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- Elementary functions. Calculating limits, derivatives and integrals. Optimization problems
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 44,448
So, in integrals that lead to inverse hyperbolics and can be solved with trigonometric substitution i just get lost. I...
May18-11 04:37 PM
2 946
let f: X\rightarrow be a positive, measurable function on a sigma-finite measure space (X,A,u). If p>0, show that ...
May18-11 04:31 PM
0 671
can a function in ONE dimension have NO inverse ?? i mean if given the inverse function f^{-1} (x) = g(x) +...
May18-11 12:48 PM
4 1,033
A book I'm reading now says the graph of f(x)=1/x is a closed set, how come?? Its range is . A set is closed iff...
May18-11 12:29 PM
4 2,010
I'm trying to take the derivative of a min function. I have some function that depends on the variable x and a...
May18-11 07:26 AM
3 6,464
1. a sequence in R having no convergence subsequence 2. nonconvergent sequence in R such that the set of limit...
May18-11 01:10 AM
3 797
Hi, I'm trying to find the book Differential and Integral Calculus by Gregor M. Fikhtenholz, however I've only found...
May17-11 08:43 PM
0 652
Can someone help me prove the identity \ u \times (\nabla \times u) = \nabla(u^2 /2) - (u.\nabla)u without...
May17-11 07:05 PM
7 2,290
I'm currently reviewing calculus that I learned 10 years ago, because I will be resuming an electrical engineering...
May17-11 05:13 PM
4 970
I came across this problem + solution: but I don't understand the...
May17-11 03:33 PM
12 1,678
Hi, I am working on a project for my research and am need of some advice. My background is in computer engineering /...
May16-11 11:01 PM
Stephen Tashi
1 2,317
Recently I have been self teaching myself complex analysis. I am interested in the conformal mapping property of...
May16-11 05:08 PM
3 1,231
Lee 2003: Introduction to Smooth Manifolds (...
May16-11 01:48 PM
2 1,125
Show that the subsets of the plane are open: 1.) A= {(x,y)|-1<x<1,-1<y<1} 2.) C= {(x,y)|2<x2 + y 2<4} I have no...
May16-11 12:01 PM
7 4,485
If I'm lucky enough to pass Precalculus this semester, I'll be taking Calculus 1 next semester. Just out of curiosity,...
May15-11 12:32 AM
17 7,652
for example int. (1+x^2)^0.5 dx why do you use x= tan u i mean obviously because it works, but if you didn't know...
May14-11 03:35 PM
7 2,334
Hello every one, now I'm dealing with a series a(k) = k^(-s)e^(-tk), s,t > 0 I want to find a continuous function to...
May14-11 04:35 AM
Char. Limit
8 1,966
Hi. I've been studying for a test and have been scouring my text for methods of proving points in 3-dimensional space...
May14-11 02:26 AM
10 15,130
Hello The problem is find the value of \lambda for \lim_{n \to \infty} \frac{a_{n+1}}{a_n} \nonumber\ < 1, where ...
May13-11 10:26 PM
2 652
Have I got the following definitions right. That's to say, do they express the idea behind "big oh" and "little oh"...
May13-11 11:23 AM
2 1,151
So I'd like to start out by asking why the interchanging of limits is phrased in terms of the property of uniform...
May13-11 11:10 AM
1 1,029
I have difficulty in understanding why the differential d\varphi of a function \varphi: \eta \rightarrow F(\cdot,...
May13-11 10:42 AM
0 557
Hello! I am trying to transform a circle into a "quarter moon shape". This is that every point in the circle is...
May13-11 09:37 AM
5 1,076
\documentclass{article} \usepackage{amssymb,amsmath,amsbsy,amscd,fancyhdr} \usepackage{eucal} \usepackage{tikz}...
May12-11 11:06 PM
8 1,260
I feel like I have gone pretty far in math now, but I keep finding myself asking the same question. Say I had a...
May12-11 02:22 PM
6 1,858
I am assuming that the solution was arrived at through integration by parts, however I am not able to completely work...
May12-11 08:36 AM
4 1,044
Lee: Introduction to Smooth Manifolds, definition A.18: He then shows, by the chain rule, that D_vf(a_0)=...
May12-11 07:15 AM
3 1,512
I have a question about the (ε, δ)-definition of limit lim x->a x^5=a^5 I know that |x^5-a^5|<ε and |x-a|<δ I...
May12-11 07:10 AM
4 2,144
Let's say I have a function that preservers ordering i.e if x<y then f(x)<f(y) for all x. Obviously it must follow...
May12-11 12:44 AM
2 1,009
i want to compute the integral \iint_{D} f(x,y)dxdy here f(x,y) is a Rational function and the integral is...
May11-11 05:18 PM
4 957
Let \vec w(t) \;,\; \vec v (t) be 3 space vectors that is a function of time t. I want to verify that: \frac...
May11-11 03:15 PM
4 873
In a book I'm reading, it defines a bounded bilinear mapping \omega: X\times Y\rightarrow W, where X,Y and W are all...
May11-11 08:45 AM
1 942
in general i'm trying to figure out a way to work with taylor series more efficiently. this means i want to be able to...
May11-11 06:33 AM
1 1,709
Hello! Please I need some help with this: Is it possible to transform a circle into a rectangle? If so what...
May11-11 06:30 AM
7 1,089
I'm having trouble with evaluating |xyz| dx dy dz over the region (x/a)^2 + (y/b)^2 + (z/c)^2 <= 1 Do I need...
May10-11 06:00 PM
Ray Vickson
8 4,802
1) By applying the Mean Value Theorem to f(x)=sqrt x, show that 1/11 < (sqrt 102) -10 < 1/10. This is a sample...
May10-11 05:03 PM
5 2,060
*Bit of reading involved here, worth it if you have any interest in, or knowledge of, differential forms*. It...
May10-11 03:55 PM
12 2,085
Which method do you use in integrating \int\((1-\beta^{2})sin(\varphi)d\varphi/(1-\beta^{2}(sin(\varphi)^{2})^{3/2}...
May10-11 01:26 PM
13 1,876
Hi guys, how do a differentiation on a partial derivative e.g: d/dt (partial U / Partial X) ? kinda confused about...
May10-11 12:45 PM
1 634
LIMx\rightarrowinfinite (bn+an)1/n it is given that 0<a<b in this case why do we take bn or an common to make the...
May10-11 11:28 AM
1 659

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