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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 46,548
Hi! question: Two sides of a triangle are formed by vectors i - 4j-k and -2i - j+k. The area is ? A=1/2bh so I...
Sep22-03 08:03 AM
2 6,259
The vector 2 + j2 is the same as what? I know that j2 is -1 so the answer would be -2 for the magnitude but what...
Sep21-03 09:04 PM
6 2,557
Hi! The quantity (absolute value vectorA x vectorB close absolute value)^2 + (absolute value vectorA * vectorB close...
Sep21-03 08:57 PM
5 7,832
on a ti83 calculator, how do you put in cubic roots?
Sep24-03 01:36 PM
2 2,647
Please help with Anti-derivitives! Need explanation and how to use them. Thank you
Oct6-03 05:24 AM
5 4,664
This comes from quantum mechanics but it's basically a Fourier integral I can't quite do... F(k) = 1/sqrt(2a*) * ...
Sep28-03 02:15 PM
2 3,854
Has anyone ever seen this? It's an interactive online textbook in analysis in a single real variable. As an...
Oct7-03 04:45 PM
Tom Mattson
7 2,921
Here's what I got to prove where '.' is dot. A.B=A.C Then B=C True or false? If true, prove it in general terms,...
Oct5-03 03:51 PM
6 12,016
I'm now teaching myself several topics on definite integrals for a math test on monday. Here are a few problems that I...
Oct10-03 05:31 PM
8 3,304
i was stumbled on a problem was i was looking over my book...i can do things like, differntial geometry, fourier...
Oct6-03 05:12 AM
5 3,517
Greeting A TA has got me very and utterly confused. He won't be avaible for a few days, so I'm asking you guys. ...
Oct8-03 04:21 PM
2 2,274
hi. how can I prove that if A is a converges and B diverges that the Sum of these series (A +B) diverges.. ...
Oct8-03 06:57 AM
5 2,382
out of curiousity, when do "most" people do calculus? when do they start?
Oct5-03 10:24 PM
2 2,459
I am trying to use Excel to calculate fast fourrier equation/data into graph without success. Would be grateful of...
Oct7-03 09:16 AM
0 4,167
Can anyone please show me how to prove the problem below using epsilons and deltas. Thanks a lot...I'm so stuck... I...
Oct9-03 11:17 AM
5 3,765
Hi There, I have this Simple Question In Limits : If limx->3 (f(x) - 2) / (x - 3) = 7 Then limx->3 (x2f(x) - 18)...
Oct10-03 03:05 AM
5 4,967
Hello! I have a math problem (mostly proofs) that im stuck on, partially because I do not know where to begin and...
Oct8-03 06:51 AM
2 2,486
y = x tan x y' = tan x + x*sec^2(x) y'' = sec^2(x) + d/dx (x*sec^2(x)) = ... + (d/dx(sec^2(x)) +...
Oct10-03 11:47 PM
3 6,201
Someone plz show me how to do the problem below, thanks very much. 1)***Use the known area of a circle to find the...
Oct12-03 10:55 AM
7 2,456
The curves r1(t)=<t,t^2,t^3> and r2(t)=<sin t, sin 2t, t> intersect at the origin. Find their angle (acute) of...
Oct10-03 12:22 PM
4 2,341
Can someone plz show me how to show that this problem below is CORRECT? Thanks a lot. Integral of dx/(1-x^2) = x/(1-x)
Oct9-03 11:04 PM
3 2,553
This equation of a sphere in spherical coordinate form: &rho; = 4sin&phi;cos&theta; converts very readily to (x-2)2 +...
Oct10-03 10:18 AM
3 2,902
Plz help me do the problem below. thanks a lot. Show that the following integral is CORRECT: Indefinite Integral of...
Oct12-03 12:24 PM
3 2,256
Take the integral of: sin3x, with respect to x. - interval I end up getting 0/3: = = /3
Oct12-03 12:44 AM
1 6,439
Here's the problem. Find the gradient of f(x,y). f(x,y)=(x^2)e^-2y. I don't have the solution to this and I need...
Oct12-03 11:53 PM
3 2,211
1)Find equations of both lines through point (2,-3) that are tangent to the parabola y=x^2+x. 2)The normal line to...
Oct13-03 06:28 AM
3 3,196
Hello , I need some help with this, I can't find a way to solve it : limx-->0 (1/tan x)2 - 1/x2 from it's graph ,...
Oct21-03 09:06 AM
9 1,948
I am excited to say, that just today I have discovered a new notation for triple intergrals! Currently I am working...
Oct15-03 08:33 AM
5 2,026
I try to take the integral of sqrt(4x-1) with respect to x... The correct answer is sqrt((4x-1)^3)/6, but I...
Oct22-03 02:38 PM
9 4,362
OK, say a 90deg triangle, with 5, 12, 13. We know area of it is 30. because 1/2bh... now how do u express it...
Oct17-03 08:24 AM
16 15,651
Considering the problem of finding the area under a parametric curve, I thought, y=y(t), x=x(t) A=ydx=yx'(t)dt...
Oct18-03 09:23 AM
1 2,214
Can someone plz help me to figure out how to do these problems below?...Or at least get me started in the right...
Oct20-03 10:00 PM
2 2,242
There is a question which is as follows: (4^x)/(ln4) I have tried many times to get the answer but with no...
Oct20-03 05:32 AM
3 6,084
How do you find the integral of a product, say x*sqrt(1+x) dx... I am very confuzed with all the notation is...
Oct21-03 05:46 AM
7 29,207
Plz help me out w/ the problem below. Thanks. Find the length of the specified arc of the given curve:...
Oct21-03 04:12 AM
1 1,718
Plz explain to me what the problem below is talking about? I don't really understand what it's saying...I can't...
Oct22-03 01:58 PM
4 1,597
All right, I know that partial derv. are not all that hard. All you do in lets say f(x)= x^2+2yx+3y is find the...
Oct24-03 10:03 AM
4 1,721
limn-->oo(x2n-1)/(x2n+1) I can't figure this one out. I've tried everything. I tried splitting the fraction into...
Oct24-03 07:10 AM
4 1,609
Someone plz help me to do this problem below. Thanks 1)a) Verify that y= e^(-x) and y= e^(2x)are both solutions of...
Oct26-03 03:02 PM
1 1,330
) IF the rate of increase o f population of a country is 3 percent every year, by what factor does it increase every...
Oct26-03 02:55 PM
1 1,267

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