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Materials & Chemical Engineering

- Properties of matter and its applications. Metal Production, Fabrication, Distillation, Corrosion
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Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:01 PM
0 26,583
I've posted questions on other forums asking people why they became engineers, and the majority of people claimed they...
Sep11-13 08:49 PM
8 1,404
The diffusion of Ni in FCC Fe. There is 0.3 atoms % of Ni in a solid solution in FCC Fe @ point x. Point y is 1 mm...
Oct7-11 12:39 PM
0 1,403
Please can someone explain in detail how Sigma phase reduces toughness & ducility in Duplex Stainless steel materials.
Dec7-10 12:53 AM
0 1,403
If I have a TEM picture showing some dislocations of an aluminum sample, are there any simple rough estimate of...
Jun27-11 06:10 AM
0 1,403
what material can is gas form? or any catalyst will work?
Oct21-09 04:43 AM
0 1,402
I want to exchange my Au-citrate nanoparticle with two kinds of ligands :PEG-COOH and PEG-OH. Which one is suppose to...
Nov19-13 01:19 PM
2 1,402
Hej i have seached the web thin... without reslut so I hope that you smart people can help me :D I want to make a...
Dec18-08 05:04 PM
1 1,401
Hi there, I was wondering if siloxane can be used to seal concrete?
Aug11-10 02:29 AM
1 1,400
hmm.....i got a question.. i had three inorganic polymer (powder/solid form) and i wanna mixed it according to...
Apr17-07 11:11 PM
0 1,399
Hi, 20m straight length horizontal pipe (60 mm internal diameter), steam flows at rate 0.5 kg/s, at midpoint there...
Sep6-09 06:49 PM
0 1,399
Can someone tell me or tell me where to look to determine the tonnage requirement to compress 304 stainless steel...
Apr24-12 06:08 AM
0 1,397
hullo, i was wondering; does dalton's law ( pressure*mole fraction = partial pressure) hold for liquids? I'm...
Feb21-09 12:49 PM
0 1,396
I am interesting to know about the manufactures of these products: crystalline silicon solar cells, thin-film solar...
Apr10-13 04:11 AM
suchitra sen
3 1,396
I found three different type of alloy. 1. Not shiny...
Jun14-13 01:32 AM
5 1,395
any refs or anything at all on the history of superparamagnetism. was it theorized? ect
Jul2-13 12:49 AM
Simon Bridge
1 1,394
i need a book in friction material .
Mar9-07 10:50 AM
0 1,394
I am doing a research project on measurement of residual stresses for Ti-6Al-4V that has been burnished. I did the...
Jul30-10 01:18 AM
1 1,394
Hi guys, I'm studying my first semester in engineering, I was giving the first assignment in my material science...
Aug15-12 08:35 PM
3 1,394
Is there anyone who knows of, or knows of a resource where i can find information on, what materials heat well under...
Apr28-05 11:09 PM
0 1,393
Hi id just like some info on the type of ceramic used in car brake discs and where i can find its thermal conductivity...
May12-07 04:39 PM
4 1,393
Hello, soon I will be taken examinations about microstructures and phase diagram. Very interesting stuff, but I...
Jun18-12 04:43 AM
4 1,393
Hi, I would like to know if somebody has the formulas to find the heat transfer coefficient while the nucleate...
Jul6-12 09:55 PM
1 1,392
I require knowledge of rate law of emulsion polymerisation . Any standard reaction's rate law would suffice .
Oct8-11 03:43 PM
0 1,391
Hello Everybody, I would greatly appreciated your help. I have been working this problems for the past couple hours...
Oct24-11 08:57 PM
0 1,391
Hi. In most cases, the relative permittivity of dielectric materials must be maximised. However, there are some...
May13-12 03:43 AM
0 1,391
Hi Everybody! This is my first post on this forum! Anyways... I have a problem where I think I have the correct...
Apr10-12 02:57 PM
0 1,389
Hello all, I am having trouble figuring out the space group for a cubic structure having A atoms at 000 and B...
Nov13-10 08:04 PM
0 1,388
Hello I'm trying to find the equilibrium line of a gas-liquid (CO2-propylene carbonate). I have been given the moles...
Sep16-11 03:13 AM
0 1,387
Do either of these actions impact upon the elastic modulus? I can't think of any reason why they would, but just want...
Apr24-13 10:27 PM
1 1,387
Every boiler has a feed pump, say it is a centrifugal pump. Now if the suction of the pump is from an economiser and...
Apr29-07 08:34 AM
0 1,385
Greetings, I'm looking for a way to calculate the molecular harmonics of a sheet of graphene. Any suggestions or tips...
Dec12-10 01:52 AM
0 1,385
I read that the thickness of an ITO film affects performance as a trade off between transparency and conductivity. ...
Apr13-11 12:29 AM
1 1,384
Hi all please help, Anybody knows why grain boundaries act as sink for vacancies? in a detailed and microscopic...
Feb26-12 07:29 PM
0 1,384
a common complaint I see in online reviews for various types of durable, weather proof bags is that they actually turn...
May12-12 07:45 AM
0 1,383
I am looking for a 2 part polyurethane that cures to hard, stiff non-foam solid. Also having low viscosity while...
Jul26-10 04:31 PM
0 1,382
Hi, i want a genera information about photocorrosin because i'm new in this field thanks
Jan30-12 12:22 PM
0 1,381
OK so this is a problem me and some co-workers have been discussing. We have refrigeration pipelines that are about...
Aug24-12 06:46 AM
2 1,381
I read an article a week or so ago talking about using a semiconductor to disrupt a magnetic field. Generally a...
Oct5-11 10:26 PM
0 1,380
Hi, I am trying to make a chunk of SiO2 Glass and was wondering what should be the Cooling Rate & what is the...
Oct21-11 04:00 PM
Panthera Leo
0 1,380
Hi everyone, So I have a set of relaxation data and creep data for a solid polymer that I want to analyse. In the...
Jan24-13 05:29 PM
1 1,380

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