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Materials & Chemical Engineering

- Properties of matter and its applications. Metal Production, Fabrication, Distillation, Corrosion
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Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:01 PM
0 26,585
feathers have the same properties as wool.. i am planning to make filter paper out of feathers but i have no idea of...
Aug26-13 09:45 AM
3 1,194
Why we use v-notch in charpy impact test ?
Aug25-13 03:44 AM
1 1,043
I have 2 interesting questions, I believe, regarding polymer properties. I am designing a ball (pretty much like a...
Aug23-13 10:42 AM
0 756
I'm trying to find a way to remove a non-negligable amount of titanium from a tantalum crucible. I've removed as much...
Aug23-13 08:40 AM
2 1,407
for the practical of tensile testing of a metal, we study the force vs elongation curve. can someone give me an idea...
Aug22-13 11:19 AM
0 868
Hello, first post, don't know if I got the section right tough.. Basically I was wondering, if the efficiency of...
Aug20-13 12:04 AM
2 881
A few weeks ago I accidentally dropped my droid on some concrete :) Impact location was near the top center, slightly...
Aug19-13 11:44 PM
0 860
Hi guys, Does anyone know of a useful and simple liquid-phase series; reversible; or parallel reaction occurring in...
Aug16-13 05:32 PM
0 917
Carbyne is comprised of chains of double- and triple-bonded carbons and is believed to be stronger and stiffer than...
Aug16-13 12:00 AM
0 985
What is the production process that used to produce titanium oxide and zinc oxide nanopowder?
Aug15-13 10:53 PM
Hyo X
1 1,788
Let's say I have a general phase transition S (phase 1) ::equil:: S (phase 2). At a certain point in pressure and...
Aug12-13 09:38 PM
0 876
Hi Seniors and Fellows I really need your help to finish my project .I have struck at a point which is given below...
Aug8-13 07:23 AM
3 1,086
I've an impeller choice to make for a stirred tank reactor and would love some opinions. Essentially, I've a three...
Aug1-13 07:54 AM
2 1,707
Hi all. I'm trying to find a durable elastic material for a project of mine but I can't seem to find the needed...
Aug1-13 06:33 AM
10 2,185
QUERY/PROBLEM(refer to the attached file) Bulk is transferred from location A to B using a centrifugal pump. At the...
Jul31-13 03:41 PM
4 1,471
I am currently doing an experiment on 2xxx series AL. After solution treatment, the strength and hardness dropped....
Jul30-13 02:58 PM
1 1,378
Hello, I was doing a little research on nanotubes and came up with an idea. If we shot a cylindrical beam of...
Jul30-13 05:10 AM
2 1,422
Hello everyone, i am looking for information on relatively simple ways to make a glass surface (microscope slide)...
Jul29-13 02:49 AM
3 1,580
Hi, What is the material which would develop powerful vibration for a sustained period when they are stroked with...
Jul28-13 03:31 AM
8 1,717
Hello I have been thinking about an idea for quite a while. It uses piezoelectric materials to enhance the motions of...
Jul28-13 03:07 AM
3 1,920
We have a small lab reactor (~2 Litres) made of stainless steel that we use to test reactions. Unfortunately, we...
Jul26-13 01:30 PM
8 1,421
Sun shining on earth and make it warm but its not warm enough to make energy of it What happend to air molkols when...
Jul25-13 05:22 PM
18 2,165
Can we make exoskeletons out of CNTs? I have a few questions 1. Do CNTs expand when electricity is applied or you...
Jul21-13 06:44 AM
3 1,816
Hi all, I have been researching conductive glass in my quest to create a solar powered 3D printer :) :). So, I have...
Jul21-13 06:04 AM
6 1,708
Can anybody tell the stress developed during extrusion of Al Alloy. More importantly, is there a type of Al alloy...
Jul21-13 05:56 AM
2 1,544
i was thinking of a good thesis topic involving enviro-friendly touch and i came up with this: plastic photodegrador!...
Jul21-13 04:21 AM
1 1,585
I need a 5"x2"x1/8" 'cover' to protect some sensors from a drill bit. Occasionally the bit will run in to the cover...
Jul20-13 01:31 PM
1 1,127
Does anyone know where I can find a clean algorithm into which the input is the number of atoms of each element in my...
Jul18-13 01:03 PM
0 978
Dear all members, I just need anyone of you to verify my system and some equations I have worked out for my problem...
Jul18-13 04:53 AM
0 906
I've been confused for a long time and can't figure this out: In annealing process, after recrystallisation, new...
Jul17-13 11:13 AM
Rathy Cato
4 2,353
What is the different between HSLA and tool steel in term of properties, price and application
Jul16-13 09:22 PM
1 1,052
Hi, I'm trying to calculate the bend lines required for fabricating a blade for an agitator. I've built up a 3d...
Jul16-13 03:29 AM
0 1,022
Any and every thing on microfiltration in the chemical industry. Need as much info as possible for project.
Jul12-13 10:53 PM
0 991
1.I know this is a weird question, but does anyone know what the temperature of a bic lighter is after around 5...
Jul11-13 10:19 PM
3 1,590
I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to model/fit a crack on a material surface with a Weierstrass function.
Jul7-13 07:58 PM
1 1,274
What is the name of this parts and what is the material is used to make this part? image Thank you
Jul7-13 06:43 PM
7 1,945
Hi! I would like to ask if there is a university which offers a graduate degree in Corrosion engineering and have...
Jul5-13 07:46 AM
3 1,153
Hi, I have to look for a new EDS/EDX system for nano-analysis. We want to inspect structures fabricated by EBID...
Jul4-13 04:41 AM
suchitra sen
1 1,564
I am currently in the process of designing a section of pipe in which a fluid will flow within, and would like to...
Jul2-13 06:33 PM
3 1,582
any refs or anything at all on the history of superparamagnetism. was it theorized? ect
Jul2-13 12:49 AM
Simon Bridge
1 1,395

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