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Materials & Chemical Engineering

- Properties of matter and its applications. Metal Production, Fabrication, Distillation, Corrosion
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:01 PM
0 30,948
Please can anyone help me to understand, is ASTM 668 is equivalent with AISI 4340. In AISI 4340 Hardness values are...
Dec7-10 07:09 AM
1 8,566
Greetings! First time poster here. I'd appreciate whatever help anyone can provide. I have some pieces of F22...
Oct6-08 09:11 AM
Cerpin Taxt
2 11,449
Does anyone happen to know of a good reference for ASTM A572 (any grade) that lists temperature effects on yield? The...
Dec6-07 06:21 AM
4 16,413
^^^ asdf
Jun30-08 09:44 PM
8 4,459
Hi. At what temperature range can brittle fracture be expected in low carbon steels? Are there other parameters which...
Aug9-11 08:59 AM
5 9,545
Hi all, I'm looking at the ALD process for a uni project and could do with some clarification on a couple of...
Apr12-08 07:50 PM
3 2,156
How would I go about finding the APF for a simple hexagonal unit cell. Which is a rectangle. I know one length is...
Sep19-04 04:27 PM
1 19,707
i have one problem on atomic radius. i read ( the artical and try to...
May8-09 06:28 AM
1 3,275
does anyone know the best way in which to attach pvc with pvc? this is for a boat, so it must be as strong as possible.
Mar29-05 05:46 PM
5 2,878
hi does anybody has an idea how can i attach 2 spaghettis from their base without being breaked or crooked. I'm ONLY...
Jan8-09 05:51 PM
14 1,543
The following site contains some links to websites offering audio/video lectures on materials science and engineering...
Oct26-09 09:12 PM
0 14,785
Hello, I am wondering how I could create only ferrite and martensite from a hypoeutectoid plain carbon steel. I am...
Mar22-14 06:36 PM
1 2,031
Dear Fellows Can any one answers these question. Why Austensite to Martensite Transformation is incomplete? ...
Sep3-07 06:27 AM
2 8,841
just a simple question: i am a bit confused...i have seen that EPP pellets are immersed in water and CO2 is purged...
May2-10 07:09 AM
0 1,598
Sep11-06 12:15 AM
Ivan Seeking
0 2,312
What is the difference between them? ( I need a good explanation to understand the difference between them in a...
May26-10 08:16 AM
0 1,067
I can't find any info on this type of A26.. can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance!
Dec16-09 12:03 PM
7 5,630
Hello, I'm learning about the phenomenon of coring (back end defect) during the process of aluminium extrusion. I try...
Sep3-05 02:06 PM
2 4,254
Hi, I currently have a fragile metallic cylindrical mold (wall thickness ~1 micron) into which I want to injection...
Oct11-12 01:22 PM
3 1,122
Hi everyones. It's lucky for me to know the 4room like that.I hope we can share our useful & professional knowledge...
Oct7-06 08:34 PM
0 2,164
Hey guys, I know that I will have to get an actual quote from one of the material makers, but curious if anyone has a...
Mar11-13 10:21 PM
3 1,327
I have been given kind of a bonus question that requires a little thinking and I wanted to ask if I am going in the...
Mar26-06 12:57 PM
2 1,797
Hello all! I am looking to begin working on some balloon testing. I have a general idea of how I'm going to perform...
Oct11-12 01:38 PM
3 1,152
If I had a saline solution of molecule A and B which when targetd by an electromagnetic source of frequncy F,...
Dec26-10 04:40 PM
7 2,317
Dear friends... I'd like some advice on what equation of state I should use to represent ELV for the products of a...
Feb4-11 08:04 AM
0 947
I'm looking for information on the maximum possible strength of SWNTs. What effect do thermodynamically...
Nov30-04 12:47 AM
9 5,716
Please click on the link: it contains basic concepts on ion exchange and different...
Jun1-10 08:36 AM
0 1,741
I need to know a few things. I am doing my internship and have been given a problem with very limited information. I...
Jul18-07 12:26 PM
3 2,690
This year my high school entered a battlebot into Battlebots IQ and we got 6 out of over 60 battlebots but I’m not...
Jul3-05 11:50 AM
1 2,102
Dear All, I would like to know the techonology of making Polyurethane Sandals. Anyone can enlighten me? Thanks...
Feb8-08 10:55 PM
6 4,231
Do you know if there is a formula for the maximum load that can be supported by a beam? The beam could be a simply...
May10-07 08:40 PM
5 22,176
A couple M will be applied to a beam of rectangular cross section from a log of circular cross section. determine the...
Nov26-12 07:49 AM
0 2,273
Why the slope of typical stress-strain curve decreases after yielding? If it is strain-hardening, why less stress is...
Jul10-11 10:49 AM
4 4,423
Hello, I am interested in estimating/modelling the behavior of a rubber stud mount...
Dec4-13 05:30 PM
0 1,436
I have been running IV tests on polypyrrole nanowires and i see a time varying resistance that is linear over 3 time...
Oct20-06 08:12 AM
3 1,815
Hi, I'm trying to calculate the bend lines required for fabricating a blade for an agitator. I've built up a 3d...
Jul16-13 03:29 AM
0 1,224
I'm looking to perform a 90 degree bend on a piece of 2024 t351 aluminum alloy with a 7/8"x7/8" square cross section. ...
Mar25-10 09:48 AM
0 2,618
For a light 5m beam carrying a central point load of 20 kN, calculate: a) the maximum shear force (iv got...
Apr6-08 12:36 PM
4 6,531
Recently, I had lab. In the lab we took different objects and measured their strain. One object had a varying cross...
Sep19-11 06:24 AM
2 1,991
hi all , I am a new member in physics forums and I hope I can help and get benefit from this forums . I would...
Apr27-12 11:18 AM
falah alajmi
1 2,014

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