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Nuclear Engineering

- Concerned with the design and construction and operation of nuclear reactors. Radiation Protections, Radioactive Waste, Design, Reactors
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There are several threads related to the disaster: Japan Earthquake: nuclear plants - technical aspects of the...
T 11:35 AM
3 26,832
nuclear, power Sticky Thread Pinned: The Nuclear Power Thread ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I'd like to start a discussion/debate of nuclear power for the purpose of informing people about it. I am...
Feb14-14 10:08 AM
485 140,090 They have/had "above normal levels" at a perimeter detector....
Feb7-14 03:52 PM
5 1,135
Hello All I'm doing my theses in BNCT(Boron neutron capture therapy).I did it with 2.5 Mev imaginary accelerator....
Feb6-14 10:25 PM
1 927
Energy Department to Give $226 Million to Support Nuclear Reactor Design...
Feb4-14 03:40 AM
14 2,234
Please let me know if there is any resources, papers or tips and tricks to code PARET
Jan26-14 09:30 AM
1 932
There is a technical document in reactor operation which contains neutronic calculations to predict reactor situation...
Jan21-14 05:34 PM
4 972
Hi! I am just asking a question a friend of mine asked me: "When will fusion work?" I personly think it is not a...
Jan18-14 12:03 PM
81 6,809
How come this isn't done in the United States yet? Is it all political or is there a real reason we have not done...
Jan13-14 08:26 AM
7 2,165
I model the core using MCNP 5, and I want to calculate the PPF for each assembly, and I want a way to do that.
Jan12-14 08:30 AM
1 1,282
So what do you guys think of yucca mountain as a permanent waste site?
Jan7-14 01:45 PM
Argentum Vulpes
32 5,414
Any good chapters/sources to learn about the design, fluid/thermodynamics etc of these systems pertaining to nuclear...
Jan4-14 05:10 PM
1 1,129
Hello all, my question is related to graduate school topics and future postdoc possiblities. I'm a double major in...
Dec30-13 08:49 AM
4 1,627
Dear Forum: I would like to know where could I find charged particle interaction cross section for oxygen-18? I...
Dec27-13 07:49 AM
5 1,372
I've been reading about fast reactor designs lately (not necessarily ones that have actually been built). A few...
Dec27-13 07:47 AM
1 1,262
Hello sir, I am new to this forum i am looking for thermophysical properties of heavy water for my computer...
Dec27-13 04:54 AM
2 1,191
This is a bit annoying for me, hopefully someone can help. You have fuel pellets in rods. They are en capsuled by...
Dec26-13 11:15 AM
6 1,308
Simple question: what's the density distribution of a plasma cloud confined in a magnetic bottle? On the plane...
Dec25-13 10:03 AM
1 1,127
I want to know the best tally for MCNP Flux (avg and for each assembly) Please help
Dec23-13 12:59 PM
1 1,237
I was just wondering if ionizing radiation can split water into hydrogen and oxygen? Thanks in advance :)
Dec16-13 02:07 AM
16 1,620
Hi there, I have a few closed radioactive sources (Cs137, Pb210, Na22) that I am trying to use for a project but I...
Dec10-13 05:33 PM
4 1,458
What shielding materials are best choices for reducing dose from: Neutrons: Gamma rays: Electrons: HCP: (heavy...
Dec9-13 05:50 PM
1 1,240
I was reading about different flux shapes, and it depicted the the shape of the fission neutron spectrum to be in the...
Dec8-13 09:47 PM
1 1,328
4Be8 + 0n1 → 3Li7 +2 0n1 Can we use above reaction for the production of neutrons? Is it possible to obtain a...
Dec8-13 02:31 PM
2 1,292
I am familiar with detectors and some lab equipment (Scintillation, geiger counters, ion chambers) I used during my...
Dec6-13 05:43 PM
Simon Bridge
1 1,150
It doesn't look like anybody is doing anything effective or at least anything practical to contain/stop the Fukashima...
Dec3-13 05:51 AM
15 1,698
Hi dear Pf folks:) Do you know any good reference about the uses of radioisotopes in medicine? I'd be more grateful...
Dec3-13 02:12 AM
3 1,247
Hello, i'm new to this board. I have a engineering question about the coolant pumps used to maintain reactors. I...
Dec2-13 06:36 PM
5 1,228
Hi all, I am a graduate student of Nuclear Engineering studying fuel and cladding performance during different...
Dec1-13 01:08 PM
1 1,213
Dear Forum : I'm reading a cross section data of 20MeV proton + 16O reaction from ICRU 63. ( as attachment and...
Nov29-13 05:59 PM
4 1,153
I am a high school sophomore, and a year-long project for my engineering class involves a series of five or six...
Nov26-13 05:26 PM
1 1,373
Can someone explain the concept to me? As far as I know, in some energy interval there are materials which have...
Nov26-13 11:43 AM
7 1,428
In case of a meltdown wouldn't large amounts of boron dust dumped over the core eat up all the free neutrons?
Nov23-13 08:13 AM
4 1,333
Hello, I am a business student currently collaborating on a technology project whose aim is to find alternative...
Nov22-13 04:41 PM
Project CVD
2 1,132
Hello People I need help with the following assignment: It states: Consider an ideal moderator with zero...
Nov21-13 07:15 AM
3 1,351
Assume no boron and all control rods out, so the core is super-critical. if KCODE mode is used, and F4 card is for...
Nov18-13 07:45 PM
1 1,241
Hello Every body, I hope all is well. I have a problem with MCNP code for 1/8 AP1000, so please can anybody...
Nov17-13 02:31 PM
15 1,446
As agreed with PF Mentor Borek, i start this new thread which intends to be a complement to the big and permanently...
Nov14-13 07:11 AM
764 128,081
What are your thoughts on nuclear energy ? Are you for it or against? In my opinion the only cons are that fact...
Nov7-13 10:59 PM
153 11,428
Hi How can i change the seed number in mcnp input file? thanks
Nov7-13 08:01 AM
0 1,125
Hello all. I'm am a first time poster but a long time visitor. I am having a little trouble that I was hoping someone...
Nov5-13 01:49 PM
2 2,535
Is it possible to create a graphite moderated light water cooled reactor w/ at least 3 GW thermal power output and a...
Nov4-13 05:28 PM
3 1,107

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