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Nuclear Engineering

- Concerned with the design and construction and operation of nuclear reactors. Radiation Protections, Radioactive Waste, Design, Reactors
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
nuclear, power Sticky Thread Pinned: The Nuclear Power Thread ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I'd like to start a discussion/debate of nuclear power for the purpose of informing people about it. I am...
Aug15-14 08:25 PM
492 170,068
There are several threads related to the disaster: Japan Earthquake: nuclear plants - technical aspects of the...
Apr20-14 11:35 AM
3 32,280
Hi everyone, I am studying the feasibility of using the collision of two beams to obtain nuclear fusion energy. I...
Feb24-11 02:16 PM
5 1,960
Hi, I want to know about SIMULATE code. how can I get its manual? thanks alot
Feb23-11 09:32 AM
1 1,144
Since nukes are being upgraded every so often, what happens to the older version?
Feb23-11 05:56 AM
3 1,347
Hi All Say I have a small ball of frozen tritium, about 2mm in radius. Does it heat up from its own decay since...
Feb22-11 04:09 AM
13 4,758
Hi there I want to generate new cross section library for a certain isotope in a certain temperature using...
Feb18-11 11:59 PM
0 1,830
Hi. How viable/safe is the option of transmuting nuclear waste? Why don't we hear more about it? Is it still in the...
Feb17-11 10:04 AM
Tobias Anhalt
14 4,492 I am a MSc student in the UK and am looking into a PhD in...
Feb16-11 10:28 AM
Tobias Anhalt
7 4,361
I have to write some input for MCNP for one of my classes. The graduate student had given us a lecture and some...
Feb15-11 07:51 AM
2 8,604
Hi there any body know that mcnpx has abality to do time dependent calculations? please lead me quickly, I need it....
Feb15-11 07:18 AM
1 3,035
Hi there, I want to know that how can involve the temperature in mcnp code. for example; the library endf7 for mcnp...
Feb15-11 07:15 AM
5 4,964
Hi there, I want to know about SCWR(supercritical water reactor) that is a Gen IV reactor. Has any body introduce...
Feb15-11 06:19 AM
6 2,801
hello, i am using mcnp for a reactor kinetic study.the only problem is, to establish the model i need to calculate...
Feb15-11 06:12 AM
1 2,627
I am running (a very basic) simulation of the proposed LIFE concept reactor at LLNL as part of my MSc thesis. What I...
Feb15-11 06:04 AM
3 4,370
hi there I wnat to calculate the group constants for a FA(fuel assembly) using MCNP (similar to lattice...
Feb15-11 05:52 AM
1 1,475
in defining cell you can use '#' but i read some where use this operator slowing your computation but i think mcnp at...
Feb15-11 05:41 AM
1 1,387
Hey, I'm modeling the criticality of a core for a university project using MCNP4C. I've run the core on the...
Feb15-11 05:31 AM
1 3,137
Can Someone explain Why we integrate over 4\pi? What allows us to get rid of Omega?
Feb12-11 12:15 PM
6 1,442
I know there companies modifying shape size and working fluids and that the NRC really stifles innovation in this...
Feb12-11 10:48 AM
3 968
Here are some articles discussing a recent design for a thermo-acoustic engine, which appears to be a variant on the...
Feb11-11 10:06 AM
2 3,895
I have built an IMS setup to detect explorsives such as RDX,PETN,etc. the setup can have the RDX and PETN spectra even...
Feb10-11 07:23 PM
4 2,309
why do scientist insist on confinement as the way of producing power, not something like colliding accelerated...
Jan28-11 04:44 AM
16 4,382
Hi, Is it me, or does the following claim seem naive? "If we can achieve fusion here on earth, then the world's...
Jan27-11 09:52 PM
18 7,930
dears y every time i post a thread i do not find it in the website? Did the administrator delete it? and y?
Jan25-11 07:56 AM
1 1,291
I am currently in the eleventh grade while attending a British Curriculum school. In a few weeks, we will have to...
Jan21-11 01:46 PM
9 4,218
Does anyone know how to calibrate a photomultiplier? I need to measure very, very low levels of light (almost no...
Jan14-11 06:05 AM
Vanadium 50
12 2,585
Hi, I've noticed that the same method is used to derive both decay rate and the reaction rate for a unimolecular...
Jan12-11 04:45 PM
Useful nucleus
2 1,807
Folks, I have found a company in the web which is offering incineration of nuclear waste. I was wondering why...
Jan8-11 01:17 PM
4 3,431
I graduated last year with BS degrees in physics and applied math. I also took heat transfer and fluid mechanics...
Jan7-11 09:37 AM
22 11,826
1- i have a proplem to understand the meaning of the once & twice burned fuel, and why we use when we gonna simulate...
Jan4-11 11:46 PM
4 1,822
I have question regarding the fission of 236U,my question is why we have the Q value (185MeV) of the symmetric fission...
Jan4-11 01:58 PM
1 1,047
if fuel coposition as follow : 75 wt% Tho2- 25 wt% uo2, were the U enrichment 19.5 w% ... how can i caculate the...
Jan3-11 02:05 PM
1 2,858
Hi! Do you know some good sources about finite-difference method for solving neutron diffusion equation for reactor...
Dec27-10 08:26 AM
0 1,348
Hello, I would like to start by saying that I know very little about nuclear decay, so please do not flame me if this...
Dec24-10 03:14 PM
9 4,304
Iam trying to work out question related to sequare box, my question is what the flux general equation for the sequare...
Dec24-10 10:20 AM
2 1,819
Dear all can any one explain to me the semi-empirical mass formula and liqiud drop model, I really dont understand...
Dec21-10 09:43 PM
2 1,191
Is MCNP free for Pcs with windows xp? How i can get it? regards
Dec21-10 01:08 PM
8 10,754
Hi, I am wonder if anyone can explain to me in details about the definition and tasks of a radiation safety...
Dec21-10 02:27 AM
1 2,095
Hi all, I'm looking for information on the costs of downtime within nuclear plants. I have in mind that it's...
Dec18-10 08:23 PM
3 2,866
Hello fellow nuclear engineers and physicists, Does anyone know how to just get the scattered dose from a surface...
Dec5-10 03:08 PM
1 1,791
Greetings, As someone who is interested in the history of the nuclear age, I have been unable to find an answer for...
Dec2-10 06:43 AM
10 3,962

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