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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 40,008
Hello, I've come across equations where people use the approximation \int_0^1 \exp(f(x))\, dx \approx \exp \left(...
Y 09:57 PM
1 80
Hi all, I'm working on some QFT and I've run into a stupid problem. I can't figure out why my two methods for...
Y 09:17 PM
0 60
Accidentally I wrote in the wolfram f(x) = f(1/x) the the wolfram give me the solution for this equation (f(x) =...
Y 06:26 PM
3 152
Hi I am currently reading a book where this showed up: The author gave a ##3## parameter equation (note ##Y##...
Y 12:20 AM
1 278
i'm trying to integrate this: $$W=\frac{ε}{2}\int{\vec{∇}\cdot\vec{E})Vdτ}$$ where ε is a constant, E= -∇V, τ is...
Apr15-14 09:35 PM
Simon Bridge
4 172
I am working on the derivation of the angular momentum squared operator (in quantum mech.) and there is one step that...
Apr15-14 07:53 PM
2 81
\int \frac{d}{dx}f(x)dx = f(x) + C_x \iint \frac{d^2}{dx^2}f(x)dx^2 = f(x) + xC_x + C_{xx} \int...
Apr15-14 02:48 PM
7 220
Hey guys, I'm really really confused on how we come about the plane z = x - y. I always have been and it's proving to...
Apr15-14 08:47 AM
2 113
I'm brushing up on calculus. I don't see how this derivative works. x(t) = A cos(ωt - \varphi) v(t) = dx / dt = ...
Apr14-14 06:49 PM
1 120
I understand how to use it, but I'm just getting really confused on when you use it? Is there a way you can look at...
Apr14-14 06:45 PM
4 216
Hi! I am having trouble following the derivation from Euler's Equation to Bernoulli's Equation. The trouble lies in...
Apr14-14 01:38 PM
3 201
how do I find the derivative of tanh^-1(sinh(2x)) do I just find derivative of tanh^-1(x) this then substitute...
Apr13-14 08:14 PM
2 183
please tell me if i did this correctly: task: i'm trying to divide the differential dA by dV where.. dA =...
Apr13-14 03:57 PM
3 151
Hi all ! I'm new here :) So I'm facing some confusions here regarding integration by parts. While surfing through...
Apr13-14 01:10 AM
9 326
the coordinates of cycloide are ##x= a (\theta- sin \theta)## ##y= a(cos \theta -1)## If i use ##\theta =\omega...
Apr12-14 10:16 PM
Simon Bridge
3 180
How is this limit evaluated? \lim_{k->0}\frac{sin(\pi k)}{sin(\frac{\pi k}{N})} I know that it is N, but I...
Apr12-14 09:04 PM
0 154
A uniformly convergent sequence of continuous functions converges to a continuous function. I have no problem with...
Apr11-14 01:26 AM
5 499
Hello. My first time posting here. So... My question is kinda hard to explain but I will try to. So we all know about...
Apr9-14 02:00 PM
0 182
Hello, Consider two particles which interact via a Gaussian potential: V(\mathbf{x}) = \exp(-\mathbf{x}^2) I...
Apr9-14 11:08 AM
0 149
Hi, I'm doing this integration: I = ∫^{1}_{-1}1/(\pi√1-x2)dx I made the substitution x = cosθ, and I'm fine...
Apr8-14 11:03 AM
1 223
I'm not sure which category this post actually belongs to, or if the title of this post is even accurate. I guessed...
Apr8-14 03:37 AM
19 670
So this is a theoretical question I am not sure about with partial derivatives. Say we have function x(i,j) with ...
Apr8-14 01:33 AM
2 236
hey pf! i have a few question about the physical intuition for divergence, gradient, and curl. before asking, i'll...
Apr7-14 11:35 PM
8 318
Is it necessary for some point ##x## of the function to be saddle that ##f'(x)=0##?
Apr7-14 04:34 PM
3 211
I'm looking for a way to write down an analytic approximation for the following integral: \int_0^\infty \frac{k...
Apr7-14 03:04 PM
2 252
Hello all, I have the following integration: \int_{-\infty}^{\infty}e^{-j2\pi...
Apr7-14 02:23 PM
3 281
Function ##f(x)=x^4## has minimum at ##x=0##. ## f'(x)=4x^3## ##f'(0)=0## ##f''(x)=12x^2## ##f''(0)=0##...
Apr7-14 10:08 AM
2 209
I have been trying to follow how the complex Fourier coefficients are obtained; the reference I am using is at...
Apr6-14 05:08 PM
4 231
Hi guys, so I'm trying to create this thing that gets accelerometer values and integrate those values at about 25...
Apr6-14 03:17 PM
1 266
I saw in a question related to Signals and systems that the limits were taken from 5- to 10+ where the signs were in...
Apr5-14 08:45 PM
5 257
Suppose ##f^{\prime\prime}## is continuous on an open interval that contains x = c 1. If ##f^{\prime}(c)=0## and...
Apr5-14 11:27 AM
3 241
I have a question about optimization. When we apply subgradient method to a differential optimization problem, will it...
Apr5-14 10:53 AM
0 191
The popular fundamental theorem of calculus states that \int_{x_0}^{x_1} \frac{df}{dx}(x)dx = f(x_1)-f(x_0) But I...
Apr5-14 04:51 AM
8 376
hey pf! i had a question. namely, in the continuity equation we see that \frac{\partial}{\partial t}\iiint_V \rho...
Apr4-14 07:14 PM
2 243
I found this identity in the wiki
Apr4-14 07:09 PM
0 202
I'm having a little bit of trouble understanding the equation of a cone.. It is given by (x^2)/(a^2) + (y^2)/(b^2)...
Apr4-14 05:05 PM
1 216
Hi! :smile: I have the following integral \int^{∞}_{∞} \frac{\delta^{n}}{\delta a}f(a,b,c)da there is any...
Apr4-14 03:37 PM
1 275
Dear All, I am unable to understand a simple mathematics relation. I spent 2-3 hours to Google multi-variable...
Apr4-14 03:34 PM
1 262
The graph of a differentiable function y=f(x) is 1. concave up on an interval I if f' is increasing on I. 2....
Apr4-14 11:06 AM
9 359
Like we have the total differential of a function: I was thinking, why...
Apr4-14 10:44 AM
5 362

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