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Nuclear Engineering

- Concerned with the design and construction and operation of nuclear reactors. Radiation Protections, Radioactive Waste, Design, Reactors
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
There are several threads related to the disaster: Japan Earthquake: nuclear plants - technical aspects of the...
Apr20-14 11:35 AM
3 32,034
nuclear, power Sticky Thread Pinned: The Nuclear Power Thread ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I'd like to start a discussion/debate of nuclear power for the purpose of informing people about it. I am...
Aug15-14 08:25 PM
492 168,960
Hello all, I am a student of Nuclear Engineering and I am very new to this beautiful field of engineering. I have...
Apr1-13 06:42 AM
1 1,337
I found these forums while doing background research. Since there seem to be quite a lot of experts hanging around...
Feb19-08 07:02 AM
1 3,498
I'm an engineering physics student writing a mock proposal for a class. I've based the proposal on a specific company...
Oct31-10 03:27 AM
4 3,089
a fast reactor composed of U-235 in form of a cube(point source,strength So) . calculate the : critical...
Jul8-10 02:51 PM
13 3,278
So, hypothetically if we had a spaceship of some kind using a nuclear fission reactor for power, in order to dump the...
Oct10-10 04:35 AM
1 2,488
I am find it amazing that removing some electrons from foods can preserve the food for a longer period of time. So I...
Sep30-05 07:35 AM
4 2,243
Hey does anyone know where I can access some of these either for free or if my school has a subscription then I can...
Jan7-12 06:27 PM
1 1,678
Apparently efforts to recover U from seawater were abandoned in the 1970s when studies concluded that it would cost...
Nov29-06 09:47 AM
28 9,416
Is there any way to recycle nuclear waste or to stop its radioactivity/emissions besides burying it like a dog? Re:...
Jan5-12 09:06 AM
81 16,987
Hi Folks I'm studying about redundancy concept in nuclear power plants. I want to find a list of all nuclear power...
Aug20-08 11:20 AM
11 3,962
I have been reading about fusors. The articles usually refer to aneutronic reactions as though they are fusion. But...
Aug25-05 02:38 PM
1 1,778
Hi, why the reflection in ionosphere isn't direct?,
Mar19-06 07:05 AM
4 2,877
This is my first post here, so I'm not entirely sure whether or not this topic warrants a new thread. I've just had a...
Sep12-05 11:07 AM
7 1,817
Hi, I am a beginner with the use of relap. So this might be a bit silly. I am studying the heat transfer between a...
Jul8-14 01:28 PM
3 2,451
Hi I am using relap to study a blowdown transient. If I let it run it with actual heat fluxes, the program terminates...
Jul17-14 10:08 PM
1 1,817
Hi all, I am preparing for a job interview in some nuclear facility and have to refresh my knowledge about nuclear...
Jun10-12 09:06 AM
3 1,391
How come this isn't done in the United States yet? Is it all political or is there a real reason we have not done...
Jan13-14 08:26 AM
7 2,482
I hear a lot of talk about the law from teh 70's passed by Congress that forbade the reprocessing of commercial SNF....
Oct10-07 08:35 AM
24 13,752
why does eta(Reproduction Factor) fall down when we change fuel leg from maximum level of yield?
Jan13-13 12:37 PM
2 1,515
I need a book, please help me. Handbook for the Assessment of Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Using Environmental...
Nov28-07 10:13 PM
1 1,778
I am doing possible research on tokamaks but part of it is the study of how feasible is having a tokamak in my...
Apr12-05 09:36 AM
6 1,371
I am looking to write a paper on nuclear power. Our professor said the research/data (has to be peer-reviewed) that...
Sep19-11 08:23 AM
1 2,817
Hello, I was hoping that someone might be able to provide a definition for the "resonance self shielding...
May19-11 07:30 AM
3 3,134
Hello,everybody! I'm a PhD candidate from xi'an jiaotong university,china. There is an urgent need to make a deep...
Oct8-09 05:38 PM
3 2,408
hello. i found a pdr-43 radiac meter at my local ham radio swapmeet today. the device looks like this:...
Oct31-11 09:03 AM
7 2,557
Help me please with a term for an object (which may be a building, or a facility, or an institution) that has a...
Feb11-12 07:40 AM
5 2,234
I was doing a little research, and found out that 95% of fission radioactive waste is High Level Waste. Of course this...
Aug6-07 08:47 AM
4 2,598
Rhodium has been measured and the following values have been obtained for the resonance parameters of a well-isolated...
Oct14-11 02:11 PM
8 2,306
Hi all Maybe a juvenile question but throw it out there anyways I know india is heavily vested in thorium due...
Jan27-12 08:36 PM
12 2,481
I'm curious as to how much of a factor the lack of a sensible way of dealing with the radioactive waste is in regards...
Feb28-14 06:19 AM
2 1,196
Hello, my nuclear comrades. I am in a bit of a project rut. You see, I have been looking for cheap, reliable...
Aug11-05 09:47 PM
29 6,698
Was reading about runaway electrons in magnetic fusion. Had me thinking what would be the benefit/cost of engineering...
May20-13 11:36 PM
Joseph Chikva
10 2,046
What's the safest way to dispose of and store nuclear waste? Is there any chance of rocketing it into the sun or is...
May15-08 11:36 AM
253 28,542
What is the difference between BWR and PWR in the case of SEFs?
Oct4-11 09:19 AM
2 2,013
Why is Safety Injection used during Main Steam Line Break? All that I can find is that it brings water back to the...
Apr21-14 08:34 PM
jim hardy
65 15,937
10 CFR 50.46 gives the acceptance criteria as the required condition for the performance of ECCS. There, it is...
Jul14-10 11:48 PM
7 2,111
As it is stated in 10 CFR 50.46 maximum clad temperature should not exceed 2200 F(1204 C) but I have read in "Nuclear...
Apr20-09 02:35 AM
2 2,366
I heard and read several times that a pebble bed reactor is "safer" than a PWR or a BWR. However, I fail to figure...
Apr16-08 03:35 PM
3 3,215
are the safety protocols in place in setablishments dealing with fissionable material adequate for public safety? is...
Oct14-08 07:10 AM
4 2,452
I've heard talk of this safety threshold for ionizing radiation, whereby if the dose is sufficiently low enough, it...
Apr16-10 10:52 PM
5 2,804

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