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Materials & Chemical Engineering

- Properties of matter and its applications. Metal Production, Fabrication, Distillation, Corrosion
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Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:01 PM
0 26,540
does anyone have any knowledge on fire modelling?
Oct14-05 02:38 AM
3 1,732
I two firebricks, one is wrapped with 4 layers of aluminum foil and the other one is not. If both are placed 10 "...
Oct14-12 04:21 PM
10 1,724
Good days, normal or basic complete reaction might happen in open air firing inside the furnace might be describe...
Jan23-13 10:51 AM
1 1,077
can somebody explain to me in general first pass retention in paper making... As i know they usually using alum or...
May3-13 03:19 AM
0 1,173
Hi, What are good first texts in mass and heat transfer, material and energy balances, fluid mechanics and...
Nov7-08 08:40 AM
1 4,166
I would like to know if it is possible to make a hook that would be transparent. I think this would be attractive to...
Jun7-07 10:30 PM
2 1,474
Hello, I am a physics student and I am trying to set up a microscale chemical experiment that involves Sulfuric Acid,...
Jun15-12 10:32 PM
0 1,015
Hi, I have a DC motor that have these dimensions: and the problem...
May18-10 09:23 AM
5 2,399
Hi, I am trying to fit a prony series to set of data(modulus and time). I want to use curve fitting to fit the...
Mar27-10 09:25 PM
1 5,080
Hello I am working with fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. I want to fit the correlation function on Igor pro....
T 04:43 AM
0 71
Air is compressed to 10 atmospheres, cooled to 25 degrees C and passed through a bed of molecular sieve that has an...
Jun6-08 09:05 AM
1 5,690
Hi guys, I've been on a few message boards looking for a solution to my problem, but no one has really been able to...
Oct16-07 06:53 PM
1 13,475
I was wondering what equiptment would be best suited to using multiple strian gauges on specific points on a flat...
Jan24-10 11:27 AM
1 3,254
anyone have idea about this industry?
Aug9-08 10:37 AM
1 2,605
Can anyone help me solve this problem? Im unsure on what to do
Nov2-09 07:10 PM
3 1,932
Hey, Im currently doing a project where I have to calculate/(predict) the cv values of a number of valves. at the...
Oct15-12 03:06 AM
0 1,070
Hi All: I am trying to calculate volumetris flow rate in a semi circular pipe with a fixed pressure but seem to...
Apr20-09 10:08 AM
3 3,619
Does anyone know of any really good resources on high turbulant flow/velocity induced vibration in piping systems (in...
Mar18-09 06:09 PM
0 3,658
hello all, i am from electrical background and for a project i need to analyse the flow of oil through a hollow...
Feb5-10 12:34 PM
18 4,287
Urine flow meters are used to diagnose urinary flow obstructions such as might occur in the even of enlargement of the...
Oct10-12 07:51 PM
6 3,946
Dear all, I am trying to solve a simple model with Comsol to find the pressure drop in a rectangular channel W=5mm,...
Nov4-09 10:27 AM
0 5,645
Hi Everyone, My problem states "Derive a Force Balance equation using Momentum Correction factor for a pipe in...
May12-09 12:42 AM
0 2,983
QUESTION Rainwater collects behind the concrete retaining wall shown in the figure. If the water saturated soil...
Dec23-12 11:34 AM
1 1,406
Do any on of you know any fluxing agent used for low temprature sintering in ANTI FERFOELECTRIC MATERAIL I.E LEAD...
Nov21-08 07:55 AM
Aqib Khan
0 1,620
Hi, I was wondering if anyone here has any good suggestions for foam insulation for high altitude balloons. We're...
Jan27-10 06:52 PM
Dan Solvin
4 2,176
HI I want to heat treat my samples (dimensions: 4:4:2 mm3) at about 600 C, for different times from 30 min to 3...
May1-11 10:59 PM
1 1,615
From a materials science perspective, what is the point to folded steel? How does the folding process affect the...
Aug7-07 01:06 PM
9 34,862
I wasn't sure where to post my question, but its for my materials selection course... (please forgive me if I posted...
Jan27-08 04:01 PM
5 5,729
Hello, I just registered to these forums but already visited this place for a while. I have a question that fits...
Jul31-05 03:59 PM
3 10,369
Area under stress strain curve is known as toughness. Does it represent impact toughness or fracture toughness? Is...
Apr14-12 04:29 PM
4 1,839
Our project is about manufacturing formalin & Distillation column is there to design. We have methanol(unreacted);...
Sep24-10 12:53 PM
0 3,447
I'm currently writing a computer simulation (in Java) of the formation of a helix from a spinning thread. The analogy...
Apr1-09 10:11 AM
2 1,480
Hello everybody I have tried to obtain but I have not been successful the dielectric strength or breakdown voltage...
Sep9-06 08:54 PM
0 1,992
I need to determine the minimum wall thickness for 1018 CRS for a knife blade. I know the moment, max deflection,...
Jul27-07 06:29 AM
2 10,527
Is there a formula relating the free resonating frequency of a cantilever to its deflection? Thanks!
Aug26-07 11:43 PM
1 11,162
I am looking formula to calculate pressure drop in a liquid pipe and to determine a suitable diameter of pipe to use...
Jan23-09 09:52 AM
4 16,555
Hi all I read that Si grows only by twinning. I wanted to know why Si grows only by twinning? and in such a case,...
Nov28-11 08:05 AM
0 1,002
I just learn the finite element theory, now I have one problem, I want to calculate the four-node effective strain...
Sep16-11 06:48 AM
0 1,616
I am trying to determine the critical crack length of a part using finite element analysis. The software I am using...
Apr25-08 12:17 PM
2 14,257
Reference is to the formula for stress intensity factor : K_I(mode I) = beta*nominal stress*(pi*crack...
Nov16-10 10:28 AM
2 2,336

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