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Materials & Chemical Engineering

- Properties of matter and its applications. Metal Production, Fabrication, Distillation, Corrosion
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Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:01 PM
0 26,617
Hey. I really want to know if it is possible in some way, to remove the fog created by a smoke machine. The fog...
Oct12-13 02:43 AM
3 1,012
and if they are, to what extent?
Oct11-13 03:20 PM
8 1,419
Hello, Suppose I have a primitive cubic cell with 8 atoms, one on each corner of the cube. I don't understand how...
Oct11-13 02:32 PM
1 948
I want to build a box that is warmed by sunlight. I was told that aluminum in the sun is much cooler than bare...
Oct11-13 02:21 PM
1 948
I have the XRD image of a PZT thin film. While trying to analyze it with JADE software I can not find the proper...
Oct11-13 11:47 AM
2 864
Can someone provide me with a general understanding of the steps involved in completing this problem. How do I get...
Oct10-13 11:10 AM
1 931
Hello, I am curious as to what the purpose of the dimples in a condenser is for? Here is an accompanying photo to...
Oct9-13 10:34 PM
1 738
Hey guys. I've been cracking whole day over this question to no avail. I mean I have no idea if it's correct or wrong....
Oct9-13 10:02 AM
1 958
I'm a materials student, doing a bigger project on high temperature polymers (mostly polyimide). Right now I'm...
Oct5-13 12:30 AM
Simon Bridge
1 911
I am looking for information on the material, grade and method of manufacture of two ramshorn hooks (each rated at 925...
Oct3-13 01:47 PM
2 1,824
For example a phone in a case is dropped, would it suffer more in a plastic case or a rubber case? Thanks
Oct2-13 09:12 PM
3 1,176
Hello, I was wondering if it is allowed when doing problems on multiple unit mass balances to switch the basis made...
Sep28-13 10:13 AM
1 886
Hi folks, I was interested in developing a tiny co2 cartridge and wanted to ask a few questions of anyone who...
Sep25-13 01:45 AM
12 1,355
Suppose I am putting a compound A in a reactor where the reaction A → B is occuring. If the concentration of A coming...
Sep22-13 10:14 PM
1 883
I am not certain how write U(h,s). I know that ∂u = T*∂s - P*∂v, but how to I substitute an enthalpy expression in...
Sep21-13 03:54 PM
0 961
Hello, I just finished my lower division chemistry/physics sequence, and next semester I am transferring and will...
Sep21-13 05:24 AM
10 2,334
What is mean by advanced materials science and engineering
Sep21-13 05:19 AM
7 2,149
Dear all, I would like to simulate a HID lamp. This lamp is operated at a pressure of 2.8 atm and has a core...
Sep20-13 02:59 AM
0 841
I would like to identify a mysteriously dense metal I have in my possession. I bought a big box of engineering bits,...
Sep18-13 09:56 AM
6 1,202
I was trying to emulate a packed bed reactor, and apparently the pressure midway at the packed column became zero,...
Sep18-13 06:21 AM
9 1,329
PTFE (teflon) is used as a lubricant and for related properties. When sprayed abudantly it leaves a white coating...
Sep17-13 09:52 PM
0 890
Hello, I was wondering, is it the case that a CSTR is an open system because there is flow passing in and out of...
Sep16-13 08:08 PM
1 1,150
Hi there We are two students that are looking for a specific plastic material for our project. We need to print...
Sep12-13 05:47 AM
0 821
Refer to the attached drawing for more details . In this distillation column acetone is to be separated from a...
Sep11-13 11:16 PM
0 885
I've posted questions on other forums asking people why they became engineers, and the majority of people claimed they...
Sep11-13 08:49 PM
8 1,411
Hello, My professor did a lecture about mass conservation in a system. He basically explained the lining that...
Sep10-13 07:08 PM
3 1,044
I'm not sure I fully understand the difference between thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity as thermal...
Sep8-13 07:15 PM
1 1,521
I would like to know if you can tell me the name of websites where I can put an ad to recruit a temporary chemical...
Sep8-13 02:25 PM
3 972
Does a single crystal specimen have a smaller Young's Modulus than a polycrystalline specimen? I think a single...
Sep7-13 11:05 PM
1 2,250
What is mean by carbon based material "C0.2"
Sep7-13 08:32 AM
1 769
Question, If I make a rocket engine using KNO3 fuel and bentonite clay for the nozzle, shouldn't the ISP of the...
Sep6-13 07:36 AM
7 1,238
Hi, what is the differencce between flash evaporation and cavitation ? Can i apply cavitation model for flash...
Sep3-13 12:44 AM
2 1,106
Hi all, These are few preliminary questions, if someone could help me with: 1. What are the impacts of EM field...
Sep2-13 09:47 AM
0 813
Hello, Quick run-down: I am attempting to model thin film materials (e.g. Ti-Al-N) for thermal analysis. I am...
Sep2-13 02:41 AM
2 1,306
Hey everybody, a couple years ago, I came across the top gear video for the Arial atom: a ~1000 lbs road legal...
Sep1-13 12:13 PM
2 4,187
I keep on reading that VLE data may be calculated from the Redlich-Kwong. In line with this, I have these questions: ...
Sep1-13 11:31 AM
1 1,044
I don't know if this is the right forum but I'm curious. Companies are searching for alternatives like copper and zinc...
Aug30-13 04:39 PM
5 1,026
Over about the last decade I have encountered with increasing frequency a black corrosion on the strands of copper...
Aug30-13 03:53 PM
jim hardy
3 842
Does anyone on this forum have any experience in soft ferrites production? I am Electronic and Control Engineer, and...
Aug29-13 06:23 AM
0 763
Hello , Pursuant to a relentless mugging into material data sheets,I am still unable to identify the material of a...
Aug28-13 02:27 PM
1 823

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