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Materials & Chemical Engineering

- Properties of matter and its applications. Metal Production, Fabrication, Distillation, Corrosion
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:01 PM
0 30,414
Hi, I've been reading PF threads for a long time but never really had a question to ask.. until recently. I am...
Dec30-13 06:28 PM
3 1,387
There is a recent project I have been working on that requires the use of Isobutane as a propellant/solvent, so I have...
Dec27-13 09:13 PM
5 2,199
Hi everyone, can anybody suggest a characterization technique for a coating layer. i have a polymer substrate,...
Dec18-13 02:16 PM
1 1,400
Hi I want to do DSC analyses of P3HT PCBM film (active layer of the solar cell), but I'm not sure how to obtain...
Dec16-13 11:13 PM
Hyo X
1 1,491
I need help in below matter. During the classes on my college we used this type of testing stand with force gauges :...
Dec16-13 06:06 PM
1 1,370
Hello, I'm not sure if this is in the right section, but I figured chemical engineering would be best for this. I...
Dec13-13 04:48 PM
2 1,522
So from the first law for a closed system, dU=dQ-dW=dQ-PdV From the second law, dS=dQ/T + Sgenerated (i.e....
Dec13-13 07:58 AM
3 1,912
Hi Could anyone tell me the procedure for the cleaning ITO substrates for organic solar cells? This was my...
Dec10-13 08:28 AM
2 1,725
Hi! I wonder what happened to fuel-cell technology. Is it so simple that hydrogen just couldn't be kept...
Dec8-13 08:10 PM
63 45,606
We briefly got an intro to carbon nanotubes in our nanomaterials class, and the professor only briefly introduced...
Dec5-13 03:09 PM
1 1,579
Hello, I am interested in estimating/modelling the behavior of a rubber stud mount...
Dec4-13 05:30 PM
0 1,425
Hi everyone. Recently, I did (002) XRD scanning to get the rocking curve of a sample of GaN. From the measurement,...
Dec3-13 04:30 AM
1 3,423
Fluorescent tube lamp (FTL), in very simple words, produces light from excitation of atoms due to bombardments of...
Dec1-13 01:40 PM
1 1,505
Hi, I found this forum while looking for a formula online and am hoping someone here can help me. I'm having chairs...
Nov30-13 09:39 AM
4 1,755
I have a difficult problem on my research exploration for math. I am modeling the convection currents of boiling...
Nov29-13 04:17 PM
3 1,832
Hi, I am working with a scanning electron microscope with the SED and it works fine. I have tried on several...
Nov26-13 01:24 PM
2 1,834
Hi I am bit confused regarding the heating/calorific value of petrol (used for vehicle) extracted from crude oil...
Nov25-13 07:24 PM
7 1,700
So the expression for Gibb's free energy is: dG = -SdT + VdP + μdN, Here, we see that the Gibb's free energy...
Nov24-13 04:22 PM
4 2,340
Hi every one . I am trying to make nanocomposite and I need to solve nano Tio2 in water many paper said that it...
Nov20-13 02:48 PM
4 1,674
I want to exchange my Au-citrate nanoparticle with two kinds of ligands :PEG-COOH and PEG-OH. Which one is suppose to...
Nov19-13 01:19 PM
2 1,554
Does anyone know of where I can find any good free online video lectures of materials processing, environmental...
Nov16-13 02:51 PM
Barry Bonobo
0 1,437
Hi, I am trying to find out what material heat resistant washers are on a BBQ. that material looks like fiberglass and...
Nov15-13 02:37 PM
2 1,825
In those days ice was transported from mountain regions to towns and cities, so that, for example, wealthy families...
Nov15-13 10:08 AM
15 2,435
Does any of you know about Lithium fluoride (LiF) etching/patterning? I'm wondering if I can pattern a slab of LiF...
Nov12-13 06:35 PM
2 1,782
The chips used for surface plasmon resonance are fairly expensive. Does anyone know what nanofabrication techniques...
Nov12-13 04:02 PM
3 1,544
Here's the thing. I want to measure the surface charge of the alginate beads synthesized in our lab. It's about 400μm...
Nov12-13 03:42 PM
2 1,480
Is it true we don't understand well how it works (even in many system catalyst) or is it mapped to 100% accuracy...
Nov12-13 10:13 AM
0 1,367
Hello to all, I am new here, with almost the same question like on this thread: ...
Nov7-13 12:19 PM
6 1,907
Hi, I am new to the forum and would like your thoughts and idea on a project I am currently working on as a...
Nov6-13 08:03 AM
3 1,647
Hi, I'm new to this forum and I could use some help. I'm a freshman in highschool and for a school project, we have...
Nov4-13 09:02 PM
4 1,649
Hello, I was wondering, if you have a reactor with a recycle and purge stream, is it the case that a nonreactive...
Nov3-13 12:23 PM
0 1,323
Do you know why it's important for rubber to be resilient? and does anybody have an example of an object that is made...
Nov3-13 08:29 AM
2 1,411
Hello - fundamental thermo question which is puzzling me... It concerns a multiple effect evaporator with...
Oct31-13 04:05 PM
James MEng
0 1,387
how can we understand that in an isobaric system diffusion of one species can cause motion of the other...
Oct31-13 12:49 PM
0 1,203
how can we understand total molar concentration remains constant in a isobaric isothermal system? if it is from...
Oct31-13 10:37 AM
2 1,292
Other than molecular weight, what are the factors which affect the melt flow rate of thermoplastic?
Oct30-13 11:31 PM
Hyo X
1 1,434
Hello, I have two images taken of a metal sample that were snapped by a charpy impact test. The image with the...
Oct30-13 11:20 PM
Hyo X
4 2,143
Hi,all. a book(j.p holman,heat transfer 7e,chapter 11) gives C (subindex)A = (ro) subindex A= P subindex A x M...
Oct30-13 11:13 AM
1 1,428
I placed some polystyrene dishes in an oven. Now, the melting temperature of this material is 240C. And I was at a...
Oct26-13 03:32 PM
1 1,331
I'm looking to replace a 6x6x12 pressure treated post with 4x4 steel tubing. I was looking at a steel handbook and...
Oct25-13 12:52 PM
16 2,247

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