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Nuclear Engineering

- Concerned with the design and construction and operation of nuclear reactors. Radiation Protections, Radioactive Waste, Design, Reactors
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
There are several threads related to the disaster: Japan Earthquake: nuclear plants - technical aspects of the...
Apr20-14 11:35 AM
3 32,009
nuclear, power Sticky Thread Pinned: The Nuclear Power Thread ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I'd like to start a discussion/debate of nuclear power for the purpose of informing people about it. I am...
Aug15-14 08:25 PM
492 168,852
Im looking through what nuclear engineering/nuclear power journals I have online acess to through my university and I...
Nov16-06 01:47 PM
4 4,973
Hi Does anyone know where I can get some in depth info on the various forms of nuclear waste i.e the actual...
Nov17-06 11:05 PM
3 2,071
The Health Physics Society is an excellent resource for information on radiation and radiation interactions. ...
Nov25-06 01:38 PM
1 1,582
Apparently efforts to recover U from seawater were abandoned in the 1970s when studies concluded that it would cost...
Nov29-06 09:47 AM
28 9,412
I am interested in comparing the cost of nuclear energy with the costs of fossil fuel and renewable fuels for electric...
Dec2-06 11:36 PM
Andrew Mason
0 3,425
please help me in understanding the following scenarios: 1. how could one approach first criticality in practice? 2....
Dec4-06 08:38 PM
2 4,506
Space Nuclear Conference 2007 (SNC '07) Embedded Topical Meeting at the 2007 ANS Annual Meeting June 24-28, 2007 ...
Dec9-06 01:29 PM
7 2,555
Hey , Actually I need someone to recommend some useful web sites that would contians animations about Nuclear well...
Dec9-06 02:51 PM
The Prince
3 3,206
Hey there , I wonder If there 's any graduated or undergraduated who studies Nuclear engineering in MIT. I 'd...
Dec11-06 01:12 PM
5 2,416
might be more expensive than uranium or plutonium, but storage costs and environmental impact and anti-nuke activism...
Dec11-06 10:12 PM
48 14,986
Hey there , 1-I wonder why PU-239 is basically used in nuclear destructive weapons, while U-33, U-35,U-38 (with...
Dec12-06 04:20 PM
6 3,864
Hey , 1-What is exactly the difference between the Burnup rate and Consumption rate?? 2-Why do most...
Dec12-06 08:47 PM
1 4,744
I had heard about a nulcear reactor, that did not require a critical mass, and therefore did not have the possibility...
Dec15-06 12:13 PM
37 14,668
Downloadable pdf's on Nuclear Science - Nuclear Chemistry and Nuclear Energy. ...
Dec15-06 08:46 PM
1 6,446
In a nuclear fusion reactor for generating electricity, would a deuterium-deuterium reaction be inferior to a...
Dec20-06 11:17 PM
Andrew Mason
21 8,916
How would one acquire an isotopically pure sample of an element? Are some available for direct purchase, or would it...
Dec29-06 06:28 PM
17 5,910
There is already a thread on the Prospects of Nuclear Energy in the US, so I thought I would add one on the...
Jan2-07 12:44 PM
Andrew Mason
5 3,058
Hey there , It's known that metalic U was uesed as a fuel in certain types of reactors. What I 'd like to know : ...
Jan4-07 08:56 AM
11 4,697
Hi, I'm a bit confused with the Wigner effect concept. This effect is normally associated to damages in moderator...
Jan8-07 08:41 AM
3 4,336
This is not a very comforting new. It appears that one of the ceramic material used for storing nuclear wastes...
Jan11-07 11:32 AM
3 3,061
I am plotting the in-hour equation. For the delayed neutron fraction, I was thinking of using a weighted dnf for the...
Jan18-07 11:34 AM
1 2,753
I live in Saskatchewan, which has the world's largest and richest Uranium mines (producing 35% of the world's uranium...
Jan24-07 11:34 AM
18 6,105
Here's part of an email I just got about this week's seminar at my university. I read through this, and I was...
Jan29-07 04:39 PM
1 7,523
My teacher said that if an isotope has a neutron to proton ratio that is greater than 1.2 it is radio active, but he...
Jan30-07 08:38 AM
7 16,463
From what I hear Uranium miners are constantly under threat from radiation gas which is released from Uranium mines. ...
Jan31-07 08:26 AM
7 8,139
Our "safety analysis for nuclear power plants" professor asked for an FMEA worksheet and i used some of the...
Feb18-07 11:46 AM
7 11,034
Hello, I can't find :confused: where do we get the starting neutron(s) for the chain reaction in the reactor. I'm...
Mar8-07 04:24 AM
50 11,093
(A parallel discussion, on the politics and diplomacy, is going on here:...
Mar8-07 05:44 AM
17 6,354
I dont get it.I found out that light water coolant is at a supercritical pressure at 25MPa.The boiling phenomenon...
Mar9-07 02:12 PM
5 1,997
In the atom between the electron in the orbit and the nucleus what is present? Is it vacuum? Well if it is so then...
Mar9-07 04:20 PM
2 1,893
Hi I am a gr.12 student and I have a project where I have to give a presentation along with 3 other group members. The...
Mar15-07 10:25 PM
2 5,269
Hello, can anybody help me out with the following (IMO) strange reaction: HE-4(N,P)H,SIG I'm looking for the...
Mar17-07 10:04 AM
6 1,844
I would like some opinions/advice regarding grad school. I have just been accepted into the grad program, and Im...
Mar18-07 07:50 PM
3 1,876
I have tryed to look into ITER and tokamak reactors latest updated information online, and cannot find any real...
Mar26-07 01:20 PM
17 8,923
Why fissions are mostly asymmetric rather than symmetric??
Mar27-07 11:05 PM
Nomy-the wanderer
12 4,232
Esp given that most of the energy has yet to be tapped
Mar30-07 07:19 PM
19 4,437
Given that almost all of the fuel waste from LWRs is potentially useable with future fast breeder reactor technology...
Mar30-07 07:35 PM
1 2,394
So, I know that fusion as an energy source has hit a lull of sorts. Could somebody fill me in on a few points (and...
Apr6-07 12:37 PM
20 9,068
It's interesting that TV series these days are adding suspense to the show by adding the threat of atomic bombs and...
Apr7-07 01:04 PM
2 3,936
I recently read about Cohens challange to go on national tv against any nucler critic and eat as much Plutonium oxide...
Apr7-07 05:34 PM
Andrew Mason
9 3,684

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