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Materials & Chemical Engineering

- Properties of matter and its applications. Metal Production, Fabrication, Distillation, Corrosion
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Illegal/Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts...
Jul31-07 05:01 PM
0 26,634
So I am doing some simulations of inductors on the Ansys Maxwell software for electromagnetic simulation. I have a...
Oct18-12 10:36 AM
2 1,907
Ok. I know this may sound like a stupid question but for the life of me i cant find definitions for these terms. I am...
Oct17-12 02:56 PM
6 3,105
ASTM provides standards for testing that's obvious enough if talk about the standard specimen profile; but idk that...
Oct25-12 06:55 AM
11 2,366
Hi guys, I've come across an abnormality at work with regards to Carbon Content. The raw material used was 1010...
Oct18-12 06:57 AM
2 1,673
I'm looking for some sort of dielectric coating that can be used at high temperatures. I'm working on trying to create...
Oct27-12 11:42 PM
8 2,806
I am looking for shear modulus (G) for Nitronic 50 or XM-19 High strength hot rolled condition UNS - S20910 and...
Sep17-12 02:45 AM
4 2,198
I remember watching the walking dead, the last episode of series 1 and the scientist said that he could set the air on...
Oct18-12 05:33 PM
2 4,087
Hi imagine I have a sphere of silicone oil in a sealed metal container. I then fully submerge the container in a bath...
Sep25-12 03:10 AM
2 1,270
I am solving a temperature distribution problem related to laser drilling. In the equation I am encountering a term...
Sep24-12 05:33 AM
1 1,056
In EDS (energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy) how can I find possible K, L and M lines in samples containing different...
Sep26-12 01:58 AM
0 608
Hello, I have next to no materials specific knowledge, so I was hoping someone here could guide me in the right...
Nov1-12 07:51 AM
6 2,505
Say I have a brittle metal that I start smashing up with a hammer to crush it into a powder. How do I know how much...
Sep30-12 12:43 PM
1 1,094
Where can I find the yield strength for AISI 1566 Carbon Steel? I tried googling it but I can't find a reliable value.
Sep30-12 12:32 PM
1 3,379
Hey guys, First off, I apologize if this is in the wrong section. I am currently an intern taking 6 months off from...
Oct16-12 06:33 AM
6 1,288
I am having problem with PLA composites fabrication. I want to fabricate a PLA composite (around 3mm thickness) by...
Oct2-12 01:57 AM
0 656
Does anyone know of any good materials to make pipe out of that can withstand around 200 psig, 250 F and is completely...
Oct21-12 10:49 PM
10 4,105
A properly prepared and painted piece of steel can go for decades without the slightest bit of rust. If however you...
Oct17-12 05:10 PM
4 1,184
I two firebricks, one is wrapped with 4 layers of aluminum foil and the other one is not. If both are placed 10 "...
Oct14-12 04:21 PM
10 1,738
Hey, Im currently doing a project where I have to calculate/(predict) the cv values of a number of valves. at the...
Oct15-12 03:06 AM
0 1,073
Hi All, I am wondering if there is any way to monitor internal corrosion in pipelines (without using pigs and...
Oct26-12 02:54 PM
1 1,190
If FCC and HCP are the ones with the highest atomic packing factor, why would there be metals with BCC structures?
Oct19-12 01:54 AM
8 2,002
I have two questions for you guys A) what is the electrical resistance per meter of Liquid Nitrogen and B) What is the...
Oct19-12 03:28 PM
2 1,142
This is my problem: I need to design a pipeline distribution system for steam service. But is thought in order to...
Oct28-12 09:04 AM
4 1,641
I'm working on an assignment about phase diagrams and one of the topics we skim is isomorphous phase diagrams. As a...
Oct26-12 02:30 PM
1 1,172
I heard a rumor from some people at a scrap yard that it's impossible to sepperate copper from stainless steel, and...
Oct21-12 04:48 PM
2 1,233
Hello All. I am getting my @$$ kicked by what seems to be a simple concept, and I hope someone can offer me a little...
Oct21-12 08:57 AM
3 1,199
Hi I am in a material science class and one of my homework questions states: "Calculate the radius of an iridium...
Oct20-12 12:59 PM
1 2,011
I'm an engineer student and I'm trying to build such a solar heating system that it is drum with two layers, inner one...
Oct23-12 02:46 AM
1 1,119
Hi Everyone, I need to build a battery for a shoebox-sized vehicle. I'm still collecting requirements, but I'm...
Oct25-12 11:21 AM
6 1,534
So I'm looking through some material on creep for one of my courses. There is a graph of strain ε vs Time, t. ...
Oct25-12 10:55 PM
1 1,359
Hi, What changes will happen to retained austenite in a martensite matrix during tempering of martensite in an...
Oct30-12 08:16 AM
5 2,305
Hi, For a problem that gives T1, P1, fixed volume V for a throttling valve, I know how to find T2, and P2. However,...
Oct27-12 05:44 PM
0 1,381
Hello all I'm glad to join the forums and having the opportunity of having some scientific discussions I'd like...
Oct30-12 06:39 AM
3 1,251
I saw this video of BMW car manufacturing plant on YouTube, and they showed how the robots fix metal sheets of various...
Oct30-12 10:23 PM
4 1,713
Hi, Carbon has more affinity to Chromium or Nickel? What is the reason for more affinity to one material over...
Feb3-13 03:37 AM
10 1,943
I am having some trouble fully understanding the basics and I just wanted to see if somebody would please clarify this...
Apr3-13 12:15 PM
3 2,066
I am looking for an alloy which has its protons in a randomized spin state? I.e. not affected by gravity. Any...
May1-13 02:58 AM
7 1,616
I'm working with clathrate compounds in a glove box filled with Argon. My problem is that there always remains a small...
Apr27-13 06:32 AM
3 1,331
Hello everybody I have designed two small metal pieces (approx 30x30 mm) currently in 3D design that I now want to...
Apr29-13 02:07 AM
0 1,059
can somebody explain to me in general first pass retention in paper making... As i know they usually using alum or...
May3-13 03:19 AM
0 1,188

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