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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 40,041
i have reached a chapter in my pure mathematics text that introduces u-substitution as a method for solving integrals...
Jul19-13 09:31 AM
4 530
I'm taking a short Calculus session this summer and the teacher zooms through things. I still don't fully understand...
Jul21-13 08:25 PM
35 1,863
Jul17-13 10:24 AM
14 904
1.)does an infinite number of zeroes summed up equal a finite value? 2.)does dx=0? 3.)does 2xdx=0? 4.)the...
Jul16-13 03:18 PM
31 1,627
Is there a treatment of "infinitesimal operators" that is rigorous from the epsilon-delta point of view? In looking...
Jul23-13 09:25 AM
Stephen Tashi
68 3,559
A Union of a FINITE collection of closed sets is closed. But if it is an infinite collection? Can someone provide an...
Apr5-11 12:04 PM
2 842
We know that every discrete metric space with at least 2 points is totally disconnected. Yet I read this: A MS that...
Apr5-11 12:33 PM
6 1,295
For months I have been staring into this expression, and I cannot visualize what the hell omega represents... ...
Apr5-11 12:58 PM
4 829
What led to the definition of the Laplace transform ?
Apr5-11 11:19 AM
0 457
I just learned that d/dx|r(t)|=1/|r(t) |X r(t)*r'(t), where * is the dot product and X is mutiply. What is the meaning...
Jul19-13 03:58 PM
3 562
Its been a while since I've done any type of calculus. So here we go. Vectors is this scenario represent cords,...
Jul17-13 05:54 PM
1 368
So I'm trying to study for my calc 3 exam, but I have noticed that my book doesn't have many limit questions that use...
Jul17-13 04:31 PM
1 510
I would like to take divergence of the following expression ∇.((xi xj xk)/r^3), which is a triadic. here ...
Jul17-13 08:48 AM
0 714
so, the magnitude of the cross product represents the area or volume enclosed by any 2 or 3 vectors respectively, but...
Jul17-13 05:00 PM
2 507
equation of the form ax+bx+cx=a0+b0+c0 ax+bx+cx=d what exactly does "d" represent? is it the distance of a...
Jul17-13 06:54 PM
5 508
Hi there. I am dealing with a mathematical problem which seems to be much harder than I initially expected: ...
Jul19-13 11:19 AM
9 597
For the series such that: \Sigma _{n=1} ^{\infty} a_n =\Sigma _{n=1} ^{\infty} b_n A certain theorem says that these...
Jul16-13 11:12 AM
11 997
if space curve C=<f(t),g(t),h(t)>, and v=\frac{dC}{dt}=<\frac{df(t)}{dt},\frac{dg(t)}{dt},\frac{dh(t)}{dt}> Why...
Jul16-13 07:43 PM
3 558
How to find the integral of sin x dx? $$\int sin x dx=?$$
Jul23-13 02:17 AM
20 1,071
how do I find the integral of ∫√(t^4+x^3)dt from 0 to x^2?
Jul18-13 10:39 PM
1 285
Hi there, I am trying to calculate both volume and moment of inertia of shapes which surface coordinates are...
Jul20-13 04:00 PM
6 541
So i realize that the integral of is pretty much the height of the rectangle f(x), multiplied by the width dx. But...
Jul21-13 01:39 PM
6 627
So, I'm studying normalization (Quantum Mechanics). I came across examples of integrands which they say are odd. So,...
Jul21-13 07:47 AM
11 1,065
I was looking at an example where it was evaluating a closed loop integral of a vector field around a triangle (0,0)...
Jul22-13 01:32 PM
2 424
Hello I'd first like to state I know how to solve and I know the answer to this integral however when I first looked...
Jul22-13 11:35 AM
3 450
The volume of a sphere with radius r is v = \frac{4}{3}\pi r ^{3} It makes sense that its derivative with...
Jul23-13 05:57 PM
4 585
In an earlier post i was shown how to represent an integral as an infinite sum. So why is the anti derivative a...
Jul22-13 10:02 PM
4 536
Hi there, I just started to learn about gradients. I can calculate them with ease; but I don't think I really...
Jul25-13 08:31 AM
7 710
f is a positive decreasing function of x, f(n) = an for all n: \int\stackrel{n+1}{1} f(x) dx \leq a_{1} + a_{2} +...
Jul23-13 12:56 PM
2 472
Please help, I am running out of my wits trying to solving this equation: \int_{0}^{2\pi}e^{jz\cos...
Jul23-13 07:06 PM
8 655
Hello, I provided a snap-shot of the definition of a Total Differential, that my textbook provides. I am having...
Jul25-13 06:58 PM
6 685
so before i start this is extracted from spivak's calculus proof now here is the problem the teacher who taught us...
Jul24-13 04:25 PM
4 478
Hi there, I was wondering if it is possible to find the roots of the following polynomial P(x)=x^n+a x^m+b or...
Jul24-13 05:51 PM
2 429
I've always thought of the gradient of a scalar function (id est, ##\nabla\varphi##) as being a vector field. However,...
Jul24-13 07:48 PM
5 562
in a text a read that " \oint \nabla A \cdot dl = 2 \pi n wich implies that the gradient of A has a pole...
Jul24-13 11:02 PM
1 489
Hello, I'm getting slightly confused by the following so was hoping someone may be able to clear my problem up. For...
Jul29-13 03:31 PM
Sir James
4 644
Hi, Could you help me to understand the following expansion I found in a book of qunatum mechanics. ...
Jul25-13 08:22 AM
sharan swarup
4 482
So I'm in the Navy. I work on an aircraft carrier that just went into drydock. The drydock has a large trapezoid door...
Jul26-13 02:28 PM
6 653
If we have the function f : x \mapsto f(x) = 3x^2, I am used to Lagrange's prime notation for the derivative: ...
Jul27-13 04:36 PM
5 640
I was reading this problem on calculating the probability of hitting a certain region on a dartboard. The number of...
Jul28-13 06:43 PM
Stephen Tashi
4 603

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