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Materials & Chemical Engineering

- Properties of matter and its applications. Metal Production, Fabrication, Distillation, Corrosion
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:01 PM
0 30,396
Hi guys, I'm studying my first semester in engineering, I was giving the first assignment in my material science...
Aug15-12 08:35 PM
3 1,540
In cooling distillate off a column, is there a disadvantage to making a condensing fluid in the tube side of a shell...
Mar2-05 06:05 PM
1 1,539
Please help me about the parameter realted fo efficency of the SOFC ? For the eneregy heravesting device whether is...
Jul14-08 11:30 PM
2 1,539
I'm doing research for an upcoming project that involves accelerating a small polyproylene ball using electricity to...
May30-10 06:53 PM
0 1,539
i am actually searching for strong but light magnets. Every thing is magnet in itself, by using hysteresis loop we can...
Jun20-07 11:34 AM
1 1,538
Hi Is there any way to differenciate peaks of precipitates from matix, I got the pattern which seems superimpose of...
Oct27-08 06:58 AM
0 1,537
I want to ask how Schott and other glass makers develop their glasses for calibrated light transmittance ? How...
Feb10-09 08:37 PM
Mustafa Umut
0 1,537
Hello everyone! I'm currently a high school junior working on a project where I mix ferrofluids and...
Jan6-12 04:49 PM
0 1,537
I've been trying to google-out some things about this issue, but - nevertheless I ask here because this issue seems...
Dec13-05 03:24 PM
0 1,536
Hey all, I'm trying to design a clamp that has to hold onto a hollow carbon fiber tube, approximately 2.5 inches in...
May23-13 02:38 PM
1 1,536
Hi, Does anyone have any experience with this synthetic paper made by Decro? It is very similar to the material...
Dec17-12 12:57 PM
1 1,534
Hi , please can anyone help. I need to know what chemical i could use that when drawn on a glazed ceramic tile it...
Apr6-08 11:12 AM
1 1,533
What will you identify the following ore as? Q - The chemical analysis of a stone sample is as follows. SiO2 =...
Nov30-11 03:09 AM
0 1,532
Hi all I am wondering which the type of dislocations make up vacancy/interstitial dipoles in PSB. Is it most...
Jul26-09 11:03 PM
0 1,529
I am looking to do some research in Iontophoretic drug transport. My main problem is that I do not know what I am in...
Jan25-07 11:13 AM
0 1,528
Hello, I have this ongoing arguement with my professor. I read in a paper (friction and wear) that the crystal...
Dec14-08 09:24 PM
2 1,528
hi does anybody has an idea how can i attach 2 spaghettis from their base without being breaked or crooked. I'm ONLY...
Jan8-09 05:51 PM
14 1,528
I have an ideal gas that expands adiabatically. How do I calculate the work done for irreversible and reversible...
Feb4-11 12:31 PM
0 1,527
Does introducing small amount of hydrogen and oxygen with gasoline into an internal combustion engine make the sensor...
Jan5-14 04:47 PM
4 1,527
Hello, I am a new user here, and I am not too much into physics myself, so I don't know if this is the right...
Sep26-08 05:25 AM
0 1,526
Hello all. As the title has informed you, I wish to make an water electrolysis cell that can not only produce...
Nov23-12 06:09 PM
2 1,526
I'm currently looking into some dental material mechanics. Material: Pressable ceramic powder Melting range:...
Apr11-13 06:52 PM
1 1,526
Any hints on how to derive the glass viscosity? n=n(0)exp(Q/RT)?
Feb15-09 06:36 PM
1 1,525
What property does wire drawing depend on? If ductility is the answer,then how is it related to young's modulus?...
Jan2-12 02:41 AM
0 1,525
Hi, I have been using a tensiometer to help me try and determine what the material is. one of the materials has...
Nov16-12 05:07 AM
2 1,525
Hi I'm designing an application which at some points developing temperature up to 3000 deg C. I'm considering to...
Sep28-09 03:01 AM
Gideon Y
0 1,524
Can anybody please explain me what is "Schedule" and "Class" of a GI pipe (for eg. Schedule - 40, Class - B). Whether...
Apr2-13 11:28 PM
0 1,524
I am interesting to know about the manufactures of these products: crystalline silicon solar cells, thin-film solar...
Apr10-13 04:11 AM
suchitra sen
3 1,523
hi, i want to design a heat exchanger where on hotter side i am using hot combustion gases of coal burning and on the...
Jul3-11 08:13 AM
0 1,522
I keep on reading that VLE data may be calculated from the Redlich-Kwong. In line with this, I have these questions: ...
Sep1-13 11:31 AM
1 1,522
OK so this is a problem me and some co-workers have been discussing. We have refrigeration pipelines that are about...
Aug24-12 06:46 AM
2 1,521
Hello, I'm not sure if this is in the right section, but I figured chemical engineering would be best for this. I...
Dec13-13 04:48 PM
2 1,521
hey there.. I have an assignment where I have to choose a material and research about.. anyway, I chose to talk...
Nov21-08 10:57 AM
1 1,520
Hi, for a University project I need to find areas of application for a special carbon fibre composite design...
Apr16-11 06:39 AM
0 1,520
Hi everyone, So I have a set of relaxation data and creep data for a solid polymer that I want to analyse. In the...
Jan24-13 05:29 PM
1 1,519
How do u calc pressure at each end of pipe if u know its turbulent and u don't know the length. Just got viscosity,...
Apr19-07 06:04 PM
4 1,518
Hi Everyone, We are an Engineering & Services Company mainly working for Power Generations in industrial field,...
Jun27-12 02:22 AM
0 1,517
for ceramics materials, is there something called a seger equation or something? if so, how do you calculate that?
Dec1-05 04:32 AM
2 1,516
Hi guys, I'm trying to use thermal oxidation with Si wafers in order to get SiO2 to use for electric components....
May9-14 04:26 PM
2 1,516
Dear all, I got 20 grams of Mgo powder to be milled (to obtain Nano-powder). The person in charge of the lab said,...
Jan3-11 12:54 PM
2 1,515

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