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Nuclear Engineering

- Concerned with the design and construction and operation of nuclear reactors. Radiation Protections, Radioactive Waste, Design, Reactors
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There are several threads related to the disaster: Japan Earthquake: nuclear plants - technical aspects of the...
T 07:02 AM
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nuclear, power Sticky Thread Pinned: The Nuclear Power Thread ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I'd like to start a discussion/debate of nuclear power for the purpose of informing people about it. I am...
Feb14-14 10:08 AM
485 139,817
These links discusses boiling water reactor (BWR 1 thru 6) theory of operation and has links to various containments...
Mar18-11 11:39 AM
Reno Deano
0 904
I found best ARC voltage and current of the chamber but I could not figure out best voltage and current and the...
Nov26-12 06:12 AM
david allen
0 909
Hello All I'm doing my theses in BNCT(Boron neutron capture therapy).I did it with 2.5 Mev imaginary accelerator....
Feb6-14 10:25 PM
1 913
Hi there, I want to get the GNOMER's user manual, can any body give me? thanks alot chivasorn
Mar9-11 11:39 PM
0 915
HIya, im not actually sure why this is happening so was wondering if anyone can help. im running in photon mode and...
Jan18-13 03:45 PM
0 925
Please let me know if there is any resources, papers or tips and tricks to code PARET
Jan26-14 09:30 AM
1 925
Hi I want to define an Am-Be source in MCNPX 2.6 But I don't have Gamma spectra of this source. Is there any...
Apr26-13 02:27 AM
2 931
Hey Guys, From my understanding, the linear doubling time of a reactor is the time which the fissile nuclides in...
Feb1-13 04:39 PM
0 936
I'm about to graduate with B.S. in nuclear engineering. My GPA is too low - 2.85. I want to obtain a PhD in nuclear...
Dec2-12 06:33 PM
0 937
I am going to make a langmuir probe but I have heard there is a circuit for that, is there any circuit for driver of...
Dec28-12 04:44 PM
1 942
As we know that usually and mostly Uranium is used in Nuclear Reactors. So ma question is why Uranium is used as...
Jan5-10 01:27 PM
1 948
excuse me. How converts Bq/ to Bq/L? tnk.
Mar29-11 02:52 PM
3 948
Hi, all: Dose anybody know how to use FSn card. if divide a surface into 3*3 segment, how to get flux in each...
Jul5-12 12:55 PM
0 955
What do you folks think about this? A Glowing Report on Radiation Please ignore the author. I'm interested in...
Mar18-11 04:52 PM
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There is a technical document in reactor operation which contains neutronic calculations to predict reactor situation...
Jan21-14 05:34 PM
4 968
Hi, I hope I get understood correctly, my question is seemingly simple: Why is ionization radiation( energetic...
Feb11-14 06:17 AM
8 976
hi there, I want to know that has some body use Geant code in medical physics field, same as MCNP code or FLUKA code...
Apr15-10 02:25 AM
0 981
I have question regarding the fission of 236U,my question is why we have the Q value (185MeV) of the symmetric fission...
Jan4-11 01:58 PM
1 1,007
i am new to nuclear science so acn anyone tell me , How does nuclear reaction start ? what the chemistry behind it ....
Dec30-09 09:10 AM
1 1,026
I'd like to know what people think of this as a future power source, what the benefits and the problems are etc. ...
May20-13 09:18 PM
1 1,026
I used to use from Karlsruhe when ever I needed information about dose from a radiation source behind...
Jul20-12 06:40 PM
1 1,040
Is there such thing as plasma fusion if so how does it work?
Dec21-12 01:27 PM
2 1,041
I am currently pursuing a B.Tech+M.Tech (dual, 5 year) degree in Nuclear Science and Technology from a university in...
Nov10-12 07:12 PM
0 1,046
hello Is there any corrections for the "Introduction to Nuclear engineering" by Lamarsh? Is the book contains some...
Feb23-10 05:07 PM
1 1,047
If the reactors have been without water, the core melts very quickly. The Fukashima Daiichi reactors 1-4 lost cooling...
May9-11 12:40 PM
2 1,048
Hey all, I had applied to graduate school during my last year in university and didn't get accepted. I want to...
Dec21-09 07:01 PM
0 1,051
Hello, I am far from nuclear plant engineering, so I might be asking irrelevant question... But I was wondering,...
Mar19-11 04:11 PM
4 1,053
Hi, I want to know about SIMULATE code. how can I get its manual? thanks alot
Feb23-11 09:32 AM
1 1,056
A graduate student I know swears that there is some form of carbon and that it is very expensive to make the fuel...
May31-13 05:20 PM
3 1,058
Someone has built a tiny particle accelerator on a chip: ...
Sep29-13 05:54 PM
2 1,062
I was taught (In my old thread which was then closed by a mentor) that it is impossible to magnetically confine a...
Oct14-13 04:15 PM
1 1,066
Hi everyone, I would like know something about the mode MSV (mean square voltage)
Sep24-09 03:11 AM
0 1,067
I haven't been able to find an answer to this anywhere. Suppose there's a quench in a coil at a tokamak and...
Nov20-12 01:36 AM
1 1,067
Hi there, I want to use makxsf.exe in order to provide XS library in my desired temperature for MCNP5, but I can not...
May23-10 10:28 PM
0 1,077
Hi, can you refer me to any website or link to understand the math of using Sn and Pn approximation method for solving...
Mar23-11 10:19 AM
0 1,083
someone told me that tritium deuterium has 47 times less mass than U-235 but, tritium's atomic mass is 3 and...
May13-11 09:16 PM
2 1,085
Hi, everyone what is fertile free fuel ?
Sep17-13 10:17 AM
4 1,089
Hello and here is my problematic 1st post. I have a problem which i need help with, I'm an electrical engineer so...
Mar27-11 12:36 PM
2 1,092
I couldn't understand this equation. 〖∆p〗_d=(H-ρ_c (H_o+H_b+H_ch ))g+〖∆p〗_pump they are densities of watter in...
Jun6-13 10:15 PM
0 1,092
Mainly I don't get how plasma loses energy by conduction, which is what I have read. Is it just from the collisions...
Mar4-10 09:28 AM
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