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Materials & Chemical Engineering

- Properties of matter and its applications. Metal Production, Fabrication, Distillation, Corrosion
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Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:01 PM
0 26,582
Last month at the International Symposium on Materials Issues in a Hydrogen Economy, held in Richmond, Virginia a new...
Oct10-08 03:27 PM
15 3,701
Have any studies been done on the elastic properties of two unlike metals? I have noted a difference in the sound...
Oct8-08 08:22 PM
2 1,733
Hi, I am an inorganic chemist and I am looking for some guidance on where to find a mathematical/physical...
Oct8-08 08:55 AM
2 3,302
Does anyone know the heat capacity (Cv or Cp) of Palladium acetate ?
Oct6-08 11:41 AM
0 1,303
The following is an image of 1018 steel I annealed, image size is 100x zoom Just wondering what the darker regions...
Oct6-08 09:28 AM
Cerpin Taxt
2 5,911
Greetings! First time poster here. I'd appreciate whatever help anyone can provide. I have some pieces of F22...
Oct6-08 09:11 AM
Cerpin Taxt
2 11,109
How to 'produce' martensite and bainite? For what i know, martensite formed by rapid cooling from austenite phase...
Oct6-08 09:05 AM
Cerpin Taxt
1 11,556
hi I have a question about thermodynamic and kinetic stabiliy. for the general materials we can calculate the free...
Oct2-08 10:18 PM
3 4,143
I coated a ceramic figure with copper by heating it in my toaster oven, repeatedly pouring a copper sulfate solution...
Sep30-08 12:02 AM
0 3,673
Can anyone please tell me that how may I prepare nanoparticles and bulk particles of Gallium nitride????
Sep29-08 09:07 AM
1 2,587
Hello, I am a new user here, and I am not too much into physics myself, so I don't know if this is the right...
Sep26-08 05:25 AM
0 1,429
Hey. Im a first year engineering student, and currently working on a design project. Part of the project requires me...
Sep26-08 12:10 AM
0 1,840
Hi all, I'm using comsol to do surface acoustic wave simulation. And all the material I read mentioned about...
Sep25-08 10:00 AM
0 1,920
We're producing high quality steel castings which are then hot dip galvanized, so the surface has a layer of zinc in...
Sep25-08 05:38 AM
Bad Monkey
0 1,298
Hello, Recently,I study about the slip systems of metals which regarding to the material science subject. For face...
Sep24-08 12:49 PM
1 28,757
Hi I have several doubts sen Scherrer formula for calculating the size of the crystal D=0.9λ/βcosθ ...
Sep24-08 04:19 AM
1 6,172
Hey guys I need a little help trying to identify or getting a good conclusion of what kind of aluminum I have here....
Sep21-08 05:21 PM
1 2,303
Sep21-08 03:43 AM
0 1,528
hi guys I am working on a project which requires the transportation of microalgae. I was suggested to use slurry...
Sep19-08 10:25 AM
1 2,339
Would anybody know the following or be able to point me to a web resource? Thanks Do you know of any materials...
Sep18-08 06:35 PM
5 2,108
In a geothermal heat exchanger where well water is cerculated up from one well and down another where water treatment...
Sep17-08 12:11 PM
1 1,699
Hi everyone, I was just wondering that why in the copper + zinc microstructure the dark phase forms after a light...
Sep15-08 07:39 PM
0 1,601
Any equations or methods to plot Fe-C equi. diag? Thx!
Sep11-08 12:03 PM
2 3,612
Hello there: I need to calculate the expansion (area) of the tungsten when current and voltage is applied in it as...
Sep10-08 07:39 PM
1 3,158
Hi, Are there not hydrocarbons and not fluorocarbons lubricants that can be used in machinery? In order to...
Sep10-08 07:06 AM
0 1,648
We can see on the periodic table most of the elements are metallic but why? is there any relevance to the electronic...
Sep9-08 05:59 PM
3 7,059
The US DOE and NIST both have programs that support research into an extraordinary array of materials, their...
Sep9-08 05:49 AM
0 2,891
There's a couple of threads on high temperature materials, so I thought I start one on high temperature creep, which...
Sep7-08 11:04 AM
0 4,012
Do any one here can thorugh some light on the creep prroperty of Rene-41. I want to know how this material behaves...
Sep7-08 10:04 AM
1 2,868
And if I'm heating a liquid that contains things that evaporate at different temperatures, will I have an increasing...
Sep5-08 12:21 PM
3 11,986
Hi all, I'm hoping that someone may be able to help! I'm doing a project which has involved me looking at the use...
Sep4-08 11:14 AM
2 2,258
I have a question because of something I remembered while I was looking at some large copper windings for a generator....
Aug31-08 11:00 PM
1 1,813
How do i use cramers rule for a chemical equation such as (NH4)2PtCl6------>Pt + NH4Cl +N2, to find the chemical...
Aug31-08 09:57 PM
0 1,614
Hello, Is using Poisson's ratio to calculate the cross sectional area accurate after a material has been...
Aug29-08 08:21 AM
2 7,170
Hi, I need to calculate the fatigue strength of vascomax 350 material. I have referred Machine design Hand book,...
Aug29-08 12:36 AM
1 2,289
Hello, I recently put together a standard (or mostly so ;)) cantilever load cell for some tests I want to do...
Aug27-08 09:38 AM
1 1,214
Hi, I want to learn that do atoms or crystals dislocate in the plastic deformation of metals.
Aug26-08 12:29 AM
3 5,984
what factors affect materials behaviour??? help me please....
Aug21-08 03:06 PM
2 2,794
Hi, What is fatigue factor? How do we calculate? Books / sites for reference? We have a bolt made of...
Aug21-08 03:05 PM
1 4,453
can anyone tell me what is the relationship between weight & length of material (CU & Al) depending on its gauge...
Aug21-08 12:54 PM
1 1,349

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