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Nuclear Engineering

- Concerned with the design and construction and operation of nuclear reactors. Radiation Protections, Radioactive Waste, Design, Reactors
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
There are several threads related to the disaster: Japan Earthquake: nuclear plants - technical aspects of the...
Apr20-14 11:35 AM
3 32,335
nuclear, power Sticky Thread Pinned: The Nuclear Power Thread ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I'd like to start a discussion/debate of nuclear power for the purpose of informing people about it. I am...
Aug15-14 08:25 PM
492 170,421
Hello , If I wanted to design a radiation shield to protect from line source of Ca-252 with 5.3 Ci what is the first...
Mar21-12 02:36 PM
18 7,884
Hi, I am a student specializing in material, now i would like to stimulate secondary water of a Pressurized water...
Mar22-12 12:15 AM
4 1,995
I'll start it off with a nice idea I found in another forum: ...
Mar22-12 07:05 AM
9 2,364
Hi, I would appreciate it if someone could explain these expressions to me. I was reading about Gas field detectors...
Mar24-12 05:18 PM
4 2,355
hi every body, i'm working and calculating the keff, and total fission produced in critical accident in the...
Mar30-12 02:38 AM
7 2,854
Hi, I was reading about PWR control system and I saw that control rods are stainless steel tubes encapsulating a...
Mar31-12 05:50 PM
10 3,604
It seems that the recent developments in BWR fuels (increased enrichment, added uranium mass at the bottom,...
Apr3-12 07:31 AM
2 1,476
In the text I use for class, the examples and derivations for functions showing the neutron flux at some point, are...
Apr3-12 11:02 PM
10 10,308
Any one has some links, papers... anything describes the maxwell-boltzmann distribution that characterize neutrons in...
Apr3-12 11:39 PM
2 2,264
I have question regarding the pressure of the pressurizer, for PWR the primary pressure is around 15MPa, what will...
Apr4-12 11:30 AM
jim hardy
4 1,851
Hello everyone! Anybody deals with nuclear waste? I got a question about the maintenance vessel Lepse, which is...
Apr6-12 07:41 AM
1 1,639
An ionization chamber is like a capacitor in many ways. The gas inside is the dielectric, and if ionization occurs,...
Apr12-12 05:44 PM
Bob S
20 3,672
Hello all, this is my first post so hopefully its not overly foolish. I propose a mechanical piston driven by a...
Apr13-12 03:22 AM
14 2,293
Hi all. We have done experiments using scintillator counter on gamma rays. the detector was sending the output to...
Apr16-12 07:38 AM
1 4,515
In the photos of Fukushima, I have never been able to identify the sea walls. I can see them at San Onofre and they...
Apr16-12 11:27 AM
18 6,589
By a simple procedure , what should I do when I'm going through the thermal hydraulic design of nuclear reactor...
Apr16-12 12:30 PM
3 2,818
I want to know how much radioactivity in Becquerels is produced by a typical light water reactor in one year of...
Apr16-12 08:33 PM
9 3,872
The problem is we don't know if it's a real floating box design. I have tried to find out information about Fukushima...
Apr18-12 02:16 AM
4 6,857
Does all it require to create fusion energy is to heat something up to 8000 C? Is that in principle all that it...
Apr24-12 07:08 AM
10 3,746
I know it's just a movie, but I had a question about "Indiana jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." I'm writing...
Apr24-12 08:21 AM
49 10,466
I want to calculate the average thermal conductivity of UO2 by : 1/(To-Tf) * ∫To->Tf dT K(T) any one can...
Apr25-12 06:23 AM
5 3,608
Yo does anyone have a table from like Brookhaven or somewhere of absorption cross sections for just about anything in...
Apr25-12 08:45 PM
2 1,842
According to Handelsblatt, the German FT equivalent, EDF has admitted that a serious incident took place April 5-6 at...
Apr26-12 11:55 AM
jim hardy
21 3,472
So, I'm an undergraduate student at an university without a nuclear engineering program, and a prospective graduate...
Apr26-12 05:01 PM
5 2,205
im a business major thinking about minoring in nuclear engineering because it is interesting and i like the subject...
Apr28-12 03:54 PM
1 1,563
Hi, what are the immediate fission products of U233 ? Is the first fission reaction of U233 same as U235 producing Ba...
Apr29-12 01:43 PM
4 4,662
How much fissile material, in kilograms, would, say, an Ohio-class submarine carry? If it's classified, what would...
Apr30-12 10:46 PM
51 17,169
In the case of a power grid or generator failure, the former which chernobyl was testing for and the later which...
May1-12 01:10 PM
10 2,740
If you were to be handling Uranium-238 at arms reach what would you where? I know it is only alpha radiation, but...
May4-12 08:19 AM
3 2,431
Hello , I was trying to calculate the effective absorption cross section ( group constant) of U-238 in the resonance...
May5-12 09:32 PM
1 2,913
Dear forum members, I live in Japan and some of my friends got recently quite worried after watching this video:...
May6-12 09:22 PM
jim hardy
11 4,853
Hi I'm wondering what puts the limits to the burn-up of RBMK fuel. Is it the build up of fission products or the...
May8-12 06:17 AM
3 1,810
Interesting. According to the following link: ...
May8-12 06:54 AM
3 2,341
Hello, I would like some recommendations on universities that have nuclear engg. graduate programs that specialize...
May9-12 02:02 AM
4 2,042
With all but one of the Japanese nuclear plants offline (and the last one due to shut down in early May), how are the...
May9-12 11:21 AM
11 4,053
(and other questions...) I've become quite interested in nuclear engineering. I'm thinking about studying...
May9-12 07:28 PM
6 2,571
Hi there, I'm gonna couple WIMS & CITATION as neutronic codes with PARET as an thermalhydraulic code. Please let me...
May11-12 08:40 AM
1 1,628
Hello everyone, I would like to ask you question related to PWR 1000MWe, in the event of Station Black Out SBO...
May12-12 12:23 PM
4 2,249
So, I recently came upon a SA article "How long will the world's uranium supplies last?"...
May13-12 09:31 AM
1 1,992
Hi ! I am a French student in nuclear engineering, I will complete my master degree next year and between...
May14-12 11:48 PM
3 2,252

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