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Materials & Chemical Engineering

- Properties of matter and its applications. Metal Production, Fabrication, Distillation, Corrosion
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:01 PM
0 31,143
Which properties of materials depend on the crystal structure (f.c.c., b.c.c. cph etc...) of materials?
Dec27-04 11:07 PM
4 9,673
Hi. At what temperature range can brittle fracture be expected in low carbon steels? Are there other parameters which...
Aug9-11 08:59 AM
5 9,669 Uploaded with according to the equation what are...
Dec3-10 08:22 AM
2 9,509
Hi Friends, I'm looking for the Yield strength, Ultimate tensile strength, Young;s modulus and poisson's ratio of...
Nov12-08 05:11 PM
5 9,478
Hi all, My project that I am working on is a pontoon boat trailer but here is my problem. When I have launched the...
Aug30-10 09:33 AM
0 9,457
Been reading about aluminium alloys. Could someone tell me why some alloys are heat treatable and others aren't. Or...
Mar3-07 08:35 AM
3 9,409
Can anyone tell me how to find the angle between tensile force and slip direction under these conditions:- 1. Tensile...
Oct20-10 02:48 AM
2 9,347
Hi all, I hope to get some help from you here. I'm a quality engineer working for a coal briquettes company in...
Nov5-10 02:59 AM
1 9,171
Hi, i want to make brass out of Zinc(65%) and copper(35%); What is the process of making brass from Zinc and...
Apr15-11 06:11 AM
7 9,152
I 'trying to find the thermal conductivity of a silicon substrate doped with boron with known dopant concentration. Is...
Jun19-08 08:54 AM
3 9,123
If yes how about in comparison to water? I ask cause I was wondering how they stop the metallic fuel injection tubes...
Aug4-08 10:19 AM
5 9,071
hi all, an intersting question in our exam today. we were asked to identify a material given these requiremets...
Jun19-05 05:35 AM
9 8,931
Can anybody tell me what are Residual property and Excess property in thermodynamics for?
Dec4-07 12:34 AM
3 8,917
Dear Fellows Can any one answers these question. Why Austensite to Martensite Transformation is incomplete? ...
Sep3-07 06:27 AM
2 8,869
Does anyone know of any way to create sterling silver with a pink hue? Since Sterling Silver by definition must be...
Sep18-09 08:15 PM
Alex M
8 8,836
Is Chrome or Stainless Steel resistant to corosion by salt and/or acid?
Feb11-09 08:00 PM
15 8,814
I would want to know what an inorganic glass is an about its solidification process or references to where i could...
Mar28-10 11:06 AM
5 8,699
Hi all, I was looking into magnetic shielding materials. I have the impression that nickle, copper, steel...
Jul30-06 05:56 AM
4 8,672
Please can anyone help me to understand, is ASTM 668 is equivalent with AISI 4340. In AISI 4340 Hardness values are...
Dec7-10 07:09 AM
1 8,619
I periodically browse the literature for new products. In the August 2006 issue of Advanced Materials & Process (from...
Feb5-09 05:55 AM
7 8,613
Mayhaps anyone provide assistance in determining how long it would take to reduce a specific volume of water (well, a...
Jun10-11 04:11 PM
10 8,590
I have this proplem as a homework assignment and i'm a bit stuck as houw to set it up. Here it is: Propane gas...
Jan16-07 09:12 AM
5 8,558
I'm currently a freshman chemical engineer at Penn State and I've gotten so frustrated at fluid transport that I have...
Apr12-11 01:22 PM
6 8,464
As part of my chemical engineering degree I have to do a module called fluid flow. Turns out i'm pretty bad at it. I'm...
Feb3-12 12:56 PM
11 8,424
I am investigating the Young's Modulus of certain materials and what factors have an effect on the Young's Modulus of...
Dec4-09 07:29 AM
4 8,377
I have designed a science experiment for my project in which i see whether a magnet gets weaker when it rusts. So, i...
May11-07 07:57 PM
1 8,369
I have a steel material that has a yield strength of 515 mpa and a tensile strength of 615 mpa at zero degrees. What i...
Jul19-08 05:23 PM
3 8,354
For stirred, maintaining temperature at 80 and at atm pressure thx ..
Apr26-10 01:44 AM
3 8,279
I am looking for a way to electroplate paper with out disintegrating the paper. Is there a conductive "paint" that I...
Aug29-14 09:58 AM
33 8,264
anyone know of a supplier of c.r low carbon steel ie. 1010, 1008, 1002 I can't find a supplier, any info would be...
Apr16-11 07:09 PM
8 8,222
I'm looking for a site has online resources, suchas .. phase diagrams, ternary phase diagram, diffusion cooff. etc....
Oct10-03 08:08 PM
0 8,199
Hi! Who could give me the correct value of NaCl's viscosity (in solution)? Thanks! Regards, tyutyu
Jun23-05 07:17 PM
7 8,185
How would i calculate the weight of a mer, for example a mer of PTFE.
Oct20-05 12:13 PM
1 8,133
I need the heat capacity Ethyl Acetate as a function of temperature. I've seen books that give heat capacity as a...
Apr18-07 10:44 AM
6 8,034
I have a laptop which has never been exposed to water or liquids. But somehow I have rust where my processor's fan...
May2-06 03:22 PM
4 8,033
Hello, Could anyone help shed more light on the Johnson Mehl Avrami equation and how it relates to...
Feb26-09 06:16 AM
1 7,968
I'm trying to find the viscosity of some glycerol that we dropped various steel balls down using the equation: V = ...
Mar30-08 01:52 PM
2 7,895
Hi, I am a newby to all of this, can't find any good answers on the internet, hope someone with experience can...
Aug4-11 02:14 PM
19 7,814
Is the statement Ke=k+/k- valid for all equilibrium constants like Ka, Kx, Kp, Kc? All of the expressions I have found...
Aug24-12 10:32 PM
7 7,778
This cute mechanical engineer mentioned in a message that he had designed some manifolds, so that's why I'm asking...
Aug17-09 04:48 AM
15 7,777

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