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Nuclear Engineering

- Concerned with the design and construction and operation of nuclear reactors. Radiation Protections, Radioactive Waste, Design, Reactors
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
nuclear, power Sticky Thread Pinned: The Nuclear Power Thread ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I'd like to start a discussion/debate of nuclear power for the purpose of informing people about it. I am...
Aug15-14 08:25 PM
492 168,227
There are several threads related to the disaster: Japan Earthquake: nuclear plants - technical aspects of the...
Apr20-14 11:35 AM
3 31,835
It will be a bad thing from different perspectives, to both overestimate or low-ball the severity of the ongoing...
Apr16-11 04:54 AM
17 4,403
FYI - Consolidated Guidance: 10 CFR Part 20 — Standards for Protection Against Radiation (NUREG-1736)...
Apr15-11 12:47 PM
15 4,475
I am working on some neutron experiments and have to calculate the heat released in the boron neutron capture 10B...
Apr14-11 02:36 PM
Bob S
3 3,981
Does anyone have a source of the actual (today) dose rate levels in the 30 km zone near Chernobyl ?
Apr13-11 05:44 PM
15 41,091
I decided we needed a thread just to track radioactive contamination. I will start it with my hometown of San Diego,...
Apr13-11 01:52 PM
19 11,934
Is there anyone who is willing to go on record to say that the multiple incidents (ongoing) will not be rated (when...
Apr13-11 09:16 AM
49 10,728
I read about neutralizing radioactivity in soil by using paramagnetic clays or ashes because it may chelate the...
Apr12-11 07:19 PM
3 1,189
We build the dike round Fukushima (radius 1-2 km) and filling water. Artificial lake we cover the polyethylene tape on...
Apr12-11 06:26 PM
1 2,567
Tell the world about the horrible site engineering the Fukushima crisis has exposed. The Low Tsunami protection in...
Apr12-11 04:31 PM
27 4,341
Hi there I have a question about analytic nodal method. ANM(Analytic Nodal Method) is based on transverse leakage...
Apr9-11 10:22 PM
0 806
Hello all, Im no expert on the subject, but it has always seemed to me that for nuclear power to be safe, they...
Apr9-11 04:02 AM
31 5,722
Look at this photo of the severe damage to one of the fukashima reactor buildings (I'm not sure which one) and tell me...
Apr8-11 07:03 PM
Joe Neubarth
32 5,166
I know this will sound nuts, because it kind of is, but I though maybe someone could talk some sense into me. I suffer...
Apr8-11 05:25 PM
26 5,190
I'm currently running RELAP5-3D to model a molten salt reactor and I require the thermal conductivity of graphite. Is...
Apr8-11 01:17 PM
2 4,143
Excuse the obvious question. I feel like I should have picked this up somewhere along the way, but the more I think...
Apr8-11 03:30 AM
1 1,896
something that is going on that seems odd to me is the pumping of the radioactive liquid waste direct to ocean. Im...
Apr6-11 06:07 PM
5 1,759
Hi This is my first post, and I have a lot of ideas to talk about I'll start with this one: What would the...
Apr4-11 02:46 PM
Bob S
19 6,427
I haven't thought about it TOO much, but it seems that you should only get power from either fusing atoms or splitting...
Apr4-11 06:16 AM
2 945
Caesium has a low melting point but a high evaporation temperature. For this reason it should only be found locally...
Apr3-11 12:25 PM
15 2,568
For weeks after the Chernobyl disaster, many tonnes worth of molten "lava-like" nuclear fuel inside Chernobyl's...
Apr3-11 09:28 AM
3 2,365
My father was in WWII and got deployed to Japan within weeks after the bombs were dropped. What is the possibility...
Apr3-11 05:12 AM
25 17,813
Hi, If Im not mistaken the activity of a radioactive isotope is equal to the number of atoms in the sample...
Apr1-11 06:20 PM
Bob S
2 1,323
Could anyone who actually works on this kind of thing answer a couple of questions about the current situation in...
Mar31-11 01:36 PM
24 7,475
Does anyone specialize in throttling oriface plate ? I want some information about that.can you guys recommend some...
Mar31-11 11:35 AM
1 1,864
Can a faraday cage be used to stop the radiation at the Japanese reactor? If not why not? I know the frequencty is...
Mar30-11 02:04 PM
2 2,764
excuse me. How converts Bq/ to Bq/L? tnk.
Mar29-11 02:52 PM
3 1,088
Hi, just looking for experienced WIMS user regarding Bell factors... Lets say you have fuel cell divided in 10...
Mar29-11 07:52 AM
0 1,240
Hello. I know that control rods in reactors work by absorbing neutrons that would otherwise be used to collide with...
Mar28-11 11:04 PM
33 12,069
I discovered your site yesterday, and have been fortunate to find such fine quality and detailed information on the...
Mar28-11 06:10 PM
3 1,341
Around how many Sv would a nuclear engineer receive annually? How fatal would it be?
Mar28-11 11:18 AM
5 2,431
I have problem with these two questions, can you give me a hint and help to understand it, I do understand problem 7-3...
Mar28-11 12:45 AM
4 945
Hello and here is my problematic 1st post. I have a problem which i need help with, I'm an electrical engineer so...
Mar27-11 12:36 PM
2 1,155
Except that they are boiling water vs pressurized water. I am interested to know if there were design flaws.
Mar26-11 09:48 AM
Joe Neubarth
2 1,204
Hi, From the definitions of each term: * Thermal eff. = W(actual) / Q' * Thermodynamic eff. = W(actual)/W(max) ...
Mar26-11 02:04 AM
0 3,353
Hi all. I need help on an issue I can't figure out. What is the difference between 15x15 and 17x17 fuel when it...
Mar25-11 08:33 PM
7 3,433
What can I expect for job availibility with a Bachelor's Degree in Nuclear Engineering in the U.S.A.? Any regions of...
Mar25-11 03:32 PM
M. Bachmeier
1 1,653
Hi folks, can anyone suggest a good and current reference text on nuclear reactor theory and physics? I'm a...
Mar25-11 12:01 AM
8 7,902
Hey, could someone give me some resources on the current ongoings and status of the thorium industry as it is today....
Mar24-11 08:41 PM
0 1,460
Everyone, I am a Mechanical Engineer working on a design modification (or existing product recommendation) for an...
Mar23-11 04:39 PM
2 1,974
There is so much conflicting information so I hope it's okay to post here and ask the experts(I'm assuming you're...
Mar23-11 11:20 AM
10 8,938

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