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Materials & Chemical Engineering

- Properties of matter and its applications. Metal Production, Fabrication, Distillation, Corrosion
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Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:01 PM
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The chips used for surface plasmon resonance are fairly expensive. Does anyone know what nanofabrication techniques...
Nov12-13 04:02 PM
3 1,349
Nov4-06 10:16 AM
6 1,348
I am going be so pleased i f any one can suggest a website where i can find information regarding the following topic:...
Nov2-05 09:04 PM
1 1,347
Hi Guys, I am looking for some ideas to prevent the condensation on the LPG cylinders. Water is not an available...
Dec5-11 04:38 PM
0 1,347
What is the chemistry behind high temperature corrosion , and why is the corrosion rate higher .
Sep25-09 04:29 PM
1 1,345
I am undergoing a research term at my university working with photovoltaics. We are required to measure the...
Jun23-10 10:20 AM
3 1,344
I am using Ansys mechanical apdl (like the classical ansys before cfx and fluent become an ansys product). I am trying...
Apr21-10 05:27 AM
0 1,342
Hi all, I don't know if some one can give me a hand on this. Imagine a process line at high pressure, let's say...
Nov12-09 10:42 AM
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Hi all, I have search far and wide for this answer and could not find it. During the late 80's and early 90's...
Sep7-11 11:58 AM
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THE TEMPERATURE DEPENDENCE OF THE ENERGY GAPS IN SEMICONDUCTORS Where I can find text about this topic and models...
Mar21-12 02:01 PM
M Quack
1 1,341
Hello Dears, I wanna find some properties of three combustible particles, sulphur flower, starch dust, lycopodium. In...
Mar14-11 06:20 AM
0 1,339
as topic
Sep6-12 02:33 PM
1 1,339
I'm interested in calculating the diffusion of iron atoms through silicon. A small, but known, amount of iron is...
May22-12 07:50 PM
0 1,336
Problem Statement: A 3-in. diameter copper rod is to be reduced to 2-in dameter by being pushed through an...
Mar29-12 06:22 PM
0 1,335
I want to use calcium silicate (CaSiO3) as my reactant, but the suplier give me CaSi2H5.nH2O. He says that this one is...
Apr20-11 04:05 PM
1 1,334
I sell a machine that cleans oil coolers and heat exchangers with oil. I now want to put 10%-20% muriatic/water in it...
Oct9-11 10:09 PM
1 1,332
Hi, Could anyone provide the detailed information of Si surface self-diffusion critical condition? I mean the...
Dec1-10 05:59 AM
0 1,332
Hi... i have an exercise to do and I'm not sure abotu it: a hollow pole, is constructed from epoxy vf=0.4 with the...
May13-12 02:41 PM
0 1,332
I was trying to emulate a packed bed reactor, and apparently the pressure midway at the packed column became zero,...
Sep18-13 06:21 AM
9 1,331
Hey, I have data on lamellar spacings and transformation temperatures for pearlite transformation in a plain carbon...
May19-10 09:33 PM
0 1,330
I am wondering whether there is a material I can make a balloon out of that would have the ability to heal itself from...
Nov6-11 08:58 AM
0 1,330
Say I have a painted/coated steel beam. Some of the paint peels off in certain areas. Rust forms. Could the rust be...
May11-12 09:26 AM
0 1,330
I'm working with clathrate compounds in a glove box filled with Argon. My problem is that there always remains a small...
Apr27-13 06:32 AM
3 1,330
I'm working for the Company that specialize in thin film polyethylene. I research the tendency of using biodegradable...
Apr24-13 12:32 PM
4 1,325
Is there a material that acts as a membrane for light that allows light to pass through it one way from all angles,...
May14-12 06:47 AM
0 1,324
Would it be practical to make a solar battery maintainer for my daily driven car using a small like 0.5 watt solar...
May17-12 10:40 AM
0 1,324
What are the casual factors of corrosion failure?
Aug26-09 03:44 PM
2 1,323
good day all.i've just written a program in fortran77 for the model of a binary distillation column.i included a PI...
Jun14-12 06:35 PM
0 1,323
Hi, and thanks for your expert opinions in advance. I'm working on a theorical scenario of a flue gas funnel. Assuming...
Nov16-12 12:30 PM
2 1,322
Many thanks to those who gave me input on my other question. My new question is... what is the compressive...
Jul19-08 12:46 PM
2 1,321
Hi! We are going to machine some stainless steel parts that will require hardening afterwards. The parts are...
Jul5-12 06:58 AM
jim mcnamara
2 1,321
Does such a substance exist such that applying a voltage makes the substance reflective? Reminds me of an LCD, but...
Oct17-09 10:31 PM
0 1,320
I have a battery load tester that is giving me trouble. A battery load tester is connected to a battery and the...
Feb24-05 05:46 PM
0 1,318
Find (∂G/∂Na)T,p,Na'≠a of G(T, p, x1, x2,...) = Ʃxaπa(T) + RTƩxaln(xap/p0) p.s. the sum is over all alpha....
Nov17-11 10:46 AM
0 1,318
Hello, I am interested in estimating/modelling the behavior of a rubber stud mount...
Dec4-13 05:30 PM
0 1,318
Someone was asking me about a new Russian oil refining process from the Boreskov institute, known as the BIMF oil...
Sep8-05 05:57 PM
0 1,317
Hi there I just got a new DSC about 2 Months ago and i am experiencing enormous problems with it. Slowly but surely i...
Jun20-08 04:48 AM
King Diamond
0 1,317
I would like your expert opinion regarding my hypothesis on the Mechanism for formation of Carbides in Upper and lower...
Oct8-11 03:46 PM
0 1,316
I am wondering if anyone know of any sources that may contain the outgassing rate of PLA (polylactic acid). I've...
Jan7-13 09:58 AM
0 1,316
Calculate the density of NaCl at 20C in lbm/ft3 ? since no volume was given i was wondering if this can be done...
Jan17-13 02:53 AM
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