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Materials & Chemical Engineering

- Properties of matter and its applications. Metal Production, Fabrication, Distillation, Corrosion
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:01 PM
0 31,123
Sun shining on earth and make it warm but its not warm enough to make energy of it What happend to air molkols when...
Jul25-13 05:22 PM
18 2,685
Hi, What is the material which would develop powerful vibration for a sustained period when they are stroked with...
Jul28-13 03:31 AM
8 2,144
i was thinking of a good thesis topic involving enviro-friendly touch and i came up with this: plastic photodegrador!...
Jul21-13 04:21 AM
1 1,919
Hello, I am looking for opinions on the commercial feasibility of extracting aluminum from aluminous clays. The...
Dec12-12 09:11 AM
3 3,287
Hi, can someone please clarify me what does the standard "API Q125" in material designation mean? Does it stand...
Dec3-12 02:22 PM
4 3,458
(need help with the following question) A slender bar with rectangular cross section is subjected to tensile loading...
Dec11-12 02:07 AM
2 1,892
This is totally pissing me off, I don't know what the heck am I doing wrong. Alright, so I was given a temperature...
Nov23-12 01:42 AM
2 1,783
Hi all, I want to measure electric polarization hysteresis loop so i need the electric circuit to measure it. The...
Nov23-12 04:43 PM
2 1,304
I'm a little confused, in my fluid mechanics course we've covered many equations and they are all derived using an...
Nov21-12 06:25 PM
2 1,873
Hello all. As the title has informed you, I wish to make an water electrolysis cell that can not only produce...
Nov23-12 06:09 PM
2 1,557
The asbestos cement sheets used for roofing have a low thermal conductivity. But the general experience is that,...
Nov23-12 04:32 AM
0 1,339
Hello everybody, We need your advice with a project for building a simple one-beam bridge. We have figured out the...
Nov27-12 07:57 PM
10 2,219
Hi, I would like to know if Neodymium Magnets can be used as an electromagnetic magnet. The idea is to get a...
Nov27-12 07:07 PM
6 3,488
A couple M will be applied to a beam of rectangular cross section from a log of circular cross section. determine the...
Nov26-12 07:49 AM
0 2,291
Hey, Currently I have a system where I have a high pressure at the lowest point of a vertical pipe and a low...
Nov29-12 06:09 PM
0 1,463
Hi, I am making a capacitor with Aluminum plate and Mylar film. Al plate surface has tiny groove arrays, each groove...
Dec4-12 09:28 PM
5 1,831
What is prior austenite grain boundary?Grain boundary and prior austenite grain boundary are same terminology or...
Jan2-13 11:40 PM
2 3,918
I am looking for a vendor (in the US) who can supply me with a sheet of 1/2" Duplex UNS No. S31803 does anyone have...
Dec12-12 10:57 AM
0 1,640
Is there any material which could change from liquid state to solid state after appiled some force? :smile:
Dec24-12 10:54 PM
4 1,614
QUESTION Rainwater collects behind the concrete retaining wall shown in the figure. If the water saturated soil...
Dec23-12 11:34 AM
1 1,622
My car antenna is connected to some type of flexible rod. I'm trying to figure out what this material is or what I...
Dec24-12 02:35 PM
0 1,615
what could be the use of modeling the silica gel polymerisation from silicic acid? Does it have any importance in the...
Jan2-13 01:18 AM
1 1,433
Does anyone know of a software package, preferably freeware and for Windows, that is capable of modeling the structure...
Jan2-13 09:26 PM
0 1,048
I am not an engineer so I was wondering if a pound of gold can ever weigh more than a pound of silver under any...
Jan4-13 02:20 PM
10 2,030
I am wondering if anyone know of any sources that may contain the outgassing rate of PLA (polylactic acid). I've...
Jan7-13 09:58 AM
0 1,494
i'm very interested in learning about photovoltaic cells, i've read in some sites already but they all describe it in...
Jan14-13 04:06 AM
1 1,169
Hello All, I have a master's degree in physics, my research is related to High Energy Physics. I hear a lot of...
Jan14-13 07:22 AM
0 937
We have a small lab reactor (~2 Litres) made of stainless steel that we use to test reactions. Unfortunately, we...
Jul26-13 01:30 PM
8 1,947
Dear all members, I just need anyone of you to verify my system and some equations I have worked out for my problem...
Jul18-13 04:53 AM
0 1,125
I was just curious if it would be possible to compress fine iron powder into a solid puck without applying any heat or...
Mar29-13 11:25 AM
3 1,427
What is the different between HSLA and tool steel in term of properties, price and application
Jul16-13 09:22 PM
1 1,294
I've been confused for a long time and can't figure this out: In annealing process, after recrystallisation, new...
Jul17-13 11:13 AM
Rathy Cato
4 2,781
I need a 5"x2"x1/8" 'cover' to protect some sensors from a drill bit. Occasionally the bit will run in to the cover...
Jul20-13 01:31 PM
1 2,174
Hi, I'm trying to calculate the bend lines required for fabricating a blade for an agitator. I've built up a 3d...
Jul16-13 03:29 AM
0 1,229
Can we make exoskeletons out of CNTs? I have a few questions 1. Do CNTs expand when electricity is applied or you...
Jul21-13 06:44 AM
3 3,230
Hi all, I have been researching conductive glass in my quest to create a solar powered 3D printer :) :). So, I have...
Jul21-13 06:04 AM
6 2,798
Can anybody tell the stress developed during extrusion of Al Alloy. More importantly, is there a type of Al alloy...
Jul21-13 05:56 AM
2 1,849
Hi, i just perfomed a differential distillation experiment, the initial solution cointaned ethanol-water solution with...
Jun20-13 10:52 AM
2 1,730
Does anyone know where I can find a clean algorithm into which the input is the number of atoms of each element in my...
Jul18-13 01:03 PM
0 1,163
Hello I have been thinking about an idea for quite a while. It uses piezoelectric materials to enhance the motions of...
Jul28-13 03:07 AM
3 2,372

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