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Materials & Chemical Engineering

- Properties of matter and its applications. Metal Production, Fabrication, Distillation, Corrosion
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:01 PM
0 31,400
Hi, Sorry for the semi-book here I am working on a project where I am mixing h-BN nanoparticles into a polymer...
Apr9-14 06:14 PM
2 904
Hi, Does anybody know a material which is a good thermal conductor and an insulator at the same time (at...
Apr7-14 06:16 PM
5 1,093
Good Morning everyone.. Has there been discussion on here regarding alternate shapes for compressed air cylinders...
Apr7-14 12:32 PM
2 791
The title pretty much says it all. I want to know if any piezoelectric materials can fully function in constant...
Apr6-14 11:36 PM
1 755
Hey, this was the question could someone please help? "An aluminium single crystal alloy aircraft component is...
Apr5-14 08:30 PM
2 915
I'm familiar with the process of friction stir welding, which has been used with great success for assembling the fuel...
Apr3-14 03:41 PM
1 881
We are looking at designing a 10" diameter, 48" long payload shroud (Ogive nose cone) for a large hobby rocket. We...
Apr2-14 12:56 PM
1 634
Hi Im currently doing an HND in chemical engineering and everyone in my class has to do a project of their own...
Apr1-14 10:56 AM
33 26,442
Hello, I am wondering how I could create only ferrite and martensite from a hypoeutectoid plain carbon steel. I am...
Mar22-14 06:36 PM
1 2,082
Hello, I was wondering if you have for example, a 6/8 mesh, does that mean for the particle diameter you do 0.5(D6) +...
Mar21-14 10:55 AM
1 1,006
What can a PH meter tell you about the quality of fluid it is measuring?
Mar17-14 06:44 AM
Simon Bridge
1 1,004
How does one effect absorption of aerosols properly? I am doing a conceptual design to get rid of an aerosol...
Mar9-14 10:46 PM
0 936
I am looking for a commonly available, non toxic material (i.e. on the market today for a relatively low price) that...
Mar9-14 10:10 PM
Simon Bridge
3 931
Hullo, I've just only begun looking at phase diagrams of a 5 component alloy and wanted to know if there is a...
Mar7-14 06:52 AM
0 918
Hello, I have been doing Lee/Kesler correlations ad nauseum to compare with calculated values for residual enthalpy...
Mar3-14 01:04 AM
0 1,050
Hey guys, So in one of my classes we are studying composite materials. We did an experiment where a piece of...
Feb27-14 07:09 AM
1 1,471
Hey there! What's the strongest material ever-existed? By means of either man-made or occurred naturally. Please...
Feb26-14 03:37 PM
3 1,571
can any one please give me the answer for addition of carbon to cast iron beyond 6.67%..
Feb20-14 10:18 PM
3 1,343
Hey Lads :) , I'm searching for an heat and electricity insulation to use for a copper rod carrying heat from the...
Feb19-14 11:01 AM
0 962
I am looking for a way to map gases over a city, what are some ways I could do that? This is a theoretical experiment...
Feb18-14 10:42 PM
2 1,007
Hi guys, As the title suggest I am an student chemical engineer and was wondering if anybody could advise on some...
Feb18-14 06:55 PM
7 1,357
I have a basic question concerning strength and weight of materials. Please forgive me if my question is...
Feb14-14 08:19 PM
2 1,117
Hello PFs, (It should be eco-friendly project) I am working on ICE using hydrogen fuel. My very first step is to...
Feb14-14 03:38 AM
7 1,235
Hi all, I read The unit cell is the smallest structure that repeats itself by translation through the crystal. ...
Feb12-14 10:17 AM
3 1,239
Hello, I was wondering if when calculating the fanning friction factor, do english units need to be used? The...
Feb11-14 11:11 PM
4 1,203
I have the pipe size, flow rate, and a duration. How can I figure out the amount of fluid that was released from...
Feb7-14 07:02 PM
7 1,192
Hello to everyone that reads this, I have to replace an old compressor with a new one. The trick is that i need to...
Feb6-14 10:00 PM
1 951
Hello everyone! I'm happy to have found this forum, I hope you would help me. I need to obtain rocking curves from...
Feb6-14 05:48 AM
1 1,052
The two kettles contain a boiling aqueous solution. They must be cooled to room temp as fast as possible (otherwise...
Feb4-14 09:59 PM
5 1,002
Hi to everyone, actually i 'm conducted an experiment in fabrication of nanotubes layer in metal by anodization that...
Jan28-14 07:52 AM
4 2,602
Dear friends I have tried to electroetch 1050 aluminum alloy by 5ml phosphoric acid + 95ml H2o under 1 to 10 volts....
Jan28-14 05:13 AM
1 1,157
Hi all, As suggested by the title, i wanted to know as to why creep is a function of time. Since for any component...
Jan27-14 12:52 AM
5 1,436
I'm aware that you "dope" them with phosphorous for n-type and boron for p-type (I'm aware other materials can be used...
Jan25-14 08:11 AM
1 1,171
Can you give me please some nanomaterials (or nanoparticles) examples (which can I find very easy and very cheap, like...
Jan19-14 05:21 PM
0 1,161
I recently built a 3d printer that extrudes PLA or Polylactic acid for the material. When printing on a glass bed the...
Jan19-14 06:14 AM
1 2,299
Interstellar travel is mostly a though experiment at this stage (although NASA will be launching the solar sail...
Jan17-14 07:52 AM
1 1,224
Is there any materials that is elastically solid (ductile that can be shaped into thin wires) at low temperatures but...
Jan13-14 01:53 PM
7 1,640
Hi, I'm a secondary school student from India and I am currently doing a group project to develop an 'eco-town' as...
Jan9-14 02:31 PM
17 6,144
Can anyone explain me why the thermal boundary layer develops faster for viscous fluids? I would just say it would...
Jan7-14 04:16 PM
22 2,822
Does introducing small amount of hydrogen and oxygen with gasoline into an internal combustion engine make the sensor...
Jan5-14 04:47 PM
4 1,612

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