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Materials & Chemical Engineering

- Properties of matter and its applications. Metal Production, Fabrication, Distillation, Corrosion
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:01 PM
0 31,373
Please explain what Gehman low temperature is measuring when applied to elastomeric polymers. I am trying to compare...
Feb2-09 06:32 PM
0 1,464
Hello, I'm working on material transfer during hot working. My chemistry isnt to good. Could anyone explain if...
Feb2-09 06:26 PM
3 2,167
hi you'al, i hang in a knife forum and there is a lot of discussion on what steel is "best" for knife blades..latest...
Feb2-09 08:02 AM
2 12,370
Good Evening, all... Trying to find a metal for casting that has a density slightly lighter than iron (.28 lbs per...
Feb1-09 08:53 PM
1 2,231
Hi there, I need to fabricate a stack of layers (about 15 layers) on a 100 mm Si wafer <100> , by alternating SiO2...
Jan30-09 11:17 AM
9 4,650
Product Compression. I am currently doing some work on compression. I know the flowrate in and the pressure and...
Jan28-09 07:26 AM
1 2,837
When air goes through a carbon filter it seperates the carbon and turns it into water and lithium carbonate. Could the...
Jan26-09 05:00 PM
1 1,943
Having checked Perry's Handbook and a few other sources, I have yet been able to find physical data for Joule-Thompson...
Jan23-09 02:15 PM
1 5,231
I am looking formula to calculate pressure drop in a liquid pipe and to determine a suitable diameter of pipe to use...
Jan23-09 09:52 AM
4 17,122
Hi I am trying to make a Si nanowire MOSFET and in this process I have to etch the toplayer of a SOI wafer. I...
Jan23-09 04:36 AM
8 3,740
Greetings and happy new year to all members in here. This is my first post in the physics forum. Does anyone...
Jan23-09 04:12 AM
2 13,204
Ok I feel this is the best place to place this subject. Well, I have been interested in materials science and...
Jan20-09 01:45 AM
5 1,490
Newbie here...I'm making small torsion springs from .009" O.D. spring-temper carbon steel wire also known a music wire...
Jan16-09 10:36 PM
1 2,245
i am a knife collector and in this one knife forum there is some times much talk of made in USA markings... some one...
Jan14-09 07:25 AM
2 1,336
I have recently performed some experiments where I have loaded samples into a tube via a pipette. Unfortunately I...
Jan11-09 12:23 PM
0 1,037
Hello all, I am currently a physics major and may be looking to switch to some sort of engineering. I have been...
Jan10-09 03:37 AM
1 2,777
Dear all I was looking for materials for making machine tool bodies (such as base, table, gearbox, column ,..of...
Jan9-09 09:05 PM
0 6,036
hi does anybody has an idea how can i attach 2 spaghettis from their base without being breaked or crooked. I'm ONLY...
Jan8-09 05:51 PM
14 1,563
do anyone know how to interpret the graph which the y axis = modulus, hardness VS x-axis = displacement into surface ....
Jan8-09 11:46 AM
0 2,854
I am looking for some help in determining the appropriate type of plastic for my application. I am in the process...
Jan8-09 09:44 AM
6 1,933
hello, I am trying to find electrical and thermal properties of materials such as alumina, titania, and various metal...
Jan7-09 09:41 PM
2 2,884
Does anyone know any combination of chemicals or anything which is a phosporescent ink that I could use on a project
Jan7-09 02:08 PM
1 1,354
What is the equilibrium rate constant, or where would be a good place to look up the rate constant for the following...
Jan6-09 10:34 PM
0 2,198
Hi, Is someone knowing more about the properties of Epoxy Polymer Plastic as used in Polyester Glass Fiber...
Jan5-09 01:05 AM
1 4,358
What is the main reason for changing the strength of metals under very high strain rate? Do all metals show the...
Jan3-09 10:29 AM
2 4,316
Does anyone know how the diamonds in a diamond drill bit are attached to the drill? I tried google but didn't find...
Dec25-08 09:43 AM
6 2,209
Hi to everyone! I have a 2 questions: 1. What is the best etching solution for Al 356? 2. What is the way to...
Dec24-08 02:41 PM
0 2,933
Hej i have seached the web thin... without reslut so I hope that you smart people can help me :D I want to make a...
Dec18-08 05:04 PM
1 1,431
please tell the name of a liquid (at room temperature) which is attracted by a magnet. and its constituents does not...
Dec17-08 01:42 AM
5 5,093
And what's the job outlook / salary of one? Thanks in advance.
Dec16-08 09:21 PM
1 2,414
Is there any way for storage tank bottom lining membrane thickness calculation? I know the minimum amount is...
Dec16-08 09:02 AM
0 1,930
Hey guys I have to choose between chemical and biochemical engineering soon as the two split paths after sophomore...
Dec15-08 08:20 AM
Nick M
2 15,969
Hello, I have this ongoing arguement with my professor. I read in a paper (friction and wear) that the crystal...
Dec14-08 09:24 PM
2 1,549
Are there stress and strain graphs for different crystal structures?
Dec11-08 03:01 PM
12 5,081
Hello, Now I am working on the convection and diffusion problem with chemical reactions. The question is simple...
Dec11-08 02:56 PM
5 10,986
I need to come up with parameters that will affect adhesive bond strength; tensile strength, shear modulus, yield...
Dec10-08 11:54 PM
0 2,788
Hello all, I'm just trying to find a distributor that will sell high frequency piezoelectric ceramics in a small...
Dec10-08 05:48 PM
4 2,038
Hi All.. I'm having some trouble trying to understand the Kroger-Vink notation.. the following example is of donor...
Dec9-08 06:42 PM
1 6,808
Qn:Why do bubbles like this form? -My guess is that intially air trapped in the liquid before cure expands in all...
Dec9-08 05:34 PM
5 3,569
Can anyone refer me to any good papers on Galling in metals and the wear mechanisms behind it? Its an urgent...
Dec6-08 01:38 PM
0 1,934

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