoparticles and tune the conditions (pH, salt) in such a way that one of the two...
May4-12 04:45 AM
2 1,977
Mohrís circle for a material loaded in uniaxial tension of 250MPa. Where is the plane of maximum shear stress? If...
May6-12 03:34 AM
0 2,179
Can someone please help me with this exam question!!! Calculate the cutting time for the following drilling...
May7-12 11:40 AM
0 1,535
Chemical engineering in general (career wise) and chemical engineering the program in most universities in Ontario,...
May8-12 06:38 PM
0 1,612
Say I have a painted/coated steel beam. Some of the paint peels off in certain areas. Rust forms. Could the rust be...
May11-12 09:26 AM
0 1,472
Hi I want to know what is inside a grain boundary? Is it a gas or vacuum
May11-12 08:27 PM
2 2,024
What are the factors which influence yield stress in polycrystalline fcc metals? I'm thinking of: a. grain...
May12-12 05:35 AM
0 954
correct me if I'm wrong please: Initial slip system is (-1-11) If I have a tensile axis orientated in , as...
May12-12 05:45 AM
0 1,639
a common complaint I see in online reviews for various types of durable, weather proof bags is that they actually turn...
May12-12 07:45 AM
0 1,532
if a bottle is pressurizd to 0.01 mpa above atmospheric pressure (0.1Mpa) which pressure shall I take to calculate the...
May12-12 11:08 AM
0 1,599
PLEASE. I really need this! (im preparing the course by myself and have no one to ask to!!!! a hose in a...
May12-12 12:09 PM
0 1,255
Hi. In most cases, the relative permittivity of dielectric materials must be maximised. However, there are some...
May13-12 03:43 AM
0 1,486
Hi... i have an exercise to do and I'm not sure abotu it: a hollow pole, is constructed from epoxy vf=0.4 with the...
May13-12 02:41 PM
0 1,502
Is there a material that acts as a membrane for light that allows light to pass through it one way from all angles,...
May14-12 06:47 AM
0 1,421
Greetings! We are currently doing a study about the elemental composition of ambient particles in the atmosphere. ...
May14-12 08:34 PM
2 1,812
Has anybody produced single walled carbon nanotubes by hydrothermal processing?
May15-12 01:11 AM
0 1,490
Hello Pals, My fiance is going to school for chemical engineering. I have read the statistics pertaining to...
May16-12 06:53 AM
1 3,070
Hi Folks, Not the best at this so hoping somebidy can help me. I have a 67.4 litre vessel and I'm filling it...
May16-12 07:19 PM
3 1,651
I need to build a pressure accumulator which will be then used as a spring actually (upper side of the accumulator...
May17-12 07:56 AM
0 1,414
Would it be practical to make a solar battery maintainer for my daily driven car using a small like 0.5 watt solar...
May17-12 10:40 AM
0 1,404
Hi, my current research is to determine the thickness and the index of refraction of semiconductor materials.. using...
May18-12 02:26 AM
0 1,583
I need to calculate the force of a pin impacting a solid metal. I know the shape of the indenter, the precise shape...
May21-12 12:47 PM
1 2,074
Can someone please assist or direct me to sources to modulate the dispersion of Ammonia in air. I have 240 kg of...
May22-12 11:25 AM
0 1,623
I'm interested in calculating the diffusion of iron atoms through silicon. A small, but known, amount of iron is...
May22-12 07:50 PM
0 1,430
hello, today I faced a problem with explaining why in anaerobic process the volume of UASB reactor is smaller than...
May26-12 04:21 PM
1 2,419
I drink a lot of espresso. From my minimal knowledge of espresso machines, I understand that the water is heated into...
May27-12 05:37 AM
Simon Bridge
1 1,679
Hello, I will be honest and upfront, I am truly no chemist and actually have no clue on what to do.. I am trying...
May27-12 07:51 AM
3 1,748
Hi there, I need help about how to solve the flexural rigidity (D) of a composite. For instance, if I have two...
May27-12 03:50 PM
0 1,995
Hi all, I want to read more about this topic and materials that have this property. Currently all I can find are...
May28-12 11:34 PM
0 1,174
I know how to do heat capacity problems but i am unsure of how to do them when two materials are combined together....
May29-12 03:02 AM
2 1,814
Hi, I've already made a question and recently received a reply. My question is how does a microcantilever have a...
May29-12 06:35 PM
2 1,487
Hi, I want to do a very simplified model to try to modelize the change of temperature in ultrasonic welding of...
May31-12 05:37 AM
0 1,398
A concurrent flow rotary dryer is used for drying solids to reduce its moisture content from 3.5% to 1%. Dry...
Jun4-12 06:46 AM
0 1,612

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