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Materials & Chemical Engineering

- Properties of matter and its applications. Metal Production, Fabrication, Distillation, Corrosion
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Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:01 PM
0 26,635
Heya, id like a little help calculating the efficiency of some steam heat exchangers. They are used in industrial...
Jul20-12 07:10 AM
8 2,966
I need ceramic for a very large electrical project. The problem I have is weight. I would like to find a material with...
Apr25-04 05:09 PM
Arctic Fox
7 3,087
Hi, I was wondering why some plastics seem to shrink when heat is applied? Does the plastic expand when it is...
Jan7-05 12:16 PM
7 10,260
I am searching for the physical properties of a binary gaseous mixture. In particular, I would want to know the...
Aug16-05 10:46 AM
7 5,520
I was wondering if it would be possible to create electrical energy directly instead of heat and light in this...
Apr2-05 03:36 PM
7 1,078
Hi! Does anyone know a good reference literature or internet resource regarding what materials are compatible with...
May1-05 02:34 PM
7 1,535
Hi! Who could give me the correct value of NaCl's viscosity (in solution)? Thanks! Regards, tyutyu
Jun23-05 07:17 PM
7 8,002
I am trying to answer a question using the TTT diagram of steel that is given to me in my text. I know how to use the...
Sep13-05 11:19 AM
7 3,830
This is a thermodynamical question: If Gray tin is isothermally transformed to white tin, how would the work done...
Sep15-05 10:27 AM
7 4,248
I have a desktop with two hard drives in it. I'd like to use it for audio recording, so it must be exceptionally...
Apr7-06 03:15 PM
7 1,778
I am doing my university project about the relation between vickers and rockwell hardness. I know that there is not a...
Sep19-06 08:49 AM
7 20,048
What is the difference between the two? Can a MatE work as a ChemE and vice versa? I'm really interested in...
Jun21-06 05:30 PM
7 1,931
Hi Are there any techniques out there to make ultra pure H2O? Reverse osmosis looks interesting, but it doesn't...
May2-07 10:57 PM
7 4,507
Cheap (or very old) bicycle spokes are made of carbon steel. Most modern high-quality spokes are made of stainless...
Dec9-06 04:53 PM
7 2,448
Hi all, i am new here, There is a person at Bladeforums rubbing oil on an expensive damascus blade knife. He...
Oct30-06 02:39 PM
7 2,472
Hello, Recently I have been pondering the change in transformation temperature of Nitinol, with various...
Jan5-07 04:31 AM
7 5,307
Could somebody help me to get information of cutting speed and depth of cut for ceramic cutting tools? I would need...
Mar19-07 04:31 PM
7 3,239
I'm not sure if Percipitation graph is the correct terminology for this. But I know there are charts which can show a...
Mar9-07 03:58 PM
7 2,549
Hi all, I remember reading somewhere that Cast iron in general has a uniform thermal conductivity k of approx....
May4-07 03:25 PM
7 4,435
Hi, I need to use a load deflection curve to determine the material properties of a elastic material. The stress...
Sep3-07 06:37 PM
7 2,741
I am designing a robotic page turner and I am trying to determine the best way for lifting up a page. In my research...
Sep20-07 12:28 AM
7 3,099
Hi! This is my first post on physicsforums. I wasn't sure if it belonged here or in the Chemistry forum, but just...
Feb24-13 11:15 PM
7 14,369
hey all. i am doing some research about the Al-W system. and i wanted to find out how the diagram was made. i...
Aug14-12 07:25 AM
7 3,297
I am facing a problem on transport phenomena. Can anyone help me to solve this problem. I would really appreciate it....
Feb8-12 12:12 PM
7 2,861
Hi, I am currently working on creating a portable rollable ballerina flat which can be easily transported in a...
Mar2-12 02:24 PM
7 3,981
Hi all I need some suggestions on what material to use, hope you guys can help me. It needs to be an electric...
Aug24-12 11:59 AM
7 1,989
Is the statement Ke=k+/k- valid for all equilibrium constants like Ka, Kx, Kp, Kc? All of the expressions I have found...
Aug24-12 10:32 PM
7 6,566
Hey Guys, Been a while since my last visit, as ive been away for a well earnt break.. But recently i've been...
Oct14-12 03:40 PM
7 1,307
How do I write an expression that describes how the pressure and temperature in an insulated tank changes with time...
Nov1-12 08:14 PM
7 1,774
When I was a child, I picked a iron from the earth. It looks a iron, it has a thin layer rust outside. but the shape...
Feb4-13 03:53 AM
7 1,093
I am looking for an alloy which has its protons in a randomized spin state? I.e. not affected by gravity. Any...
May1-13 02:58 AM
7 1,616
What is the name of this parts and what is the material is used to make this part? image Thank you
Jul7-13 06:43 PM
7 1,952
What is mean by advanced materials science and engineering
Sep21-13 05:19 AM
7 2,153
What method can be used to make large macro-sized sheets of graphene? There have been recent articles on research...
Jun23-13 09:57 AM
7 2,766
Question, If I make a rocket engine using KNO3 fuel and bentonite clay for the nozzle, shouldn't the ISP of the...
Sep6-13 07:36 AM
7 1,242
Hi I am bit confused regarding the heating/calorific value of petrol (used for vehicle) extracted from crude oil...
Nov25-13 07:24 PM
7 1,525
Is there any materials that is elastically solid (ductile that can be shaped into thin wires) at low temperatures but...
Jan13-14 01:53 PM
7 1,465
Hello PFs, (It should be eco-friendly project) I am working on ICE using hydrogen fuel. My very first step is to...
Feb14-14 03:38 AM
7 1,037
I have the pipe size, flow rate, and a duration. How can I figure out the amount of fluid that was released from...
Feb7-14 07:02 PM
7 908
Hi guys, As the title suggest I am an student chemical engineer and was wondering if anybody could advise on some...
Feb18-14 06:55 PM
7 1,048

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