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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 46,617
Dear friends, I have been told that if ##\{a_n\}_{n\in\mathbb{N}}##, ##\{a_{-n}\}_{n\in\mathbb{N}^+}##,...
T 04:10 AM
2 125
Say we have a function that is defined as y=3 except at x=2 and 5 where there are two vertical asymptotes. would this...
Y 06:26 PM
3 185
Hi I need help regarding following can I write following partial derivative wrt x multiplied by Ax (∂A)Ax...
Y 06:12 PM
3 123
Hi all, Is it possible to determine the volume of a shape where, in the x and y dimensions, the shape is described...
Y 04:04 PM
2 120
so suppose i have a wire given parametrically by C(t)=x(t),y(t),z(t), and i run a current of I amps through it. to...
Y 03:25 PM
5 161
Is there some way we can apply divergence (Gauss') theorem for an open surface, with boundaries? Like a paraboloid...
Y 11:09 AM
1 131
are nonelementary integrals implicit functions? ie, when we do implicit differentation, we get an explicit...
Sep17-14 03:40 PM
1 115
Hello Folks, I am solving a limit proof that has the following attached solution. Question: Assume all sn ≠ 0....
Sep17-14 07:31 AM
4 152
I'm confused over two different types of integral notation 1) ∫ (expression) dx and 2) ∫dx (expression) ...
Sep16-14 09:01 PM
4 153
Is there a way to distinguish between rational functions that have the same limit at both ends and those that don't? I...
Sep16-14 07:01 AM
6 223
∫(2x+6)/sqrt(5-4x-x^2) I have 2/3(ln|tan(theta)+sec(theta)|-3|cos(theta)|) where x=sin^-1((x+2)/3)
Sep15-14 10:28 AM
2 151
Hello. Let us say that we have a graph f(x)=2x when x does not equal 3, and f(x)=undefined when x=3 The limit of...
Sep14-14 04:33 PM
9 219
I would like to ask for help solving this problem. I've been at this problem for a few hours without making any...
Sep14-14 02:34 PM
2 160
So, a while back i read about this idea, but i cant find it anymore, so i was wondering if anybody else knows about...
Sep14-14 11:14 AM
4 418
Hey. I'm new to the forum and I was hoping you could help me solve this integral. I was searching for a clue on...
Sep14-14 04:09 AM
9 557
Today was our first lesson in our high school's accelerated calculus class. The class is our school's most second...
Sep13-14 11:48 AM
5 441
So my question is regarding the gradient of a function. Suppose we have a function expressed In cylindrical...
Sep12-14 04:43 PM
3 302
What is taylor formula and how it is used in calculators?
Sep12-14 06:12 AM
4 397
Hello! I'm having some trouble determining, when trying to find the area between two curves, when to integrate with...
Sep9-14 10:32 PM
1 277
What wrong with my calculation.the problem is from the attachment. It keeps saying: NMinimize::nnum: "The function...
Sep9-14 04:52 PM
3 194
You know that the problem of calculus of variations is finding a y(x) for which \int_a^b L(x,y,y') dx is stationary....
Sep9-14 12:28 AM
10 545
Hello, To measure the atomic force with an AFM. One can use the frequency shift of a cantilever. This change of...
Sep8-14 09:14 PM
2 232
Several questions I have been thinking about... let me know if you have thoughts on any of them I added numbers to for...
Sep7-14 12:24 PM
2 365
Hello everybody, I'm currently reading the book Special Relativity in General Frames by Gourgoulhon. There,...
Sep6-14 05:02 AM
Incnis Mrsi
10 406
I'm interested to find out how many people would agree on several quick solutions: 10X = 4X 1) X = 0 2) 10 =...
Sep5-14 09:57 AM
2 257
For this function y=\sqrt{2ln(x)+1} if I use the chain rule properly, should I be getting this answer? ...
Sep5-14 01:07 AM
10 555
I have a small confusion about functions and variables. So, on doing a bit of reading, a linear transformation is a...
Sep4-14 11:19 AM
9 425
Hi, Is the following integral well defined? If it is, then what does it evaluate to? \int_{-1}^{1} \delta(x)...
Sep4-14 08:32 AM
Incnis Mrsi
11 538
Hi, I am struggling for some time to solve the following integral: $$ \int_{-n}^{N-n} \left(...
Sep4-14 08:12 AM
Incnis Mrsi
2 528
Hi! I am taking a second look on fourier transforms. While I am specifically asking about the shape of the fourier...
Sep4-14 07:50 AM
Incnis Mrsi
3 411
Hi. Is using the Levi-Civita symbol to calculate cross-product combos like A x (B x C) allot faster than just using...
Sep4-14 04:55 AM
Incnis Mrsi
3 453
I asked to differentiate the given function using exponential function with sin(√3t + 1) I turned it into Im ...
Sep4-14 01:42 AM
2 365
when differentiating e^(at) * (cos(bt) + isin(bt)) are you able to use product rule to find the derivative...
Sep2-14 07:03 AM
2 314
How do I perform this integration: \int \left (\frac{dy}{dx}\right)^{2} dx Thanks!
Sep1-14 04:58 PM
12 1,227
Let a,b are constants. a=\int_{-∏}^∏ f(x)\,dx and b=\int_{-∏}^∏ {g(x)f(x)}\,dx, Then by integration...
Aug31-14 03:55 PM
5 444
Given: cos(x)\frac{1}{x} Find \frac{dy}{dx}: Now I know... \frac{dy}{dx} of cos(x) = -sin(x) and...
Aug31-14 12:18 PM
10 347
Hi members, see attached Pdf file. For a<0,write b=-a and let x=bt.Then My question: how becomes the...
Aug30-14 07:41 PM
1 312
I was playing around with some simple differential equations earlier and I discovered something cool (at least for...
Aug30-14 07:20 PM
4 535
So, as i understand, the geometrical meaning of this type of integral should still be the area under the curve,...
Aug30-14 03:39 PM
6 462
My textbook says the extreme value theorem is true for constants but I don't buy it. I mean I suppose that every...
Aug29-14 12:22 AM
9 423

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