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Nuclear Engineering

- Concerned with the design and construction and operation of nuclear reactors. Radiation Protections, Radioactive Waste, Design, Reactors
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
There are several threads related to the disaster: Japan Earthquake: nuclear plants - technical aspects of the...
Apr20-14 11:35 AM
3 31,782
nuclear, power Sticky Thread Pinned: The Nuclear Power Thread ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I'd like to start a discussion/debate of nuclear power for the purpose of informing people about it. I am...
Aug15-14 08:25 PM
492 167,997
excuse me. How converts Bq/ to Bq/L? tnk.
Mar29-11 02:52 PM
3 1,086
Dear Forum : We use Thermo BIOREM 751 to measure the neutron dose rate in the lab. I would like to know how...
Oct27-13 11:24 PM
0 1,086
hello Is there any corrections for the "Introduction to Nuclear engineering" by Lamarsh? Is the book contains some...
Feb23-10 05:07 PM
1 1,089
There is a technical document in reactor operation which contains neutronic calculations to predict reactor situation...
Jan21-14 05:34 PM
4 1,098
HI, when I try to run the code it says: fatal error cell 2 have no fill// 1 1 -1 -1 fill=1 imp:n=1 2 1...
May14-13 03:20 AM
0 1,101
I used to use from Karlsruhe when ever I needed information about dose from a radiation source behind...
Jul20-12 06:40 PM
1 1,101
HIya, im not actually sure why this is happening so was wondering if anyone can help. im running in photon mode and...
Jan18-13 03:45 PM
0 1,107
Hello all I have a question about neutron absorption cross section. I know that every element has an special...
Feb17-14 05:11 AM
0 1,112
Hello, I am far from nuclear plant engineering, so I might be asking irrelevant question... But I was wondering,...
Mar19-11 04:11 PM
4 1,115
Hi everyone, I would like know something about the mode MSV (mean square voltage)
Sep24-09 03:11 AM
0 1,116
Hi there, I want to use makxsf.exe in order to provide XS library in my desired temperature for MCNP5, but I can not...
May23-10 10:28 PM
0 1,117
Hi, can you refer me to any website or link to understand the math of using Sn and Pn approximation method for solving...
Mar23-11 10:19 AM
0 1,119
Hi, I want to know about SIMULATE code. how can I get its manual? thanks alot
Feb23-11 09:32 AM
1 1,123
If we were able to build a gas core reactor, how much heat would need to be dissapated? I bring this up because...
Nov17-09 08:05 PM
2 1,129
Mainly I don't get how plasma loses energy by conduction, which is what I have read. Is it just from the collisions...
Mar4-10 09:28 AM
1 1,132
Please let me know if there is any resources, papers or tips and tricks to code PARET
Jan26-14 09:30 AM
1 1,139
Hello and here is my problematic 1st post. I have a problem which i need help with, I'm an electrical engineer so...
Mar27-11 12:36 PM
2 1,149
I need to know if nuclear material equal in volume to two marbles could be reacted in a way to cause an EMP that would...
Aug8-10 09:09 PM
1 1,168
Hey all, I had applied to graduate school during my last year in university and didn't get accepted. I want to...
Dec21-09 07:01 PM
0 1,169
I have a question about nuclear fission reactors. If the reaction is stopped, then why do the fuel rods continue to...
Mar15-11 05:25 AM
Vanadium 50
5 1,173
I haven't been able to find an answer to this anywhere. Suppose there's a quench in a coil at a tokamak and...
Nov20-12 01:36 AM
1 1,178
The context is: Discharge plasmas (in a glow discharge tube) have been observed to have an infinite number of modes.
Jul13-11 09:08 AM
0 1,182
hi all i would like to look for the neutron diffaraction books. it is very important for me to finish the thesis.But...
Mar19-08 02:02 PM
0 1,183
I'm curious as to how much of a factor the lack of a sensible way of dealing with the radioactive waste is in regards...
Feb28-14 06:19 AM
2 1,185
Hello, I am a graduate student attempting to run evaluate the depletion of a ceramic film attached to the...
Jul23-14 02:11 AM
8 1,185
Dear all can any one explain to me the semi-empirical mass formula and liqiud drop model, I really dont understand...
Dec21-10 09:43 PM
2 1,186
I read about neutralizing radioactivity in soil by using paramagnetic clays or ashes because it may chelate the...
Apr12-11 07:19 PM
3 1,186
I am curious as to how the ion detectors that security officers use when swabbing people work. Some prisons stopped...
Sep8-10 01:41 PM
0 1,193
Hi All... Just popped up in my news feed: - ...
Apr27-13 01:14 AM
2 1,193
Is there such thing as plasma fusion if so how does it work?
Dec21-12 01:27 PM
2 1,198
someone told me that tritium deuterium has 47 times less mass than U-235 but, tritium's atomic mass is 3 and...
May13-11 09:16 PM
2 1,199
Right now I think one of the key problems with confining fusion in a tokamak is that turbulence is generated within...
Nov13-09 01:06 PM
2 1,201
Except that they are boiling water vs pressurized water. I am interested to know if there were design flaws.
Mar26-11 09:48 AM
Joe Neubarth
2 1,201
I could not figure out definition of arc voltage and arc current. Is that true arc voltage if the potential...
Nov29-12 06:54 AM
2 1,211
Unit four appears to me to have no significant details left unknown. This was a weak hydrogen blast. The hydrogen...
Jun17-11 03:31 AM
1 1,219
Hey all. I am using OOPIC Pro and I'm trying to figure out how to create a time varying electric field on multiple...
May26-11 03:53 AM
0 1,223
Hello, my name is Alex Sudacov from Campbell Memorial High School. I am currently doing a career research paper on a...
Oct26-11 04:10 PM
0 1,225
In "Particle Accelerators" book of Stanly Livingston I saw attached potential expansion for the potential of axial...
Mar9-11 08:52 AM
2 1,230
Hello, Here is my problem: I need to turn my time dependent neutron diffusion equation into dimentionless one.. So, I...
May16-11 01:55 AM
1 1,230
Hi all, according to following data pertain to energy release from fission: ...
Mar4-13 03:24 PM
1 1,236

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