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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 40,144
how would you integrate (1+x^30)/(1+x^60) from 0 to 1? tried so many ways but in vain.. any help?
Apr15-11 08:29 AM
2 567
Hi, I want to know the solution of the following equation. a = argmin_{a} \\ where x_i, y_i are column vectors...
Apr15-11 05:29 AM
2 1,817
Hi Guys, I am doing an Electromagnetism course at uni and we just derived Poynting's Theorem in class. However, he...
Apr14-11 06:49 PM
2 2,888
Hello! This is my first post, so forgive me if the same topic has already been posted before. I am going to teach...
Apr14-11 05:31 PM
7 3,171
I want to calculate what body2 must have a mass. The body2 must zero trajectory and speed. Bodies m1 and m2 are...
Apr14-11 03:41 PM
2 838
I was reading a Ph.D. thesis this morning and came across the claim that "a uniform limit of absolutely continuous...
Apr14-11 03:36 PM
6 2,936
You can choose to limit yourself to continuous or analytical functions
Apr14-11 10:05 AM
3 1,451
\int \frac{\cos^2 x}{(1+\epsilon\cos x)^3}\,dx Where, \epsilon > 0 is a real number constant.
Apr14-11 09:32 AM
5 1,363
Hello everyone, I have asked a similar question in the DE forum but couldn't get an answer so I'm hoping the mods will...
Apr14-11 01:48 AM
0 688
Hi all, I'm a beginner in calculus so my question might be stupid. When a function is differentiable, then in...
Apr12-11 04:58 PM
7 1,841
According to the orthogonality property of the associated Legendre function P_l^{|m|}(cos\theta) we have that: ...
Apr12-11 01:04 PM
1 1,572
Hi, I'm trying to prove the orthogonality of associated Legendre polynomial which is called to "be easily proved": ...
Apr12-11 12:39 PM
10 27,093
I have a question about delta functions. What I want to believe is the following \int_{-\infty}^{0} \, dt \, f(t)...
Apr11-11 07:27 PM
7 2,357
I am reading about Feynman integration or more commonly known as differentiating under the integral sign. My question...
Apr11-11 09:40 AM
Stephen Tashi
11 1,983
The question states: Give two different examples of f:R->R such that f is continuous and satisfies f(x+y)=f(x)+f(y)...
Apr11-11 06:21 AM
7 3,211
What is the definition of a zero set and what exactly does it mean? I have come across different responses on the...
Apr10-11 06:23 PM
4 1,045
let be an integral on R^3 (imporper integral over all space) \int_{-\infty}^{\infty}dx \int_{-\infty}^{\infty}dy...
Apr10-11 02:59 PM
7 1,282
Hello dear colleagues! Yesterday i was trying to proof the surface area of a sphere formula, then i got some...
Apr10-11 02:35 PM
4 8,209
EDIT: On pg. 390 of Kreyszig's Functional Analysis text, we have: "If T is a bounded linear operator on a nonempty...
Apr10-11 02:25 PM
8 1,130
I just came across the term, and was hoping someone could tell me what they are and any general form of them. Thank...
Apr10-11 02:04 PM
1 787
Would the optimal trading strategy for this stockmarket optimization fantasy be trivial or nearly impossible to...
Apr10-11 12:52 PM
3 956
Design the optimal conical container that has a cover and has walls of negligible thickness. The container is to hold...
Apr10-11 12:08 PM
7 1,181
I innocently gave my students a problem: Which differentiable functions f: R \rightarrow R are bijective?...
Apr10-11 07:45 AM
Citan Uzuki
13 2,509
Hello, I actually have an exam coming on series, sequences, polar coordinates and parametric equations. The only major...
Apr9-11 02:47 PM
1 581
Given that 1/x is symetric across y=x, why can't we say \int^1_0 1/x - x dx= \int^\infty_1 1/x + x dx? Geometrically,...
Apr9-11 01:48 PM
2 2,832
Hi, I am doing work that requires me to take the derivative of an integral over a distribution. I believe I...
Apr8-11 04:37 PM
8 1,815
Hi, given u(x,t) = \int_{t_o}^t \left(Sech^2(x-ct_1)-Sech^2(x+ct_1)\right)g(t-t_1) dt_1 and g(t) \to 0 \quad...
Apr8-11 01:49 PM
0 1,573
I'm a self-learner (so far) when it comes to Calculus. I have completed College Algebra (with a grade of B) and...
Apr8-11 12:41 PM
Stephen Tashi
12 5,040
\ Is \ \mathbb{N} \ dense \ in \ itself.
Apr8-11 12:06 PM
8 1,322
Are there any circumstances under which we can conclude that, for an invertible, bounded linear operator T, \|...
Apr8-11 11:54 AM
3 8,542
Suppose u(x) is periodic with period 2\pi. Also m\le u(x)\le M. Then is it possible for some derivatives of u(x) to...
Apr8-11 11:51 AM
4 1,781
Hey all, so I need to find 4th degree taylor polynomial of f(x)=sec(x) centered at c=0 Can I just use substitution...
Apr7-11 09:22 PM
14 12,908
We have been using some chapters from this textbook (1995 edition, ISBN: 978-0070602281) in my Advanced Calculus...
Apr7-11 08:51 PM
3 3,051
Hello, Lets say I have three operators k_3=\partial_\phi,...
Apr7-11 03:24 PM
0 547
Hi, I did not understand the following: We have : Partition is always a "finite set". A function f is said...
Apr7-11 03:06 PM
8 1,035
I've never really thought about this before, but today it hit me: Why do we define the Fourier transform of a function...
Apr7-11 09:37 AM
I like Serena
8 6,459
I came across this question. We're looking for the conctd components of this set of circles: centered at (0,1) and...
Apr7-11 08:12 AM
4 794
Hi guys, can anyone help me with evaluating this: \int^{}_C |y| \,ds where C is the curve (x^2+y^2)^2=r^2(x^2-y^2) ...
Apr7-11 07:41 AM
4 1,095
For particle location, perturbation theory, etc, I see the following integral. \LARGE \int_0^t { e^{i\omega...
Apr7-11 07:36 AM
1 1,223
Though I know that the limit as x approaches 0 of x^x is 1, I can't prove it... ...can anyone please help me?
Apr7-11 03:19 AM
6 5,239

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