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Nuclear Engineering

- Concerned with the design and construction and operation of nuclear reactors. Radiation Protections, Radioactive Waste, Design, Reactors
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
nuclear, power Sticky Thread Pinned: The Nuclear Power Thread ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I'd like to start a discussion/debate of nuclear power for the purpose of informing people about it. I am...
Aug15-14 08:25 PM
492 169,017
There are several threads related to the disaster: Japan Earthquake: nuclear plants - technical aspects of the...
Apr20-14 11:35 AM
3 32,053
hi, any conversion from mCi to SV and vise versa?
Nov25-08 06:35 AM
1 3,017
Hi,I am new to organic liquid scintillator detectors.I need to know about anthracene's solvent which used in liquid...
Nov22-08 01:11 PM
0 2,151
i am trying to develop the synthetic degenerate kernel(sdk) for thermal neutron scattering which is an exercise in...
Nov16-08 01:32 PM
0 1,532
One ton of Uranium used at a typical 1 GW reactor is equal to how many tons of coal being burned in a 1 GW coal fired...
Nov16-08 12:40 AM
14 8,935
what kind of education do you have? what kind of professional and communication skills do engineers need what...
Nov13-08 11:36 AM
5 4,554
So I posted this in a few other forums, but I thought that this would be a good place to get even more feedback....
Nov13-08 09:10 AM
3 2,065
Since beta decay emissions are affected strongly by a magnetic field, I am wondering (asking) if there has been any...
Nov12-08 05:32 PM
2 2,436
I am trying to figure out why the design problem with the Maple1 and Maple 2 reactors cannot be fixed. This Globe and...
Nov10-08 11:50 AM
10 7,439
Hello Chaps, I have been thinking about for a bit and the texts i have are quite vague on the topic. I'd like to...
Nov9-08 12:03 PM
23 5,723
I had a homework question I am really stuck on- How do you calculate neuron flux
Nov7-08 06:41 PM
1 5,136
hi everyone i wonder if anyone know french. Im trying to find out what does it mean 'remise l'aire' in english. Its...
Nov5-08 05:32 PM
1 1,694
has anyone know or used this gamma detector remote gamma detector(unit type no: RGD1/B) manufactured by Nuclear...
Oct31-08 07:47 AM
0 1,608
as we know, China adopt the AP1000 as major plants to provide nuclear power in next 30 years. What do you think about...
Oct31-08 06:56 AM
2 2,463
Hi,What is the "Benson peak search" algorithm or formula? I need that for finding the peak area of gamma ray energy...
Oct24-08 04:36 PM
0 3,546
How long would it take to build a nuclear power plant, from drawing board to supplying power? But with these...
Oct23-08 03:18 PM
14 10,764
are the safety protocols in place in setablishments dealing with fissionable material adequate for public safety? is...
Oct14-08 07:10 AM
4 2,453
What's the benefit of using Nodal method instead of finite difference method in solving a diffusion problem?
Oct9-08 04:43 AM
4 4,418
You got temperature and/or pressure, and one simple atom to play with. What's the big deal?
Sep30-08 03:37 PM
55 12,364
Are there any knowledgeable Tripoli-4 users here around ? I'm a beginning user and I think I need some help...
Sep23-08 11:47 PM
0 1,542
Got a question about fissionable (as opposed to fissile) elements. I vaguely remember the minimum A number for...
Sep23-08 11:05 AM
4 2,647
Hey, Quite an interesting topic and I've been bits and bats on the internet, but what do you think is the main...
Sep22-08 06:06 AM
19 15,287
Hello there, I have an exe file of WIMS-D5 code which is complied with an old compiler so it cannot be run under...
Sep7-08 02:47 AM
6 2,854
Hello, There's a J.R.Clarkson Method for Depth Doses calculation, does anyone know about that and can help me out...
Aug29-08 01:21 PM
0 1,765
I have a general interest in fusion energy and I'm currently looking at the 'fusion energy gain factor' (Q) of fusion...
Aug21-08 05:42 PM
4 4,966
Hi Folks I'm studying about redundancy concept in nuclear power plants. I want to find a list of all nuclear power...
Aug20-08 11:20 AM
11 3,962 Pretty good article
Aug20-08 02:05 AM
1 3,071
Does anyone know anywhere where I can find reliable up-to-date cross section infromation? In particular I'm looking...
Aug18-08 10:27 PM
2 8,486
Who do you believe? I'm doing some shielding calcs for Cs-137 (662 KeV gamma) in stainless steel (Fe seems close...
Aug13-08 07:25 AM
1 4,209
Hi Guys, I just found this forum, and it looks interesting. My passion is fusion research and I have designed and...
Aug3-08 10:34 PM
9 2,024
Our source is iradium 192 what is the calculation or formula for the safe distance for unshielded source ?
Aug1-08 08:32 AM
3 4,455
pleas interduce a site that contain hamilton nuclear reactor analysis books chapter problem solution tnx.
Jul18-08 06:39 AM
5 10,058
At the moment I'n involved with a project that is using the S3K transient analysis code. I was wondering if anyone...
Jul17-08 08:31 AM
3 2,943
hi, can someone tell me about microshielding calculation for the design of nuclear facilities.. I don't have any idea...
Jul15-08 08:03 PM
2 3,912
If I came into accidental contact with a radioactive substance, and it got say on my hands and watch. Obviously I can...
Jul15-08 07:57 PM
14 3,167
Can anyone please suggest a comparative pro/con review of the various fusion approaches for power generation? In those...
Jul9-08 12:04 PM
111 23,157
Hi all, I always wanted to go for an Engineering degree because I want Math. I am thinking about going for a...
Jul1-08 03:54 PM
7 3,253
After they tested the NERVA prototypes back in the 60's, how much radiation actually did come out of the tailpipe?
Jul1-08 12:12 PM
6 2,305
I was reading a bit on General Atomics homepage and found this. (bolds...
Jul1-08 09:37 AM
17 5,059
I was just wondering what radioactive materials typically look like? solid metal or powder? and if one handles these...
Jun30-08 12:47 PM
6 1,780
With 10000 dollars, 10 people and 1 year, is it possible for me to make a fusion generator? The efficiency doesn't...
Jun25-08 02:16 PM
16 3,934

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