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Nuclear Engineering

- Concerned with the design and construction and operation of nuclear reactors. Radiation Protections, Radioactive Waste, Design, Reactors
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
nuclear, power Sticky Thread Pinned: The Nuclear Power Thread ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I'd like to start a discussion/debate of nuclear power for the purpose of informing people about it. I am...
Aug15-14 08:25 PM
492 168,197
There are several threads related to the disaster: Japan Earthquake: nuclear plants - technical aspects of the...
Apr20-14 11:35 AM
3 31,830
Lets say somehow something or someplace gets contaminated with radioactive waste, how is it decontaminated?
Jul8-10 03:00 PM
8 1,924
a fast reactor composed of U-235 in form of a cube(point source,strength So) . calculate the : critical...
Jul8-10 02:51 PM
13 3,265
With the US not building too much at this point it seems like the general theme is to leverage existing assets and...
Jul8-10 02:38 PM
3 2,326
I plan to graduate after this year from an undergraduate program in Electrical Engineering. I was torn between...
Jul8-10 01:45 PM
3 3,587
We recently did experiments in school using sources of Radium-226, Americium-241 and Strontium-90. They all had a...
Jul7-10 10:44 PM
8 3,071
i am studying on heavy ion fusion, i need to know about the temperature dependece of target ionization,Z(T)is obtained...
Jul7-10 09:30 AM
4 1,257
The month long debacle over the BP oil spill, and earlier collapse of a coal mine killing scores of coal miners, makes...
Jul6-10 05:37 AM
18 6,414
I recently finished an associates degree in Mathematics from a local college in Georgia, and I am entering the...
Jul4-10 04:30 PM
10 3,315
Hello all, I hope I'm posting in the right sub-forum here, because I'm quite new and don't really know my way...
Jul4-10 01:38 PM
7 10,455
How effective is simulation in fusion research? Many years ago i designed simulators for fission reactors and they...
Jun26-10 02:29 AM
5 2,429
hi, i am interested in nuclear physics but i dont really want to delve into the complexity of it, so could someone...
Jun25-10 09:29 AM
12 3,441
I have a few questions regarding codes typically used in core design: 1) Which codes need to be coupled with a TH...
Jun19-10 10:45 AM
1 2,914
Instead of throwing waste to seas, why dont we throw out the waste to the space with a specially designed shuttle to...
Jun19-10 02:39 AM
2 935
Hello, my mother recently sent me a very mediocre article showing concerns regarding the Westinghouse AP1000 PWR with...
Jun18-10 01:20 PM
6 2,126
Hi A friend of mine is doing an assignment on alternative sources of energy when he came across this site and sent...
Jun14-10 08:58 AM
18 6,022
I thought some of you might be interested in seeing the latest discussion on nuclear power from TED. It is titled...
Jun13-10 08:08 AM
2 1,492
Any free books about nuclear reactor stats?
Jun9-10 08:35 AM
3 1,506
The topic has come up in discussion. This conference will give one an idea of the scope of use of CFD in analyses of...
Jun6-10 10:51 PM
0 1,857
Yeah - we're still serious about this stuff. In February 2011 the Aerospace Nuclear Science and Technology Division...
Jun5-10 02:37 PM
3 1,644
I'm currently a mechanical engineering undergrad who has taken an interest in nuclear engineering. However, an...
Jun5-10 08:52 AM
10 11,219
I'm hoping some of you have some good advice for me here. I’m currently working on year 4 of 5 towards a degree in...
Jun4-10 05:58 PM
39 11,618
Hi there I have a question about FMn card in mcnp code. there is a parameter (is named C) in front of FMn card, I...
Jun3-10 04:59 PM
2 3,201
I have a couple questions but first some background: Fluorine 18 is used in PET scans as a beta+ emitter. ...
May29-10 09:32 PM
2 2,648
This upcoming fall semester I plan on basically starting a B.S. in physics at NC State University. I have talked to a...
May26-10 08:21 PM
7 3,798
Id like to be a nuclear engineer. I live in South Carolina and Ive been accepted into Clemson for chemical...
May26-10 01:45 PM
DL Mckinney
3 5,122
Whats the problem with using water in a fast reactor. I mean moderating neutrons in a fast reactor just increases the...
May24-10 12:01 AM
6 3,040
Hi there, I want to use makxsf.exe in order to provide XS library in my desired temperature for MCNP5, but I can not...
May23-10 10:28 PM
0 1,117
I saw a science fiction movie in which some guys planted an atomic bomb in a cave in an asteroid which was headed...
May22-10 08:12 PM
7 5,087
What is the big difference between the two reactor calculations. They seem to be virtually the same?
May17-10 04:03 PM
3 1,791
There is an interesting book out - I believe the title is "COOL IT" - which points that much "green energy " talk is...
May17-10 11:10 AM
16 3,712
Is it possible that a lightsource synchrotron can produce any form of ionising particle radiation other than the...
May15-10 05:26 AM
1 1,401
Assuming the ITER is a success, what would it take to be able to miniaturize it into something a little more portable?
May7-10 08:28 PM
2 1,981
So I'd like to know - what is the lightest element/isotope/nuclide that could be feasibly/practically used in a...
May5-10 10:57 AM
14 6,561
I have looked for a definition of 'decay width' on the internet and could only find articles that use the term, no...
May4-10 11:18 PM
14 6,291
Dears: What are the most known post graduate Text books about " Nuclear engineering"? B/R
May2-10 02:19 PM
9 2,755
Hi there, I wanna couple PARCS and RELAP codes using PVM as an interface. I don't have any samples to direct me how...
Apr29-10 03:25 AM
0 1,541
A nanomaterial has been designed to convert radiation directly into electricity: ...
Apr26-10 07:33 AM
26 6,211
Hello everyone, I'm recently graduate in Nuclear Engineering (Master's Degree) and I'm looking for a job in Europe...
Apr25-10 08:05 AM
1 1,386
How shall diffusion of precursor atoms be treated if the core is in liquios state(as is MSR)? Thanks
Apr24-10 07:06 PM
1 1,619
I've heard talk of this safety threshold for ionizing radiation, whereby if the dose is sufficiently low enough, it...
Apr16-10 10:52 PM
5 2,797

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