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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 46,214
S is a portion of a curve with r(u,v) where 0 < u < 2 and 0 < v < 2pi I'm meant to calculate Flux of the vector...
Apr26-13 09:19 AM
2 670
I have a question about limits at infinity, particularly, about a limit I have seen in the context of infinite series...
Apr21-13 04:43 PM
7 1,122
If I want to find \int f(x) dx where x=a+b and a and b are both variables how would I do this in terms of a and b....
Apr21-13 08:05 PM
8 1,263
Ive repeatedly asked people and my teachers how to solve logs by hand, and ive always got the same answer "They used...
Apr21-13 08:41 PM
4 902
Hi I am struggling trying to see understand the basic propagator integral trick. \int...
Apr20-13 05:29 AM
2 715
Is there any rule of thumb for which variable should be integrated first?, i.e. to make the whole process of double...
Apr18-13 04:36 PM
Simon Bridge
1 475
If I want to find the distance from a point to a plane. E.g. (2,1,-1) to the plane x+y+z=1 I know that distance...
Apr20-13 05:23 PM
8 817
so i have a question about calculating the RMS value of a fully rectified clamped sinusoid. Assumptions: The top...
Apr20-13 10:18 AM
Stephen Tashi
1 632
Hello, I was studying the theorem of smoothness/compactness in Fourier theory and at the very last step of the...
Apr25-13 03:20 AM
5 888
Hi guys, I was solving this problem using backward interpolation ...
Apr18-13 06:28 PM
1 664
Hi guys, I am getting to the end of my cal 2 class and we're hitting infinite series, I was just curious what are...
Apr21-13 04:13 PM
12 889
When doing a path integral to determine the work done by a particle : ...
Apr19-13 08:34 AM
1 454
Hello, Could anyone please explain me the steps in these pictures. I do not understand the second step. ...
Apr21-13 09:37 PM
3 752
The signal length from satellite to the earth station (AC) can be found as 2(H)/ Due to the earth projection ...
Apr21-13 10:47 AM
3 705
This is a copy of the book: I know the derivation part, I just want to see...
Apr21-13 03:39 PM
2 503
Could you help me to find the general term of the sequence: ## 1 , \frac{5}{3} , 1 , \frac{15}{17} , 1 ,...
Apr21-13 04:34 AM
5 629
Is it posible that the product of two different divergent series be a convergent serie?
Apr21-13 03:01 AM
2 470
Hi all, could some one tell me what I am doing wrong in my analysis in the attached file? Its a parabolical flare...
Apr26-13 04:35 AM
6 935
I was sifting through the beginning of my book when i came upon a section based on marginals and differentials. My...
Apr28-13 04:50 AM
7 1,073
Can someone please show me how the formula \sum^{∞}_{0}\frac{u^{x}}{x!} = e^{u} Is derived? Or link me to an...
Apr21-13 06:27 PM
3 732
Hello. I can't seem to wrap my head around the geometry of the gradient vector in ℝ3 So for F=f(x(t),y(t)),...
Apr22-13 02:50 AM
8 1,011
Hi! I am trying to solve this triple integral for computing the potential: ...
Apr22-13 10:35 AM
4 622
Back to how income differences is explained in neoclassical theory, one can ask the question why GDP/capita is $5200...
Apr22-13 12:34 PM
1 623
1. The following integral identity holds...
Apr27-13 01:31 AM
4 919
I'm working on simple game and am working on a leveling system, using a function to get experience needed. I am using...
Apr25-13 12:23 AM
10 754
Hi, I'm doing an online course for Calculus 12 and I have been struggling with Implicit Differentiation, hoping...
Apr24-13 06:15 AM
3 529
Hello Firstly apologies for what seems like an extremely fundamental question, it's been a while since I've done...
Apr25-13 05:37 PM
4 700
Function is context is: $$\int \frac{(sin^22x)}{(4(1+3cos^2(x)))}dx$$ And according to wolframalpha (I wasn't able...
Apr24-13 04:54 PM
4 709
I'm trying to understand the concept of a Gradient vector, and it seems I'm having trouble visualizing certain stuff....
Apr26-13 06:50 AM
3 678
Stokes' Theorem says the curve integral of any surface S simply equals the counter-clockwise circulation around its...
Apr25-13 07:51 AM
3 795
Hi all, I'm working on a math problem with a known answer - though I can't reproduce the maths. The problem is...
Apr26-13 04:48 PM
3 877
Instead of the shell method, can't one find the volume of a sphere by integrating/summing its horizontal areas?
Apr26-13 12:24 PM
1 595
I would like to calculate the integral \begin{equation} \int \frac{1}{|\mathbf y|} \nabla \frac{1}{|\mathbf y...
May1-13 04:55 AM
Jano L.
2 763
When creating a Fourier series for a function f(x), I consider whether the function is odd or even first. Yet, often...
Apr27-13 07:03 PM
3 768
I don't understand the calculus behind this thermodynamics concept: S = f(T,P) dS = (∂S/∂T)_P*dT + (∂S/∂P)_T*dP...
Apr29-13 03:53 AM
4 1,826
When calculating the limit of the function f(x) = (x^2 + 3)/ sqrt(2x^4 + 5) as x→∞, is it correct to square the top...
Apr30-13 03:44 AM
9 727
The natural logarithm can be expressed as lim n(x^(1/n)−1) n->ifinity Can someone please derive...
Apr28-13 06:34 PM
3 655 In formula 1 it says F(1) =...
Apr29-13 12:35 PM
4 806
I've been trying to figure out how to integrate 1/(x+ln(x)) but am not getting anywhere. Mathematica can't do it, and...
Apr30-13 09:12 AM
7 673
Suppose that for any solid region D, it is true that \int\int\int_{D}f(x,y,z)dV = \int\int\int_{D}g(x,y,z)dV ...
Apr30-13 10:54 AM
2 567

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