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Materials & Chemical Engineering

- Properties of matter and its applications. Metal Production, Fabrication, Distillation, Corrosion
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:01 PM
0 30,385
First, I pondered about the concepts of force and pressure, force cant exist without pressure, vice versa. Imagine a...
Dec3-08 09:24 PM
5 1,585
Hello, I'm a bit confused here about this topic. I can't seem to find a proper book on it so reading loads of...
Dec3-08 07:28 AM
14 2,793
I'm studying in the field of piezoelectric material, and I'm looking to find some documents, books, or reference that...
Dec2-08 09:31 AM
0 3,005
I would like to find out more about low-temperature processing ceramics. I'm a product designer and I am working on...
Dec2-08 03:26 AM
2 1,731
Hi everyone first of all, natural uranium is not illegal in the unitedstates anyone can buy natural uranium try...
Dec1-08 11:18 PM
0 1,785
can anyone refer me to any site or book where i would get the properties of materials at nano scale and how they...
Nov29-08 08:50 PM
2 6,059
Hello, Did some wear experiments on some Al 6061 samples. Could anyone help with some microstructure descriptions...
Nov26-08 10:51 PM
3 3,905
Hi, I have a real world practical problem I need to solve. Assume you have a magnet of your choice and nearby (say...
Nov25-08 11:12 PM
4 2,590
Or does it depend on which area of condensed physics one is specializing in?
Nov24-08 08:03 AM
1 2,042
Hi, Im currently doing a scientific research regarding epoxy adhesive. Basically, you shine UV light onto the...
Nov24-08 01:12 AM
3 2,627
Hello, I have a quick question regarding an article that I just read on ScienceNews regarding hydrophobic surfaces. ...
Nov23-08 12:16 PM
2 2,416
hi am in desperate need.. can anyone help me with the following information; identify and list parts or components of...
Nov23-08 09:05 AM
the fugitive
0 1,695
I want to calculate the reaction heat in a ammonia convertor but I need some specific heats of N2,NH3,Ar and CH4 at...
Nov23-08 08:37 AM
1 2,249
In an orthogonal cutting operation, the 0.250 in wide tool has a rake angle of 6 degrees. The lathe is set so the...
Nov22-08 03:43 PM
0 4,025
I need some advice about using NMP (methylpyrrolidone,i.e. N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone) to clean samples. At the moment I...
Nov22-08 08:08 AM
2 2,010
hey there.. I have an assignment where I have to choose a material and research about.. anyway, I chose to talk...
Nov21-08 10:57 AM
1 1,520
Do any on of you know any fluxing agent used for low temprature sintering in ANTI FERFOELECTRIC MATERAIL I.E LEAD...
Nov21-08 07:55 AM
Aqib Khan
0 1,643
Specifically, shining UV-light onto epoxy hardens it, but sometimes cracks/holes/voids form, why? I want to know the...
Nov20-08 09:58 AM
7 2,060
Hi, I need some help here. I'm an MEng Materials with no full background in engineering. So I'm in a bit over my...
Nov19-08 07:56 AM
0 6,883
In general, we can only get the electrical property of the films(such as polyester or polyimide) at room temperature....
Nov18-08 10:57 AM
0 1,219
Hey All.. I'm having some problems trying to understand the tetrahedral and octahedral sites in face centered cubic...
Nov15-08 03:00 PM
12 3,600
Hi All, I am currently studying a MSc from UMIST in materials & corrosion science. I'm doing this via...
Nov15-08 02:55 AM
2 1,471
I am trying to model intrinsic stress of some thin film heterostructures. As I am not a modeler but an...
Nov14-08 03:41 AM
5 3,706
OK, 4047 Aluminum is used for housing covers which are hermetically sealed using a laser welding process. Can anyone...
Nov12-08 07:51 PM
4 6,680
Hi Friends, I'm looking for the Yield strength, Ultimate tensile strength, Young;s modulus and poisson's ratio of...
Nov12-08 05:11 PM
5 9,412
A cautious hello to the forum :) Im seeking a tool for selecting materials for a given application. Im a...
Nov12-08 04:43 PM
7 2,352
hi everbody.. i graduated form metallurgy and metarials engineering.. ı want to do my master degree..l've been...
Nov12-08 04:29 PM
2 2,504
could someone please give me a list of easy to mould\shape metal\substance that will reflect\repel magnetics. i can...
Nov12-08 03:57 PM
4 2,326
Hello everyone, My questions and link to my webpage is posted over at the original science forums. Please take a...
Nov11-08 03:49 PM
2 1,927
Hello there, I have a supplier in Turkey making a part for me,which is a small threaded bar(30mm) with a smooth...
Nov10-08 07:25 PM
3 3,044
Hi, What are good first texts in mass and heat transfer, material and energy balances, fluid mechanics and...
Nov7-08 08:40 AM
1 5,541
Hello, Dear all, I will be writing a scientific "review" on a topic relating to electronic materials science. I have...
Nov5-08 08:04 PM
1 968
I have a passion for computers/ electronics, but i am going for either chemical or petroleum engineering. I want to...
Nov2-08 09:30 AM
3 10,359
Hey PFers, So basically, we have these plates of bakelite that have on the order of 10^10 Ohms surface resistivity,...
Oct30-08 04:43 PM
0 1,562
Does anyone know of any good Diffusion (ie. Fick's laws, interstitial jumps, etc) online resources? Thanks!
Oct28-08 08:55 AM
1 2,450
Does anyone know if there is a published Military Specification which gives suitable alternatives to Cadmium finishes...
Oct27-08 10:50 AM
6 2,905
I came across this interesting article to convert a standard lead acid battery into alkaline: ...
Oct27-08 08:48 AM
2 6,414
Hi Is there any way to differenciate peaks of precipitates from matix, I got the pattern which seems superimpose of...
Oct27-08 06:58 AM
0 1,536 Reference on Cast and Ductile Irons and...
Oct26-08 07:34 PM
3 3,218
Hello all, I'm trying to induce hydrodynamic cavitation in a water filled vessel at STP using a high pressure piston...
Oct25-08 08:26 AM
1 6,003

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